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Player Spotlight: Featuring Testyourmight's Khaotik!


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Hello everybody and welcome to another session of Testyourmight's player spotlight, where we take some of the more currently obscure names and get everyone better acquainted with them! Today we are featuring @xKhaoTik, who you may know today as the spearhead of the "buff Ivy" movement. However, if you are newer to the site, you may not know that he used to be a dominant force in the competitive scene of Netherrealm!

With a plethora of offline experiences and many great showings in MK9 and Injustice, here are his impressive placements over the span of 2012~2014:
"ECT2012: 3rd
I forget the name of the next 2 locals but I got 2nd losing to Kevo and I got 1st winning over Tom Brady.
NEC2012: that was the tournament where 16bit rigged the brackets. Didn’t make it out of pools because of it.
Operation Wolf 2013: 3rd. This was the tournament that put me back on the map.
Winter Brawl 2013: 3rd
Civil War 2013: 2nd in MK9 and top 16 in I1
ECT 2013: 4th in MK9 (where I finally beat reo) and top 16 in I1
SummerJam 2013: 3rd in MK9 and 5th in I1(the famous match between KDZ and I was here)
TFC2013: 9th in I1
Winter Brawl 2014: didn’t make it out of pools in I1. 2nd in MK9
Civil War 2014: 8th in I1. 2nd in MK9
ECT2014: 9th in I1. 2nd in MK9"

Fighting games are a long time passion for Khaotik, dating beyond our scene's inception, "I’ve been playing FGs for as long as I remember. Definitely during SF2 and MK2 era, but I was around 3-4 years old then. MK9 was the first game I traveled for."

Here is the top 4 of Civil War, where Khaotik must fight through two of my favorite Kabal players, @Lulzlou and @REO to get to grand finals with that classic Tom Brady commentary:

While still a significant force, he was not quite as enthusiastic about Injustice: Gods Among Us as he was Mortal Kombat. "Kitana is one of the reasons why I like the MK series more, but MK is just better than INJ."

In this Injustice 1 match, Khaotik gives EVO champ KDZ a run for his money in Summer Jam 2013's top 8!
(DISCLAIMER: Explicit Language Ahead)

When asked to discuss the subject of character loyalty, he brought up a lot of good points, and this topic transitioned into some of reasoning for why he left the competitive scene:
"I’m definitely a character loyalist. Always have been and always will be. Killer Frost was the only character in I1 who played how I liked. All the other characters just didn’t fit with me. Also, a lot of my favorite DC characters weren’t in the game. I ended up playing Wonder Woman towards the end. Even made a top 8 with her, but Killer Frost was still my main.

In I2, they added a bunch of my favorite characters and as you can see, I use them. (Starfire, Black Canary, Poison Ivy, others) Even if Killer Frost had made the cut, I still would’ve used my other characters.

I always use a bunch of characters in FGs tho. I know how to use the entire cast in Tekken, use nearly everyone in SF4/5, knew how to use 90% of the cast in MK9/X, etc. i1 was the first time I’ve ever used just 1 character. I didn’t feel good and that’s kinda the reason why I stopped playing so early."

After his competitive years, his passion for Kitana and the game has still kept him playing casually, "It’s just her whole royal demeanor. She carries herself gracefully and with so much poise that it captivated me. She’s been my favorite MK character since MK2 and I’ve used her in every single game she was in."

A set in Mortal Kombat X featuring @Vak Phoenix's impressive Pyromancer Tanya. To clear the air about the Assassin Kitana matchup, they chose to settle it online the old fashioned way!

Even though he no longer travels to offline events, he still plays Injustice 2. Here is a set between him and another great @astronout about a month after I2 was released:

"One of my favorite memories is whenever I was in a tournament with SonicFox, we would always support each other. He was a clan mate and a good friend and we would always say to each other 'see you on the big stage (top 8)' and sure enough, we’d meet each other. Always a hype match between us."

When asked if he likes to stream, Khaotik commented thusly, "Yes I do. Twitch.Tv/KhaoTik_90. I barely stream though because I don’t have the time to play as much as I used to. I’ve been streaming since I2 first launched. I just do it for fun really. Maybe if I started going to tournaments again, I’ll take it seriously." Be sure to show your support and subscribe to his channel here and on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/rbrook908!

A final question between myself (red) and Khaotik (blue):
"I remember that a long time ago, you were the talk of TestYourMight as potentially the best Kitana in MK9. You were a top player, and it was likely between you and 16Bit for best Kitana after Crazy Dominican stopped going to events. As someone who was and in my opinion still is an excellent player who's a threat to anyone in their pool, what advice do you have to offer for any new or intermediate players on how to improve, how to get to tournaments and just in general how to go about playing fighting games?"

"Best advice I can give is believe in yourself. If you know you’re good, don’t worry about what anyone thinks. I knew I was good, I knew in my head I was the best Kitana and I went out there and made a name for myself.

Losses are inevitable. It was hard for me to take my first loss, but it made me into a better player. Learn from your mistakes, capitalize on it and keep true to yourself.

Set achievable goals. Every tournament I went to, my goal was to make top 8. I NEVER set the goal to win because if I didn’t achieve that, I would be devastated. Top 8 was always my goal to achieve because once I got there, I could relax and then focus on what’s next. I was never disappointed when I loss a top 8 match because my goal was already achieved.

And the most important thing, just have fun. It’s just a game."

You may not be able to find him on Twitter, but he does have Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and a profile here on Testyourmight if you want to catch him for some games or ask him questions about competitive fighting games!

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