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General/Other - Jason Voorhees Official Jason Gameplay Trailer


Wannabe Pro Jobber
Looks like he'll be loads of fun to play, until Predator comes out any ways. I know my roommate and his gf are hyped as fuck for Jason.


Expected to see more combos in this trailer, but guess we'll have to figure it out in game or in the livestream... And REALLY good render and promo arts! (can't help not noticing being a designer lol)


Damn I remember a lot of people complaining he was in the game to begin with and now all of the sudden everyone is hype lol...Well can't wait for the salt posts about how Jason is busted, FELLOW KAMP KRYSTAL LAKE MEMBERS ASSEMBLE!!


Stay Free
Jason looks awesome
But everyone was hype for Goro after his trailer too...and look at how that turned out with like 5 people maining him lol