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Optimal Shang Tsung Corner Traps


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My criteria for the most optimal corner trap is a combination the following:
A) Damage
B) Execution
C) Trap effectiveness

Keep in mind that these are imo. If you have any comments about the following Combos or ones you deem to be more effective please post, Thanks
Off DJK: 22-cGS, F434-UpSkull = 29%

F434-cGS, JK, B1, F434-UpSkull = 32%

F4-cGS ( <--or any other grounded link to cGS in the corner), NJP, D2, D1, F434-Upskull = 29-31%

F34-cGS, D2, 12, F434-UpSkull = 33%

221-cGS, D2, 12, F434-Upskull = 36%

B1214-cGS, 1, F434-UpSkull = 27%

B121-cGS, JK, (1 to 3 B1s), F434-Upskull = 28-30% (Adding more B1s increases the window to escape the Skull trap, if fighting a character with poor wake-ups, feel free to add as many B1s as possible before finishing with F434-UpSkull)

B2-Skull Shot, D1-cGS = 16%

Alternate B2 combo is B2-Skull shot, D3-Upskull for 15%. If your opp doesn't know that tech rolling D3 knockdowns makes them completely useless then i suggest you abuse this

Lastly i thought i'd share the timing for setting up the unbreakable cGS to UpSkull trap. Any time you hit your opp with a cGS in the corner and you want to keep them locked in without breaking, simply wait for their character's body to hit the Apex of the Juggle from the GS and input DU2 (Upskull) and the skull will land at the perfect moment

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To my knowledge, None of these traps can be escaped by a 6 Frame wake-up Alone, With the exception of the B2 traps which are really gimmicks more than anything

Things like Cyrax's AA grab and Kitana's Square Boost obviously still work

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For a b2 combo I was messing around and found this:

B2 > D1 > F434 xx CGS > B121 xx Upskull

27% and safe to 6 frame wakeups. Just like yours it only works on standing opponents though.


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I got one that is very effective.
Jump in punch f4,3,4 cGS, 1,3, mUS. Repeat the combo starting at the f4,3,4. Mixups are endless, opponent jumps are nullified, the up skull let's you throw if blocked. Pretty much requires a bar to escape. If you are hit, the up skull hits him and puts things in your favor again. Teleport wakeups can be blocked and punished. I change combos after each up skull to really mess with them lol plus if the fireball hits jump in again for extra damage. Tried other chars but always go back to shang :) he's just for an answer to pretty much everything, and fireballs to harass from anywhere.