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Discussion in 'Baraka' started by Zoidberg747, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. 1man3letters

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    nice one,
    although like i said i still find the b31,f44,b3 combos very unreliable to use in tourny play,if your not in the same stance or opp certain amount away from the wall more than likely outside training mode in a real match its getting dropped, and baraka needs to take his damage when he can
  2. XXFleshtrapXX

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    Yeah, I'm still trying to get the timing down, it's even hard to pull off in the ladder. And I'm starting to realize the Tarkatans need to start going for damage, damage, damage. I need to concentrate more on not dropping reliable Bnbs. Hence, I go for reliable high damage in the corner, and mainly use my resets at midscreen.
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  3. 1man3letters

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    yea theres char like radien or kabal i dont bother reseting and just take the max damage when i can get it.
    well thats what id consider a bnb,something that wont drop,that u can land 10 times out of 10,
    example i wouldnt consider b31,f44,b31 corner combos bnbs as i personally drop alot
  4. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    I still think resetting is the most important thing in the corner. What is the point of getting ten percent more damage when Baraka really cannot stop wakeup(reliably). If you reset you get guaranteed pressure and can keep them in the corner. I guess with Kabal you can make a case for just going for damage, but you need to reset whenever you can. Gaining the momentum for Baraka is HUGE in the corner, and should always be your main priority.

    That is just my personal opinion and what has always worked for me though.
  5. 1man3letters

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    not every thing is guaranteed after f4 but i get your point, unless ya get a b4,b1,u3 or another 22 1+2 your pressure will end becuase you'll most likely be left at 0 (ie whatever to ex slices) or worse
    just like with chars like radien whats the point or reseting him when he can tele behind most of your opitions and full corner combo you,or as i mentioned before thinks like sonyas ex cartwheel and stuff will end baraka reset game while they have meter.

    even if u think about chars who have ass wakeups,you can still do your max corner combo and they cant do much about the knockdown as they have shitty wakeups (im looking at you quan chi!)
  6. EVB SomeCubanGuy

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    Yeah Baraka can do 40% resets in the corner. I have no idea why you'd ever go for max damage unless you're absolutely sure it will kill, or your try to get the opponent to Breaker.

    And going for damage vs. reset is dependent on a few factors: what stage you're on, and what character you're opponent is playing. For example, if Baraka is midscreen on Hell or The Pit, and you land a BnB, it's usually better to go for damage with a Blade Charge ender because the combo will automatically put your opponent in the corner. The only time you wouldn't want to go for full damage on those stages is if you're fighting a zoner like Freddy or Kenshi where it's more imperative to stay in their face.

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  7. EVB SomeCubanGuy

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    You can discourage Raiden from teleporting out of your frame traps by just throwing him or doing OS B+4/F+44.

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  8. 1man3letters

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    but what if u ducks or jumps your throw? its a pretty big risk if he guesses your going to throw

    yea i was trying out the b4/f44 OS before for that very reason, i found whenever i got the b4 id be jumped over into a block string or just d3ed out of it,
    i think im still having more problems that i should be having with both lao and radien with raka, maybe because there so hard to footsie
  9. EVB SomeCubanGuy

    EVB SomeCubanGuy *Hissssssssssss*
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    Okay let's use 221+2 as an example:

    You jip into 221+2 and it's blocked the first time, F+4. If Raiden tries anything other than teleport/armor, he gets stuffed. A smart Raiden will see "ok, that's a frame trap, Tele out." Next time you go for 221+2, a smart read would be, "he knows it's a frame trap, throw him." It's always about making smart reads man. Yes, he could jump (or neutral crouch, not sure why he would, but it's possible), but the chances of him doing so will fall if you train him not to. If he decides to jump tho, you should still have enough time to block the crossup attempt.

    B+4/F+44 works very well man trust me. Only thing he can do is D+3 out of it.

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  10. Just to jump in on the convo
    I've been trying to incorporate b1 and u3 into my pressure
    Any of you use them? I was thinking u3 after Getting in after 2 1
  11. 1man3letters

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    yea i get ya but lets just say the radien player isnt a idiot lol and knows about 22 1+2,f4 before u teach him to respect it, thered be no reason not to duck/crossover as the worse baraka can do with +8 against radien besides throw is a a raw d1/d3. even canceling them into special is risky seeing as if there blocked there more than enough time for radien to tele and the special whiff.

    also radien can OS the 22 1+2,f4 trap to beat both throw or f4, sad but true

    yea thats the only prob with it really is he can d3 ya but id rather him not have any options that could put him at + frames, sure its only +1 but still,
    i wonder does the game consider your char in crouch state during a sweep cause if he d3ed you then hed be at +8?
  12. 1man3letters

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    theres a whole thread on u3, im sure youll find what u need there ;)
    on b1, ill let SomeCubanGuy take that one as he uses it more than me
  13. EVB SomeCubanGuy

    EVB SomeCubanGuy *Hissssssssssss*
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    Yes, though B1 is a little bit more risky. If you train your opponent to stand block a lot using F2, then B1 becomes a useful tool. And U3 is just godlike lol. U can use that in just about any mixup and it's good.

