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Video/Tutorial Noob Combos Using Only Block, 3, and the D-Pad


Dropper of Bass and Bombs
Do you hate it when your controller gets all wacky and only your block, d-pad, and 3 button work? I know I do. Luckily, Noob Saibot is the PERFECT character for such a totally common situation!

Here's a video of some high damage combos that you, yes YOU, can use using only your block button, your 3-button, and your d-pad/stick! (And an X-Ray if your stance change works as well :)).

(Yes, this is what I do instead of practicing useful stuff lol. But I find these "stipulation" combo videos to be quite fun :D)



Dropper of Bass and Bombs
Yeah I recognized your youtube, I watch KYR Speedy's vids sometimes and you were on there, I just didn't think it was the same guy so I was a bit surprised, lol. Good shit dude
Oh okay lol. Yeah I didn't expect that. I thought you were saying "ShadowBeatz? Dis gai suks at MK. He kent doo komboos :confused:" XD. And thank you :)

I think he recognized your youtube channel, nice music you got on there. Also, is this your remix?
Yeah, this my remix. Made it well over a year ago. I've been wanting to go back and re-do it but I've been working on other projects, so this will have to do for now :p

fr stack

Noob's saibot or noob saibot's?
yo dawg those werent max damage combos breh !
lol try deep jump kick f 333 upknee f33 upknee jump kick teleslam , wicked combos that triple jump kick gave me some ideas !!