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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Eldriken, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. HeavyNorse

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    Children, behave!

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  2. Resistible

    Resistible MK fan since '92

    Hard to have any complaints about gear when we don't know the full roster. As for things we want, I'm hoping we get items from previous installments... The shredder Sub-Zero from Deception, Scorpion's alt mask from MK9, Punk Cassie Cage from MK Mobile, so on so forth
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  3. vapid

    vapid cyber warlord

    Shredder Sub-Zero would be epic!
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  4. BecomingDeath13

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    To be fair....
    "Keep your religion and shitty politics out" isn't exactly a kind way of responding. So in all fairness you really had no reason to get offended over his rebuttal when you threw the first insult. Implying that his argument isn't a meaningful use of his time and literally telling him to do something more useful.

    A lot of what you said can easily be conveyed and misconstrued as a personal attack on someone. When people get attacked. They block. Just like MK. The "fuck off" was merely a reversal poke
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  5. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    Man I wish they add Johnny's Tux/Suit as a skin in this game.
    Hopefully he has some cop/aviator frame sunglasses gear and the name is literally just "500$ Sunglasses".
  6. Spoons440

    Spoons440 Noob

    It looks dumb, it’s obviously trying to appease feminist. I don’t care about bust size, I care about muscle tone. They have none now, they look like plain smooth barbies now.

    Seems silly none of them do crunches yo :(. They look frail
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  7. Spoons440

    Spoons440 Noob

    Ugh...sjw’s...people that cried over mk9 costumes were jealous females or soy boys with ugly gf’s.The recent societal trend of gender egalitarianism in entertainment is very prevalent right now. They are a loud and vociferous group voicing their problems with objectifying women. This is compounded by claims of systemic misogyny and other such wording that is used to create a situation where the current environment is inherently bad and must move away from this in order to achieve sexual equality. These groups are often unrelenting in their pursuit of this future, to the point where they will engage in PR smears and doxxing campaigns in order to get what they want.
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  8. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Ask me about my Jade agenda

  9. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    I don't think that NRS would cuck itself out, I mean it always had been criticized for the violence and they never toned that down. I think they look great and feminine. Sonya has some good muscle tone which makes a lot of sense. Hopefully they'll make Jacqui BUFF.
  10. pure.Wasted

    pure.Wasted 'ello baby, did you miss me?

    Yeah his skins were really missing the usual swag in MKX. Tux, suit, dress shirt, sumthin. We need sumthin.
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  11. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    I love the new outfits being less revealing, BUT, I do agree they go too far sometimes, like with that stupid hat for Skarlet, I'm never gonna use that monstrosity on her.
    Really, Skarlet needs blood on her skin, so she at least makes sense to wear mostly her skin. The others like Sonya Blade and stuff, yeah, I really love their new outfits, fits much better on them than some pervert-fantasy RPG something.

    I'm not a SJW, I hate them, I got a lot of death threats from them after I posted some Native American mythology monsters (and strangely also Golems from Jewish mythology) on Tumblr... It seems they are against the usage of anything non-European, as otherwise, it is discrimination... LOL

    I wouldn't mind seeing some more MK9 style Skarlet in there somewhere as an alternative skin.
  12. Briggsfan

    Briggsfan Noob

    Wrong on both counts. Does aren't burqas and it isn't "the opposite extreme" either. If anything it's the middle ground.

    Jade and Skarlet still show skin, just not to a ridiculous degree.

    She still shows skin though and she seems to be controlling blood just fine with her new outfit anyway.
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  13. Has there been any word on how many skins characters will have? I know the builds so far have shown roughly 3 different types with varying colors. I'm curious what the release build will have or if anyone has mentioned it.
  14. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    I don’t think they did. Though you can see in the customization screen that there are enough slots for a lot of other skins. I guess there will be some unlockable skins when playing arcade ladder as usual and probably from playing other modes as well. There will also be some from the premium edition but they didn’t say who they were for.
  15. BlunderGod

    BlunderGod Noob

    @BurnKnuckle21 Well, from the leaked pictures we know that both Noob and Kano have 6 skins total.
    So the way it's probably gonna be is, each character gets 3 skins unlocked from the get-go (one for each default variation), and 3 more you've gotta unlock.
  16. Kiss the Missile

    Kiss the Missile Red Messiah

    I saw from the leaked pictures that Noob had about 50 of each gear item. Does anyone know if this is just a capacity limit for random drops, or if there are actually 50 individual different pieces of gear. I'd much prefer the latter, it could make difficult achievements actually worthwhile. Instead of Injustice 2 where you burn through an entire multiverse just for a duplicate.
  17. Am i the only one who thinks that ninja characters shouldn’t have palette swap? Looks cheesy when Sub wears yellow or Scarlett wears purple.
    I really hope they add chains to Liu’s gear or better yet his Dragon trousers from Shaolin Monks
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  18. Kiss the Missile

    Kiss the Missile Red Messiah

    I'm always down for options. Give the ninjas any colors you want.
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  19. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    Gear will be fun, between that and the cosmetic system combined those very creative will have unique looking characters. Mine will stick out as they did in I2, though I think it'll be easier in this game and hopefully faster/easier to unlock everything.
  20. Spinky

    Spinky F4 bois

    The leaked pics are seemingly from an early build and had wildly different numbers for various characters (Liu Kang had like 26). I wouldn't take much notice.
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  21. PoloExpress

    PoloExpress The Luckiest Unlucky player you'll ever meet.

    I’d like some joke gear pieces that are tower exclusive kinda like (Inj2 Multiverse events)

    Like Boon Brows on Scorpion and a blue fox tail on Erron Black lol
  22. kantboy-2

    kantboy-2 Black Dragon Commando

    I hope they implement as an unlock a 4th slot for the heads.

    Seeing Kano and Johnny makes me want to put young Johnny's head on the SF skin and bearded Kano's head on the MK3 skin.

    Oh, and I want Sub-Zero's cryomancer eyes/head as a gear piece as well.
  23. Is his head different in other variations?
  24. PoloExpress

    PoloExpress The Luckiest Unlucky player you'll ever meet.

    There seems to be 3 different variants of Kano with full/shaved/Bald hair and different looking beards
  25. Armac

    Armac Noob

    I'm hoping we can just mix and match hairstyles and facial hair. They're promoting customization at every turn, so it seems strange to arbitrarily lock things like that to different outfits.

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