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  14. 1man3letters

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    ok so i was meant to post this a while ago but forgot,credit mainly goes to SomeCubanGuy on this from our talks in pm

    so midscreen combos...generally if your going for max damage midscreen the combo(ie not resets)
    it would be 22 1+2,b31,b11~charge
    now while that is good if the charge shoots them in the corner,alot of times it wont,sometimes this is good like with chars you want as far away as possible from you,some chars you want to be as close to you as possible so u dont have to get through there zoning again, takin chip/let opp build meter etc

    so the soultion, a new combo ended....f2,4(horror show)
    so combos would be this...
    jip,b31,b31,f24 32%
    jip,22 1+2,b31,f24 35%
    now besides the reasons off keeping you close, the hitstun of f24 is +40 BUT +48 if they tech roll, so if they dont tech roll free wake up pressure or back up if you choose,if they do tech roll and heres the kicker they are put a "safe" blade charge distance or if you dont want to charge them away again,just jump in for wakeup pressure as you have +48 frames to work with :D

    both me and cuban think this should be baraka's new damage midscreen bnb and that other baraka players should really see how good this is by using it themselves
  15. EVB SomeCubanGuy

    EVB SomeCubanGuy *Hissssssssssss*
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    Bout time you posted our super secret tech lol.

    Just to add, the above combo works especially well against characters with poor wakeup options, but have armor moves that can get them out of a reset (i.e. Kenshi or Sub-Zero). Characters who have poor wakeups AND no armor (i.e. Sektor or Kitana) you want to go for resets, unless a Blade Charge ender put em in the corner.

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  16. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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    some deep jump kick corner combos

    no meter
    djk,b31,b31,b11~spin,spin 40%
    djk,b31,b31,b11~spin,4~charge 42%
    djk,b31,b31,b11~spin,f4 38%
    djk,b31,b31,b11~spin,d1~:x 48%

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  17. I've been using forward 2 4 for ages since like September of last year! I don't use it anymore though cause my pressure game has changed. I saw Cuban using it though. back then I really didnt know frames etc so it worked well at the time and wasnt sure why lol idk about know haven't used it again
  18. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    I will probably practice the one that ends in F4. This is good news. Have to practice ending with 2,4 as well.
  19. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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    yea of course with the B11~spin,f4 combo you only have small frame adv because you reseting them so low.
    yea i really love f2,4 as a footsies tool but really liking it as combo ender for alot of MUs now
  20. 1man3letters

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    Red Reaper

    could you do me a favor and repost the midscreen DJK kombos you made before the site crash.
    cant remember one of them :oops:

    edit.nevermind remembered it, djk,f2~charge ;)
  21. 1man3letters

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    wasnt going to post this till i fully tested against all chars but since i was talking about it on the OBS show last night might as well post my findings so far with using it and see how you guys find using it... Zoidberg747 i have a feeling you'll like this addition to slices mindgames

    ive been well know to suggest to other barakas not to go crazy with just straight back to back d1/d3~slices because of the gap to snuff the slices and to try mix up baraka poke mindgames more but it has also been very correctly brought up to me that if a player is not taking there chance to snuff slices and is more worried about trying to beat your next poke that this should be abused,so it isnt the worst idea to check the player early to see what he does with back to back d1/d3~slices.
    when your opp finds out he can snuff the slices is were this "tech" comes into play.

    ALL of this is taking into account that the d1/d3 was blocked because as we know with d1/d3 cancel on hit into slices cant be snuffed as its cancel adv is +14/+12
    (but on hit we still must deal with the clever few who use small hitbox chars and know the MU enough to just take his pokes ducking so there in crouch animation for the start of slices to whiff. knowing they cannot do this if the poke hit them standing)

    in the corner while at max range or JUST under max range of d1/d3 (both of which travel same horizontal distance) if you cancel d1/d3 into ex slices and your opp tried to d3/d1 out fearing pressure of slices there poke will whiff and ex slices will launch leading to a combo,if opp jumps the same will happen,just under max range is the sweet spot but max range works also.
    if your opponents blocks this all you've done chip and got just under 1/3 bar meter and left a 0,so its low risk,at cost of meter of course

    this only works against certain chars,kitana for example this should never work on as her d1 will still beat slices and another option for her is if she decides to stay blocking she can netural duck the 1st hit of slices because of the pushback and snuff the rest of the move,this option also goes for jax,mileena,lao,quan.sektor must still hold bock though because his crazy neutral crouching hitbox.
    theres a few other pokes that will still fuck this up, cyraxs d3 is a example.
    (good way to test the counter pokes that whiff is get dummy to block a get him to block your max range d1/d3 then turn him to human)
    armor,laos spin and radien tele can get out for the worst outcomes to the "setup"
    vs the non lowhitbox chars these work best

    sorry for the wall of text there for such a simple thing there guys,video would of been well handier to explain things with :oops:
    i know d1/d3 to backdash can work fine for some baraka's whiff punishing setups but i just thought this was a small interesting thing about ex slices.situational but interesting none the less
  22. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Its crazy because I was just thinking about using 4 EX slices in the corner to fish for a combo. This is like that but much better. TBH I never do d3 slices anymore because no one here will fall for it, but this is pretty interesting so I might end up using it at dallas.
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  23. 1man3letters

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    well like i said ive just been using it here and there when i feel like its the time to do it,seems to be going ok,for now
    yea 4~ex slices worth fishing for a times.
    i told u this day would come,it makes the times when u could near d1/d3 people all the way to the corner seem like you were getting away with murder doesnt it? :eek:
  24. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    I once flawlesssed a guy twice just doing that.

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