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    [Update 1/7/2019: Please see Post #6 for info about my EVO offer.]

    Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted here, but I've been creeping pretty consistently. Even though I ended up dropping MKX and I2, I still consider the TYM members friends and almost family. What can I say, it's tough to make new friends as an adult. I'm 35, living in Iowa with my wife while she wraps up her PhD. I own my own business, which is pretty cool, but I don't get out much. I miss my old Nashville friends a lot, as I've no one to play with offline. @Espio is the man, and reached out to me when my mom died, while none of my old friends did. That shit meant a lot.

    In any case, whenever an awesome opportunity comes up, I like to offer it to the TYM crowd. So far no one has taken me up, but it's only a matter of time. It's probably because these opportunities seem too good to be true, and I don't blame you. But this shit is real. I'm a 3-time college dropout with a 6-figure business. I employee plenty of college graduates, which is pretty damn satisfying. You all are awesome, and that's why I put out these posts (even if you disagree that Cheetah/Batman is unwinnable...).

    I made a robot. A fucking robot. It's me, a gameshow host. It's a tiny computer, about the size of a shoe box. It hosts live Bingo games in bars and restaurants. I'm looking for people who can sell it to their local venues. I pay $100 per unit sold, plus 25% commission for 1 year. It comes out to roughly $600 per unit sold, on average. So sell 100 and congratulations, you just made $60,000! Seriously, no strings attached. The money is deposited directly into your bank account or sent as a check; your choice.

    Here is a video of the game in action. The video was made for my current Bingo customers, who play on laminated cards with dry erase markers, so it kind of glosses over a few things. These shitty laminated-card games bring in 50+ players per night, and I think this automated game will be way more popular.

    Here is a video of the website in action. The address is

    So what are you waiting for? Send me a PM if you're interested. No experience required. I'll send you a demo unit you can use to show venue decision makers how the game works. With no host to pay, it costs almost nothing to run a game. It's basically a money-printing machine for venues, so sales are stupid easy if you can reach the decision-maker. Most venues see a 300% return on the cost of the show.



    Here are some of our regulars enjoying the game.
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    Hey @karaokelove Seems like you’ve got private messages disabled. How else can I reach you privately? Discord, or email? What’s your preference? I’ve obviously got questions.
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  3. God Confirm

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    how much are you selling it for?
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    I know theres a great market for this in Miami. Send me a pm.
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    Oh weird, should be fixed now. You can PM me here or email [email protected]

    The device is free and I give every venue a 2-week free trial. I'm still ironing out the details, though. I may end up collecting a refundable security deposit from venues, but either way the actual device is free. The year of sales commission starts after the free trial, so you get a full 12 months of payments. I provide all of the marketing materials and everything else you need, so there is no cost to you.

    Sure thing!
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    Phew, well it took longer than expected, but I finally got my device created and into some venues! It's already proving to be popular with my players and with my venues. So I'm back, looking to offer a sales position to anyone who is interested. Please see the OP for those details. To apply, hit up my website or PM me here. I just want to make one additional offer:

    Just for my TYM brothers and sisters, I'm putting up an extra incentive. For any TYM member who passes a sales threshold, I'll fly you out to EVO this August. I'll cover all hotel and travel expenses, EVO registration, and dining expenses. We'll party in the nicest suites the Mandalay Bay resort has to offer. This is in addition to the regular commission structure.

    The sales threshold is based on "plays", where a "play" is a single customer playing a single round of my automated Bingo. My shows are 14 rounds, so if 20 customers played all 14 rounds, that would be 280 plays. On average, my moderately-successful shows generate 420 plays per week. The sales threshold is 250,000 plays, so if you can sell just 20 mildly-successful shows, you're gold. Once a unit is sold, it runs itself (it's all automated, after all), so you'll continue to rack up plays while you move onto the next venue. A solid salesperson could sell 15 shows in a single week. Every salesperson will have an account on my website where you can log in to see how your shows are doing and check on how much money you're owed. Commission payments go out at the end of every month.

    I provide everything you need, including marketing materials. This is not a pyramid scheme or anything of the sort; you don't have to pay anything to becomes a salesperson and I don't lock you into a contract. I just need to get my product into as many venues as possible, and I see this as a quick, fun way to do just that. There is a sales agreement, but it just outlines how you get paid (and will include a section on this EVO deal); you're free to sell as much or as little as you want, and can quit at any time.

    This offer is only good in the US (don't worry, I'll be coming for those overseas sales before long...). All applicants must be at least 21 and legally able to work in the United States. Please PM me with any questions.

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  7. I see you are doing big thing @karaokelove . Too bad i am not good with selling, but i do with you the best with this. If you are ever interested in real estate as a passive investor, we can talk.

    Your idea could work at retirement homes, have you reached out to any of them?
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    ^^ thank you above poster for showing this thread to me.

    Yeah I'll do it! I can sell in the evenings after work and on weekends. Also I work in the heart of times square, a potential fertile crescent for business.

    Would you rather I just apply on your website via the link in the op or send a dm @karaokelove
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    I just received an application from a New York salesperson, so I assume that’s you. That’s awesome! I imagine there’s no limit to the number of viable venues up there. I’ll get a sales agreement sent so you can take your time to look that over. I’ll need my gaming attorney to check out the New York gaming laws to ensure it’s legal for my business to operate there, but I’d be very surprised if it isn’t.
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    Yup, I’ve done shows in several retirement homes. The only issue with this new show is that it’s played on mobile devices, and a lot of elderly players have trouble doing that.

    As far as sales, they’re stupid easy. The only difficult part is getting through gatekeepers to the decision makers. I’ve eliminated almost any reason for a venue to say no. We do two weeks free with no commitment, so they can drop us without spending a dime if they don’t like the service. Most venues see a 300% return, which blows other forms of pub entertainment out of the water. It really is just a money-printing machine for venues. The only real hurdles I’ve hit are convincing people it’s not gambling and getting past the stigma that Bingo is just for old people.

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