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PLACE YOUR BETS, FOLKS! What will the Outrge Cycle be on Thursday?

What will 90% of the noise be on reveal day?

  • Mileena too lewd wtf NRS is CANCELED

    Votes: 6 12.0%
  • Mileena is LITERALLY in a BURKHA wtf SJW NRS

    Votes: 23 46.0%
  • Rambo animations look whack

    Votes: 14 28.0%
  • Whinging about guest characters

    Votes: 23 46.0%
  • Hold on... the season pass costs HOW MUCH?

    Votes: 20 40.0%
  • How come Mileena is asian now

    Votes: 8 16.0%
  • How come Mileena doesn't look asian

    Votes: 5 10.0%
  • When's (completely whack forgotten era character) getting in?

    Votes: 21 42.0%

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Cutting past the initial noise over other things...I think the slow but steady will be the price. 40 bucks, please. :p With folks saying it shoulda been part of Aftermath.



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things that can happen

Rain is Black like KillMonger
its Not Milena but Nitara or Sareena
Kai instead of Rain
Its Not RAMBO but Chameleon (omg i love both)
Mileena is bald
Rain bottom tier
Rambo too OP Sonic Fox or Scar new main
its none of em but Smoke , Takeda and Michael Myers
Its Chameleon , Nitara and DoomSlayer
Next pack ill be in january
60 bucks


Sareena for MK11!
That’s honestly one of the things I don’t like about the MK community, it seems like no one is ever satisfied with what NRS does. Whatever the fiasco is, I know it’s going to be annoying af! A part of me hopes that it’s not Mileena just so I can see all the chaos lmao


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How lewd do you think is too lewd? I don't think she'll show any more skin than Sindel or any of the other females. And I don't think we're ever gonna get MK9 Toilet Paper Mileena again (Thank God.) I think they struck a very good balance with a lot of the skins in MK11. Still sexy, without being so over the top it's ugly.
Well I think they'll try to set her apart from Kitana is they have the exact same model, that will be done with gear and outfits imo. She'll probably have more revealing outfits and maybe ones that have like deep V necks. Here's to hoping she has abs. Baraka is SWOLE, Mileena should be too. :oops:

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You forgot the only thing any rational player cares about - the gameplay.

I don't give one solitary fuck about any of the new DLC in any way, shape or form unless the gameplay is changed. If they don't at least allude to some changes in that aspect, many will be voicing their opinion on it. Just new characters will be fun for about a week and then we are back at square one with a bland game.
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There is nothing more highly scrutinized in this community than the look of a female fighting game character. Every inch of her will be analyzed in great detail, and if some guy sitting at home on the couch isn’t happy with some particular detail he will rage.

“How dare they make her butt like this? How dare her waist be like this? Omg I don’t like her hair? Wtf were they thinking with her makeup? NRS can’t be serious with her ankles wtf not sexy enough”.

People will break out diagrams, measurements, mathematical equations, and plenty of pictures of ‘token’ women from movies and comic books. They will point out that all women look like this and can only look like this and dress like this. Gotta be showing this or it’s not womanly.

At the end of the 30-page thread about the female character’s looks, someone will declare that they are done with the franchise because her (insert whatever here) isn’t big enough and her (insert something here) isn’t showing enough and that makes it impossible for them to enjoy the game. Meanwhile Rain is covered head to toe with a generic build but looks cool/fine.

Here we go :p


Oh, I get it.I see now.Ooh, so exciting, isn't it?
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The biggest gag will be if Karen Strassman is also not voicing Mileena
she will not indeed, this is a well known fact the community already is aware ....

they will probably pick up the Kitana VA , and do some techinical alteration on the voice, to fits Mileena personalitty .....


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I'm guessing whoever voiced Kitana in the intro where she speaks like Mileena is also Kitana's VA?


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I'm guessing whoever voiced Kitana in the intro where she speaks like Mileena is also Kitana's VA?
Yes! Definitely her. I'd recognize her voice anywhere (She was also Starfire in Injustice 2.) She only has like 2 intros where she speaks like Mileena, so I'd be interested to see if she's gonna change her voice up a bit or if they'll alter it some way.

But her take on Mileena was VERY different than Karen's. I think we might be seeing a bit of a unique take on Mileena's voice this time around.


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And so it begins lol.

preemptively malding at Mileena
begging for NEVER EVER tier characters
Granted its /v/ so it's to be somewhat expected, but you get a good feel about some of the discourse we're in for.



Give all to another and save yourself
The same 5-10 posters here"IDGAF about characters make changes to gameplay" weird for a game they claim you can't stand:confused::rolleyes:
The game is a content desert right now, of course people are clamoring for something to do. They could confirm an entire roster of ninjas tomorrow and I still wouldn't reinstall the game LUL.