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PND Ketchup & Mustard to Commentate at Combo Breaker


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Coming in right after another commentator announcement, we just got word for our other Combo Breaker NRS hosts: PND Ketchup and PND Mustard will also be on mic duty, delivering the same top tier commentary they've been known and loved for to the first event in the Injustice Pro Series (Season 2).

The two brothers are going to be a presence for a large chunk of the event, with them working on Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat X AND Mortal Kombat 9. According to the announcement on Twitter, working 3 games at one event will be a career first. These are two of the most knowledgeable guys in the NRS scene, so I'd say we are in good hands. Go show them your support over on Twitter, you can catch Mustard over here and Ketchup over here. Little over a week to go before things kick off, keep an eye on TYM for any more updates to this already stacked event!


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I like when they commentate for MKX but not so much a fan of their IJ2 commentary. Seems to miss some of the finer details of MUs and setups which is important if your.... "commentary style" I guess... is based on being informative/professional.

Like I don't expect them to know EVERYTHING but there's some stuff I've noticed in their FT10 commentaries that isn't exactly right. I'll still thoroughly enjoy it I'm sure and it's been awhile since one of those FT10's has been out so maybe it's better now.


I don't want to hate on them because they are great at what they do, but I don't like their commentary style.

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They are ok in small doses but I really think they should split them up because both at the same time is a snooze fest.
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Glad to see them in, but, i hope they diversify the cast as well, NRS community is oozing with good commentators, i want to see the brothers but also some others like KP.

Also, Brady has to comment for MK9 at least, just for that time travel feeling.

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This is awesome! K&M are the best commentary team not just in the NRS scene, but in all FGC, these guys are Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross of the FGC. Seeing them commentate all 3 tournies is nothing short of epic.

The hype is real!


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I do love K&M and don't get me wrong, i'm sure they'll do great, but I was also hoping for 16 bit and Brady. They know what they're talking about so i'm not worried, just a bit let down.


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I enjoy K^M but the real caster for me is KP.. teamed with Aquaman or Ultradavid.
16 Bit is S+ tier in any NRS game in commentating no question cause he makes everything hype and knows everybody's story but that probably won't happen. If you ask me he should commentate Tweedy Vs Tekken Master at Combo Breaker as 16 Bit is the OG Hype man for NRS games!

Prefer K&M to play MK9 then commentate as they are part of the OG MK9 group Piccadilly Nerf Demanders and it would be good to see them all going in as just players in MK9.

Tom should definitely be commentating MK9 alongside 16 Bit.

The best consistent Injustice 2 commentators are unquestionably KP & Ultradavid and if not Ultradavid then Mr Aquaman for sure.

Ultra David loves Injustice 2, you can clearly tell and he deserves to commentate Top 8 with KP (provided KP doesn't get Top 8 again).

K&M would be cool for MKX though as they were cool with that game.