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Poll: Old Light Or New Light?

Which Green Lantern build do you prefer?

  • IGAU 1. Miniguns, Turbines, Oa's Rocket, etc.

    Votes: 35 68.6%
  • IGAU 2. The Wall, Rolling Rock, Lantern Bomb, etc.

    Votes: 16 31.4%

  • Total voters


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I'm going to post some tech and some oki setup ideas later that have been posted in the GL discord from everyone from Gross to Fern and some other less known but really sick GLs out there.

It really made me realize how predictable I've been on oki. There's just so much more potential than the usual b134xxdb1...f2 or dash then f3 or jump 3 that a lot of people do and some cool concepts to essentially handle delayed wakeups.

He's a really fun character and there's so much room for mind games that he doesn't get old to me.