OMEN OF SORROW present at EVO 2017, a message from ETC Chile

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By ETC on Jul 13, 2017 at 6:48 PM
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    Omen of Sorrow present at EVO 2017

    At AOne Games we are super excited to let you know that we’ll have a playable build at EVO 2017. This upcoming demo will showcase 4 characters in total; Caleb, Gabriel, Zafkiel (a completely new character), and an updated version of one of the first characters shown on our videos (we do want to keep some surprises for people attending, so you’ll have to check that one out on site at booth 110).


    What we’ll be demoing?

    We want you to come and feel the game implementation, we know a fighting game engine has very specific, strict needs which must be achieved in order to deliver the level of quality the community has come to expect. Our combat design was no exception. Ensuring a stable, constant framerate of 60 FPS, deterministic physics, and consistent collisions will allow us to develop the kind of fast-paced but precise gameplay we are aiming for.

    High-quality Netcode
    For Omen of Sorrow, we decided to adopt Tony Cannon’s Good Game Peace Out, better known as GGPO, which has been used to implement multiplayer modes on most of the best arcade beat ‘em up ports, the best indie fighting games and some of the best big brand name fighting titles. This in conjunction with the fantastic job our team is doing on our custom matchmaking servers running on Azure makes us confident that we wont be suffering the same issues that have affected other fighting games released lately.

    So come check it out, we want to hear from you!


    Made In Chile ;)

    @STORMS, @Youphemism, @Eddy Wang, @FOREVER EL1TE, @ForeverKing, @ROG Moonspell, @PND_Ketchup, @migosan, @JAP, @TONY-T, @Killer Xinok, @Kitana Prime, @ForeverKing, @GGA Max, @16 Bit, @Clutch8
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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by ETC, Jul 13, 2017.

    1. Ns_Brutalmileena
      Looks awesome I'm in
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    2. bdizzle2700
      Yeah why not lol. I'll play it since I'm already here lol
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    3. Swindle
      Motherfucking Black Phillip.
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    4. Darth Mao
    5. Somea2V
      Omen of Sorrow? Let me guess, the eighth graders who play Reaper are your spokespeople.

      Joking aside, seems interesting. It's awesome you're demoing at EVO.
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    6. Shaka
      In this game string based? This game reminds alot of kof.
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    7. DiegoMK9
      OMG! This game is getting better. Take my money.
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    8. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Game looks really fluid, Zafkiel looks like my kind of female character, but with lots of air control.
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    9. conqueror
      It looks like I'm gonna to support this indie game not only because it looks good but also they are not trying very hard to appeal to casuals but instead they are trying to make a good fighting game (IMO) which everyone can enjoy and that's a bold cancel and a thumb up
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    10. ROG Moonspell
      ROG Moonspell
      Very promising. I really like everything about it and that OST .....
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    11. ETC Mcfly
      ETC Mcfly
      Thanks for the support guys! I am helping the company and I am the Community leader of the game.

      @Eddy Wang This character is for you bro:

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    12. Tanno
      @Madzin @Nivek @PND OmegaK

      I won't be there, unfortunately, to try this awesome game. I tagged those fellas, since they will go there.

      If you guys go test it, recommend me the ice character there.
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    13. Blade4693
      Ahhhhh this game looks so cool!

      Is there any chance of this getting on consoles? I need it lol
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    14. migosan
      Yo congrats to @ETC Mcfly and the the rest of the ETC Chile guys! I'm really looking forward to this game! Cant wait to try out Caleb, always been drawn to monsters and creatures in fighting games! Great work and ill be looking out for this one
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    15. Saboteur-6
      Will this be available on console eventually?
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    16. ETC Mcfly
      ETC Mcfly

      Thanks brother! Thank you very much for the support that the TYM community can give us.
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    17. ETC Mcfly
      ETC Mcfly
      Thanks dear friend @STORMS

      I leave another small sample with Gabriel

    18. ETC Mcfly
      ETC Mcfly
      Bro! 2018 PS4 & PS4 PRO (4K).
    19. TAKUMA
      @ETC Mcfly

      hola compadre!
      simplemente espectacular se ve el juego!!
      voy a hacer todo lo possible para establecer este juego en la fgc de alemania!

      un abrazo!
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    20. Tanno
      I see only 3 monsters and 1 knight hunter. I'd love to see Van Helsing back. And if I remember well, Dracula, Jack the Ripper, and Gargoyle are missing. Those are famous in that era, as well.

      @ETC Mcfly , since I'm EU, can we see a demo version this side, too?
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    21. ETC Mcfly
      ETC Mcfly
      Que quieres que te diga hermano.... Inmensamente agradecido y lo que necesites para que eso sea posible avísame. Cuenta con todo lo que necesites y veré las formas de enviar kits con poleras y cosas a los que apoyen.
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    22. TAKUMA
      yo creo que organizare un torneo para el release!
      bueno para los detalles, te comunico!
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    23. ETC Mcfly
      ETC Mcfly
      Hi brother!

      Gabriel is Van Helsing. Dracula was introduced in EVO 2017 and is called Vladislav III. There are many characters that I know they will like and do not need more presentation. We want to take it to the whole world. I hope you can help us with some important event in the EU to visit.

      Thanks for your support.
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    24. Tanno
      Nice introduction for those chars. It was weird that I wasn't recognizing them. I'd love to see a whole roster of them.

      The best shot is to ask the EU organizers (Vienallity, for example) to let your game in for playing. @PND_Ketchup @st9rm and the rest, can you do something to bring this game over to EU side?

      I would LOVE to help you out, but I'm not too influential to organize something like this. You need people who have strong connections with the organizers of big events. The more people trying this, the more you get recognized.

      Good luck with your game.
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