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[POLL] List your 10 favorite DC Characters!


Crazy Mexican
I am doing a poll to find out who everyone's personal favorite DC characters are. Casual fans! Comic fans! Any type of fan really!! I will update with a list when I get enough votes! I'm very interested in seeing the votes, but more importantly I'm interested in seeing your list! Click the link below :)

I'll update when I get enough votes. Closed! 300+ votes! :)

1. Batman
2. Superman
3. Wonder Woman
4. The Joker
5. Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
6. The Flash (Barry Allen)
7. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
8. Aquaman
9. Deathstroke
10. The Flash (Wally West)
11. Lex Luthor
12. Harley Quinn
13. Catwoman
14. Martian Manhunter
15. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
16. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
17. Red Robin (Tim Drake)
18. Black Canary
19. Green Lantern (John Stewart)
20. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
21. The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
22. Swamp Thing
23. Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
24. Zatanna
25. Cyborg
26. Shazam
27. Batwoman (Kate Kane)
28. Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol)
29. Darkseid
30. Raven
31. Poison Ivy
32. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
33. Red Hood (Jason Todd)
34. Hawkman (Katar Hol)
35. Bane
36. Constantine
37. Starfire
38. Mera
39. Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)
40. Black Adam
41. Robin (Damien Wayne)
42. Lobo
43. Blackbat (Cassandra Cain)
44. Rorschach
45. Dr Fate (Kent Nelson)
46. Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
47. Booster Gold
48. Troia (Donna Troy)
49. The Spectre (Jim Corrigan)
50. Vixen
51. Midnighter
52. Renee Montoya
53. Superboy (Kon-El)
54. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
55. Ra's Al Ghul
56. Commissioner Gordon
57. Brainiac
58. Lois Lane
59. Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
60. Animal-Man
61. Alfred Pennyworth
62. Powergirl
63. Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)
64. Atrocitus
65. Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne)
66. Impulse (Bart Allen)
67. Sinestro
68. The Riddler
69. El Diablo
70. Doomsday
71. Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
72. Captain Atom
73. Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
74. Black Manta
75. Two-Face
76. Dr Manhattan
77. Static Shock
78. General Zod
79. The Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)
80. Deadshot
81. Scarecrow
82. Mr Miracle
83. The Question (Vic Sage)
84. Katana
85. Timber Wolf
86. Batman (Terry McGinnis)
87. Beast Boy
88. Fire
89. Mr Freeze
90. Plastic-Man
91. Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
92. The Comedian
93. Elongated-Man
94. Superman (Val-Zod)
95. Vibe
96. Larfleeze
97. Captain Boomerang
98. Metamorpho
99. Robotman
100. The Flash (Jay Garrick)
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This is gonna take me a while to vote on a top ten, but for your consideration:

"I. Am. The. New. God. All is one in Darkseid. This mighty body is my church. When I command your surrender, I speak with three billion voices. When I make a fist to crush your resistance. It is with three billion hands. When I stare into your eyes and shatter your dreams. And break your heart. It is with six billion eyes! Nothing like Darkseid has ever come among you: Nothing will again. I will take you to a hell without exit or end. And there I will murder your souls! And make you crawl and beg! And die! Die! Die for Darkseid!"

Dankster Morgan

she don’t call me daddy she call me Grandmaster
I voted:
1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
2. Superman
3. The Joker
4. Deathstroke
5. Harley Quinn
6. Wonder Woman
7. Bane
8. Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
9. The Flash (Barry Allen)
10. General Zod

7-10 could be switched out with Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Robin (Tim Drake), Jim Gordon, Darkseid, Alfred, Ra's Al Guhl, Martain Manhunter, Doomsday, Mr. Freeze, or Constantine, or many more depending on my mood or the day tbh. The DCU has too many great characters to make a top ten. I'd have to do a top 50.


Leggo Sinestro!
Haven't done too much comic reading but rn for me it's
Hal Jordan
Wally West
Barry Allen
Jason Todd
Green Arrow
Black Adam
In no order
Constantine could take Aquamans spot just haven't read enough of him


Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy
Damn that took me a while and I could only come up with 8 lmao:
- Tim Drake (Red Robin)
- Zatanna Zatara
- Dick Grayson (Nightwing)
- Bart Allen (Kid Flash)
- Kon-El (Superboy)
- Damian Wayne (Robin)
- Jason Todd (Red Hood)

Teen Titans Go
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I know for SURE I'm missing a couple of my favorite characters but I couldnt think of them. Nonetheless, here was my list in order:

Lex Luthor
The Joker
Black Manta
Dick Grayson


Est In Harvey 1989
1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
2. Joker
3. Robin (Damien Wayne)
4. Superman (Clark Kent)
5. Darksied
6. Martian Man Hunter (Jon)
7. The Flash (Barry Allen)
8. Lex Luthor
9. Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)
10. Alfred


Crazy Mexican
I'm getting a lot of interesting votes! :) I can't wait to start counting them! DC has some amazing characters so I know how hard it is to list only 10 haha but it would have been very difficult to count the votes if I went any higher haha

I posted a thread like this on Comic forums, animation forums and a wrestling forum. For variety purposes haha Reddit is next :)


NRS, Guilty Gear, and KI, the holy trinity
1) Hal Jordan
2) Atrocitus
3) General Zod
4) Larfleeze
5) Simon Baz
6) Kyle Rayner
7) Nightwing
8) Joker
9) Kilowog
10) Dextarr
You may find a pattern here... that I really like the lanterns. They are fucking badass.


The best mediocre Batman
1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
2. The Joker
3. Deathstroke
4. Professor Zoom (Eobawrd Thawne)
5. Green Lantern (Jon Stewart)
6. Black Adam
7. Lex Luthor
8. A.M.A.Z.O.
9. The Flash (Wally West)
10. Superman (Clark Kent)


Crazy Mexican
Remember to click on the link and submit your lists there! :) It makes it easier for me to count! Thanks.

Also specify which Green Lantern/Robin/Flash...etc because there are multiple.


With my best, I will defeat your best.

1. Superman
2. Static Shock
3. Zatanna
4. Batman
5. Wonder Woman
6. Martian Manhunter
7. Supergirl
8. Raven
9. Green Arrow
10. Flash


1. Joker
2. Darkseid
3. Harley Quinn
4. Black Manta
5. Deathstroke
6. Brainiac
7. Doomsday
8. Killer Croc
9. Poison Ivy
10. Zod


NRS, Guilty Gear, and KI, the holy trinity
1. Raven
2. Raven
3. Raven
4. A tie between raven and raven
5. Raven
6. Raven
7. Raven
8. Raven
9. Raven
10. Raven
Honor able mentions: raven, raven, and spiderman.
I have a question, how the hell could you leave raven off the list? She obviously deserves to be in the top 10!