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Online Projectile Glitch XBL


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invis clones? fuck that!
I think it's every animation that doesn't involve the character model itself. So all projectiles, ice clones, smoke/freddy teleports, all of kenshi's stuff, and for pretty much anything you can't tell what's enhanced or not. Basically, if you're not playing vs a character like Cage, you're fucked.


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I get this occasionally, accompanied by issues with poorly lit stages. Usually when it happens I'll just leave it, it doesn't effect my game much because I avoid projectiles by watching the character models, not the projectiles themselves.

Then I lose to a Reptile and restart in a rage.


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This happened to me offline a lot actually when I played on a friends 360 and predominantly happened on Kahn's Throne Room stage.

It only happened to me ONCE offline on my PS3


Teleport tickle fail
Happened to me recently on PSN. I'm pretty sure it's a random occurrence from being XRay'd through a projectile animation. If you do another XRay, the projectile animations come back. At least, that's how it has been working for me.