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Opinion poll: Is zoning “good” in mk11

Is zoning “good” in mk11?

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I agree with the Jade jax and scorpion jade part but not the MKX part. I think zoning was better in MKX.......I was a kitana player and being able to do an instant air fan to catch a jumping opponent then run full screen and do a combo was great. I think there are many more teleports in MK11 then MKX.
U have to remember Kitana didn't really become strong until her normals all got significantly buffed multiple times and was only considered hella strong because of the pressure she had by the last patch of the game, the only other viable zoner was Pyro Tanya and that's cuz she could buff her fireballs to do absurd amounts of damage with dark shroud. And any of the cast in that game that had strong zoning also had other stuff to go with it as well like Quan Chi wasn't scary cuz of his zoning, he was scary cuz if his hard to blockale and 50 50 setups. Like can u really name another zoner in that game who was good BECAUSE of their zoning and Possessed Kenshi was only hella strong due to the potato armor he had that gave free plus frames at a point in the game where almost all armored moves had 2 hits of armor and his 50/50's and pressure
Zoning is solid in this game, but not enough that you can't do anything about it, which is perfect. No one wants Injustice zoning, it was gross to play against and watch.

I'm curious to know who your friend plays and if Injustice was their main game.
It was baconlord, who replied to a complaint I had about there always being too many zoners in NRS games saying: “zoning is not good in mk11”.

He/she mains cetrion I think.
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Zoning is fine but I think MK11 could learn from teh different types of zoning. Giving every zoner a straight projectile can solve a great amount of issues but is a lazy way of making a zoner similar to just giving someone extra damage.

Also, stop giving all these other non zoning characters fast straight projectiles.


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I really don't like zoning in MK11. It doesn't feel viable as its own gameplan because damn near every character has a teleport/reflect/fast half screen distance special. It lowers the skill level needed to circumvent otherwise strong zoning, which is something i really enjoy overcoming in other games.

If that's how people like the game the yeah zoning is "good". I wouldnt call it strong or viable as as its own strategy though, which is a problem imo. Zoning should not deliberately any more or less viable than other strategies or archtypes.


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glad to see I inspired this thread lol. let me make my stance clear then. this game gives you a ton of anti zoning options between flawless block, wavedash, and all the character specific tools. even characters that supposedly struggle getting in like jax have crackhead like wavedashes that can get them in just fine.

2nd, for all the true zoners in the game their zoning is not what makes them good. cetrion for instance is made great because of her buttons, anti airs, and rushdown options. if the character had to rely on her zoning to win she wouldn't be anywhere near as good as she is right now.

there's really only 3 or 4 characters that can actually zone you out and they can only do it in a handful matchups. even then it's only gonna be at most 50% of your game plan in those matchups if you're playing someone competent.

basically zoning zoning is really situational and not something you can build your entire gameplan around.

It was baconlord, who replied to a complaint I had about there always being too many zoners in NRS games saying: “zoning is not good in mk11”.

He/she mains cetrion I think.
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I fucking HATE the Sub-Zero/Jade matchup, more than any other mu. Her zoning is too strong. A half decent Jade player can make it impossible for you to get in.