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One small buff shang needs


End Of Humanity
Make him be able to mb first hit of ground eruption so he can actually combo in corner lol

agree ?

also a bit faster corpse drop would be nice , to easier trade with fast projectiles


Warlock is more of a zoner so I don't think he needs any more combo potential. Corpse drop is more than good enough too. It's an overhead-low, very good damage and I don't think anyone can reflect/parry/absorb it, not even Jade. Maybe Terminator but he doesn't get anything from it except avoiding the chip damage. And his recovery from that move is slow af. And characters without a front flip jump in can't even do a jump in to avoid the low and get a bit closer because the low hits them out.


They need to turn his launching string into a real launcher
So it would be a launcher on hit and + on block? That's a bit too strong don't you think. It's not the easiest string to flawless block either and you already have a mix up with the F243 and even more in other variations. Also, for Warlock it actually is a launcher. It's tight and you don't get much after damage wise but you gain a lot of distance which is where Warlock wants to be anyway.


"130 ms is more legit than Labbing" - TYM
@Zviko that's why I said all launchers should be unsafe, just change the frames
@ABACABB idk myself that's why I sa I d add the launcher string for a legit buff across the board.


He really doesn't need that though imo. Nothing about Shang's default move list has to change tbh. His buttons are good enough. And I don't think Warlock even needs anything except maybe a slight damage buff because that nerf was pretty big. And the same goes to Soul Eater. Buttons are fine, it's just ninjas that suck. Having a meterless launcher you suggested wouldn't help him at all. Mix up you get from F24 wouldn't exist anymore. You'd always have to finish the string with a 3 on block since the other option would be unsafe. And because it's coming from a 17f attack or something slow,..This sounds more like a nerf to me than a buff tbh.