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Noob Saibot Non-Tournament Variation Combo Thread


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This thread is predicated to combos that are impractical and combos that are only usuable with custom variations. I would like to keep optimized tournament viable combos and costumes combos seperate as to avoid TYM users shifting through hundreds of posts to find what they need.

When discussing costum combos please state what moves you used for your variation and what the name of your custom variation is.
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When you use a custom variation with Sickle Snag and Shadow Portals, you can do easy two-bar punishes like:

B1 1+3 UD AMP slight movement forward DB1 AMP F22 DB1

For ~37%

Being able to Amp Sickle Snag off his F221 is pretty useful for setting up longer combos, and the Shadow Portals setting up juggles to grab with Sickle is also good. I've been using Shadow Slide in this variation but realizing it's mostly useless aside from zoning since he has plenty of low options already, so might start experimenting with something else, but right now the combo above is my go-to for punishing since the B1 1+3 has such fast startup. You could give it more damage by not going straight to the Snag after the amp'd TP (doing 11 makes it 38.4% but not really worth the extra 1% to risk dropping, another F221 does bigger damage but has a much tighter window and usually drop the second 2).

^ is the "optimized" version using the F22 connector after the UD R1.

You can also start it with 21 but pretty much everyone just blocks low against Noob because of his lack of overheads, so doesn't work as often.
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Here are some combos that require the Sickle Snag and Shadow Portals abilities equipped

1 Bar:

212xxDU(MB) F221xxDB1 (32%)

2 Bars:

B1 1+3xxDU(MB) F221xxDB1(MB) B1 1+3xxDU (40%)

212xxDU(MB) F221xxDB1(MB) B1 1+3xxDU (38%)

JiK DU(MB) F221xxDB1(MB) move forward slightly B1 1+3xxDU (41%)

Fatal Blow:

F221xxDB1(MB) move forward slightly B1 1+3 (Fatal Blow) (44%)

JiK DU(MB) F221xxDB1(MB) move forward slightly B1 1+3 (Fatal Blow) (53%)

212xxDU(MB) F221xxDB1(MB) move forward slightly B1 1+3 (Fatal Blow) (47%)
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