Please school me with classic subzero on XBLA

Discussion in 'Classic Sub-zero' started by jonscrazy, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. jonscrazy

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    I am making a film. And need footage of classic subzero performing a stage fatality (on all pit stages) on scorpion. I tried to do this with a friend that is not too mk friendly and failed, it also seems the time to put in the kombat kodes is longer online. I also have already done it with all my emulators with mk1, 2, 3 and umk3 on Sega and Super NES. And have come to the conclusion that I need the graphics on the 360 version.

    If anyone is willing to take the time to kill me and perform the fatalities I would really appreciate it. I have my 360 going through a DVD recorder so I am ready anytime. I kind of want to get this done by Thursday or Friday.

    Gamer Tag: Verbal Roofie
  2. BlackExile

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    i sent you a friend request but you didnt accept :cry:
  3. I wish I could school you Jon but I can't. :twisted:
  4. Derek

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    Pick a different character. :wink:

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