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    Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted here, but I've been creeping pretty consistently. Looking forward to the release of SCVI! Even though I ended up dropping MKX and I2, I still consider the TYM members friends and almost family. What can I say, it's tough to make new friends as an adult. I'm 35, living in Iowa with my wife while she wraps up her PhD. I own my own business, which is pretty cool, but I don't get out much. I miss my old Nashville friends a lot, as I've no one to play with offline. @Espio is the man, and reached out to me when my mom died, while none of my old friends did. That shit meant a lot.

    In any case, whenever an awesome opportunity comes up, I like to offer it to the TYM crowd. So far no one has taken me up, but it's only a matter of time. It's probably because these opportunities seem too good to be true, and I don't blame you. But this shit is real. I'm a 3-time college dropout with a 6-figure business. I employee plenty of college graduates, which is pretty damn satisfying. You all are awesome, and that's why I put out these posts (even if you disagree that Cheetah/Batman is unwinnable...). It's tough to find time to play these games when you're working 40 hours per week making minimum wage, so hopefully some of you take me up on this. This shit is the real deal.

    I made a robot. A fucking robot. It's me, a gameshow host. It's a tiny computer, about the size of a credit card. It hosts live Bingo games in bars and restaurants. I'm looking for people who can sell it to their local venues. I pay $100 per unit sold, plus a year of commission. It comes out to roughly $700 per unit sold, on average. So sell 100 and congratulations, you just made $70,000! Seriously, no strings attached. The money is deposited directly into your bank account or sent as a check; your choice.

    Here is a video of the game in action. It was made for my current Bingo customers, who play on laminated cards with dry erase markers, so it kind of glosses over a few things. These shitty laminated-card games bring in 50+ players per night, and I think this automated game will be way more popular. Let's get rich together.

    Here is a video of the website in action.

    Here is page one of my marketing sheet.

    Here is page 2.

    It's literally a new form of entertainment. I'm calling it "localized mobile entertainment", as it's mobile entertainment but limited to a specific place at a specific time. It's the future. We've already got plans for karaoke and "pub poker" additions. I'll be a billionaire this time next year. So what are you waiting for? Send me a PM if you're interested. No experience required. I'll send you a demo unit you can use to show venue decision makers how the game works. With no host to pay, it costs almost nothing to run a game. It's basically a money-printing machine for venues, so sales are stupid easy if you can reach the decision-maker.


    [Update] Here is some additional information, taken from the Sales page on my website:

    Work on your own schedule at your own pace, selling as few or as many units as you like. Work from home or travel from venue to venue; it's totally up to you how you would like to make your sales! We don't require any previous experience, though some initial training is typically required.

    Once hired, you'll be able to log into our "Sales Portal" where you can view and manage all of your sales and income information. Get monthly deposits directly into your bank account!

    We provide everything you need, including a "demo unit" you can use to show off our product.

    Job responsibilities include:
    • getting in touch with venue decision-makers to pitch them Woody's Bingo
    • using a demo unit to run demo games for potential clients
    • once a sale is made, helping the venue hook up the unit to their internet and sound system
    • dropping off marketing materials and ensuring the venue is putting them up
    • the more players the show brings in, the more commission you make, so any optional social media marketing can mean more money in your bank account
    No experience is required, though experience with sound equipment and networking systems is a plus. Either way, our system is incredibly simple and we can have you trained to handle all necessary tasks in no time. All training is done via online video chat, so you can train from home!


    Demo units will be shipping to salespeople near the end of November. The reason for the delay is due to the state-by-state gambling laws. Whenever I sell in a new state, my attorney has to look into how they handle gambling, gaming, and promotions to ensure my operation is totally legal. So I need to figure out now what states I'll need to research so that everything will be good to go in November. Because my game is totally free to play, with no wagering or other monetary incentives, it is not considered gambling in most states and is totally fine, but a few states have very strict anti-Bingo laws.

    I've been selling entertainment to venues for about 6 years, and this product is one of the easiest sells I've experienced. The only difficult part is getting through to the venue decision maker, who could be the owner, general manager, or a designated promoter, but either way they are typically guarded by a few gatekeepers who make it difficult to access them. I use a multi-stage approach:
    • I call the venue and just say, "Hi, I was wondering who was in charge of booking your entertainment". Then one of 3 things occurs:
    • You're lucky and are talking to the decision maker and can make your pitch right then, or ask for permission to come talk to them if they're busy.
    • You get the person's name. You can then call back the next day and ask for the person by name, just "Hi, is Mike available?", which drastically increases your chances of getting through. If they're not available, you can ask when is a good time to reach them.
    • The person is confused and says the venue doesn't book entertainment. This is a special case, and I cover it during training.
    Once you can get through to the decision-maker, the sale is basically made. Between the low cost of the shows and the free month trial, there is basically zero reason to turn you down.

    The other way to sell shows is just to take the demo device and a tiny speaker and drive around to venues during their off hours, usually earlier in the day, Tuesday-Thursday. Just walk in and ask a staff member if the manager or owner is available. It's usually pretty easy to get a face-to-face, though the person may not be the actual decision-maker, even if they're the owner. You make a quick, short pitch and if they are the decision-maker, offer to run a short demo for them.

    And it's really that easy. I go into more detail during training, but that's the gist of it.

    There are roughly 55,000 viable venues in the US, alone. If a show brings in 30 players, you make $13.50. A lot of our shows are bringing in twice that amount. But at 30 players per show, you just need to sell 100 shows to make over $70,000. A lot of venues will run the product on multiple nights, so selling a single unit can result in multiple shows.

    The only real requirement is that you are least 18, though 21+ is preferable.
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    Hey @karaokelove Seems like you’ve got private messages disabled. How else can I reach you privately? Discord, or email? What’s your preference? I’ve obviously got questions.
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    how much are you selling it for?
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    I know theres a great market for this in Miami. Send me a pm.
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    Oh weird, should be fixed now. You can PM me here or email [email protected]

    The device is free and I give every venue a 1-month free trial. I'm still ironing out the details, though. I may end up collecting a refundable security deposit from venues, but either way the actual device is free. The year of sales commission starts after the free month, so you get a full 12 months of payments. I provide all of the marketing materials and everything else you need, so there is no cost to you.

    Sure thing!
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