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Nutpunch KB Guide (Yes, we do have a KB)

Name v.5.0

Iowa's Finest.
The requirements for this Krushing Blow are: First hit of the game, which is stupid and worthless...and when used as a punishing attack...A 13 frame special used as a punisher? Dumb. Oh, and it has to be an amplified nut punch. Super dumb.

So early on, we all wrote this KB off as useless and never tried to use it and then convinced MK community that Johnny had no Krushing Blows. It's actually bullshit....

The nut punch KB isn't all that hard to hit. Many of you have had the opportunity, and just decided to go for a punishment that maybe got you 26%-30% damage for a bar, instead of going for the NPKB which can net you about 35%. (NPKB, F3, S2, microdash 121~shadow kick). You were going to burn the bar anyway, so you might as well get the extra damage.

Here's the guide I started making for myself, and then decided to share with all of you. It's ugly, and I might have missed a few things including the potential to flawless block and then NPKB. Feel free to let me know what I'm missing or to criticize my grammar and spelling.

Shang Tsung -

Close Ground eruption - dash after first and NP. Range dependent. Must be semi close. Combo string tends to push back on block.

Sorcery Rush - easy

Close Corpse Drop - you must be point blank

FB - must be point blank when he activates. Requires a micro dash into NP.

Shao Khan -

Merciless Spear - Must be point blank.

Shoulder Charger - easy.

Annihilation - easy

F34, 1+3 - easy

F212 - easy

Ground Shatter - Both normal and amplified. Must be in range.

Wrath Hammer - must be inside jump in range. Requires micro dash at furthest viable distance.

Frost -

Auger Lunge - easy

Microburst - easy

FB - must be point blank and neutral duck.

B2212 - easy

B32D1 - easy

Johnny Cage -

Nut Punch - easy

Flippy Kick - easy

Shadow Kick - easy

244U4 - easy

Sonya -

Standing Counter - easy

Low Counter - easy

Leg Breaker - easy

Energy Rings - easy

Orbital Drop - easy if point blank.

FB - immediate dash into NP

B123 - frame perfect reversal. Hard.

B23D3 - easy

Cassie -

Knee Cappin - works up to sweep distance. Micro dash may be needed the further you get out. If she amplifies, dash forward and NP.

Flipping Out - dash and NP.

Up Glow Kick - easy.

Shoulder Charge - easy

Energy Burst - May have to dash if at the edge of the burst.

FB - reversal punish.

Jax -

Quad Grab - neutral duck on read and it’s easy

Gotcha Grab - easy

Stiff Arm - easy. If at range and he does amped version, neutral duck and NP.

FB - only works if he activates within jump distance.

22D4 - easy

F2D4 - easy

B321+3 - easy

Duck and weave amped - easy

Ripped Amped - duck the high and NP.

Scorpion -

Spear - must be inside jump in range. Dash may be required.

Hellport - easy, but might not be ideal considering the delayed amplification.

B141 - easy

F32 - easy

Death Spin - must dash and punish. If you’re at the edge of the special, it won’t work.

FB - dash up punish if he activates near you. Reversal punish.

Noob Saibot -

Spirit Ball - must be point blank.

Shadow Tackle - point blank

Rising Kick - point blank.

Shadow slide - point blank.

Teleport - easy

Baraka -

Blade Spark - point blank

Gutted - easy

Raiden -

Storm Cell - easy

Close lightning strike - easy

Electric fly - easy

Electric Current - May have to dash forward.

B2 - easy

B14 - just frame punish

Jacqui -

Shrapnel Blast - easy point blank

Lethal Clinch - easy.

Grease Kick - unextended is easy. Extended you must duck the last hit.

Air Dive - easy

Sub Zero -

Ice Ball - easy point blank

Slide - easy

F24 - easy

Cold Shoulder - easy

Kano -

Lumbar Check - duck it and it’s easy.

Kano Ball & Air Ball - easy for both. Can’t punish amped versions.

F2 - just frame punish.

FB - May have to micro dash depending on distance.

Kabal -

Low Hook Grab - easy

Nomad Spin - easy

Nomad Dash - easy

Hook Slam - easy

Rolling Buzzsaw - easy

FB - dash and punish

Liu Kang -

Low Fireball - easy

Flying Kick - easy

Bicycle Kick - easy

Shaolin Stance-~2 - easy

Dragons Fire, Trip - easy

Kitana -

Fan toss - point blank

Quick Execution - easy

Fan lift - easy

Square Wave - easy

B231D2 - flawless block D2, immediate punish.

FB - dash up and punish

Kung Lao -

Spin - easy

Hat Throw - point blank

Dive Kick - easy

F13 - microdash punish

Jade -

Nitro Kick - easy

Edenian Spark - easy in NP range

B12 - if within NP range

F41 - just frame punish.

FB - easy if activates point blank

Skarlet -

Blood Splatter - easy

Blood Trail - point blank

Cell Siphon - easy. May have to dash up.

B2 - NP range.

B4 - NP range.

Erron Black -

Zaterrean Spit - works if he cancels a block string point blank into it.

Rattle Snake Slide - easy

Dvorah -

Fireflies - NP range

Ground Swarm - easy

Swarm - easy

Katipo Rush - tight if you’re expecting amped version

F4 - easy

Kotal Khan -

Kahn Cut - easy

Command grab - easy if ducked.

F122 - reversal punish

F243 - reversal punish

Geras -

Temporal Advantage - easy.

Quick Sand - easy

Bed of Spikes - easy

F11+3 - easy

Command grab - easy if ducked

Sand pillar - easy

FB - dash up punish

Kollector -

Demonic Clutch - easy if ducked

Shotel Fury - easy

Bola - easy. May require micro dash

F12D1 - easy

F12D2 - easy

F221+3 - easy

Cetrion -

Hells Wrath - point blank

Natural Barrier - NP range

Close Geyser - easy

Tendrils - easy. Can full dash up and still hit.

FB - works if she activates point blank. have to dash.
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Name v.5.0

Iowa's Finest.
Shit. Forgot to add in the corner combo, FBC and Fatal blow combos and damage. Will add them after I get home to look at my notes.
Great work. The sad thing that it adds just a little bit more damage but it is still worth the mininal think of nut punch punish instead of regular.
And kb starter probably gives a bit better damage before breakaway but never tried (will do).

Name v.5.0

Iowa's Finest.
Great work. The sad thing that it adds just a little bit more damage but it is still worth the mininal think of nut punch punish instead of regular.
And kb starter probably gives a bit better damage before breakaway but never tried (will do).
That's just it too...As Cage, we need every little advantage possible and some of these punishes are no brainers. Sub Zero's slide and F24, Kung Lao's Dive kick, Erron's Slide, Geras' sand trap, Liu Kang's flying kick.....all of these things are GOING to happen in a match, and you will very likely be blocking them. I felt so dumb for not trying to elevate my Cage once I realized how easy this was to hit.

However, there are still plenty of characters you'll be lucky to ever use it on and even those you can, they'll likely break away. It's still not a very good KB.
It is a better than nothing KB.
Geras would cry if he saw it lol.

Cassie has similar weak KB potential but she is overall much better than Johnny.

I have little exp but Johnny looks good in match ups where he has no hitbox issue. Problem starts with the others. :)
This is not a "great" KB because if you only gain 3% off a 13 frames punisher then it is not a "good" krushing blow. It may be viable but it is not good.
True but often when some people see any KB they tend to get breakout panicky so using it after a breakway or to force one can be useful.