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  1. JAP

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    and any other shang

    The question is:
    Used to press midscreen "USF + GSH or US + GSM-SS "???

    after any combo (GSEX) finished with 1.2 US midscreen ... truth did not see logic, one feels more pressured than the opponent (wakeup), unless ended with a soul Steal "damage"

    opinions?? sorry my bad english :)



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    its a nice idea, i have toyed with it in the past but never thought the setup was worth the lack of damage when you can do the same thing by dropping your opp onto a US or pseudo reset with GS

    i will probably look into this more for certain MUs like reptile n Lao. Would be nice to find a way to reset them every time without sacrificing too much damage

    Thanks for bringing this up
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  3. Eh SnOwY

    Eh SnOwY Tankata2 @ Youtube

    Eh SnOwY
    Very cool
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  4. Chongo

    Chongo Dead Kings Rise

    Good stuff.
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  5. astronout

    astronout see you at the top.

    ive also explored this type of setup, and like Lethal Legend alluded to, didn't feel as though it would be worth the lack of damage in addition to being vulnerable to wakeup attacks and having to guess which direction the opponent would roll. could provide some usefulness if addition exploration continues.
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  6. JAP

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    Not only against Laos and lizards, as well as any character, mixed with 1.2 US, or after a BUS another US, In conclusion I want to suggest that this configuration is not 50/50 vs wakeup, something that would be "safe" except teleports and so start with the zoning.
  7. FrothyOmen

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  8. JAP

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    lack of damage?? F4+GSEX+NJP= 33-34% one combo with F4+GSEX = ???

    And after roll..... back dash + normal US
  9. astronout

    astronout see you at the top.

    36% if you end the combo with F4~Soul Steal.
    Soul Steal also leaves the opponent standing so no chance for a wake-up attack.

    chip damage from the njp setup is not garunteed as the opponent can tech roll or wake up out of it.
  10. Khaotic_xShangx

    Khaotic_xShangx Fear the Skulls

    i have messed with this in corner setups only. this is good how u are using it but i usually walk back and do standing 4 to US. The standing 4 puts them on the other side of the screen and i dont have to fear any wake up move plus the US i coming.
  11. JAP

    JAP Combo maker

    Ok, With Soul steal, and and pressure? or if vs any character and do not know how to use to perfection?
  12. trustinme

    trustinme xbl-OBS trustinme

    i actually do this by accident now and again after landing far ex gs i go for us and get a njp with the splat effect,always wondered if it could lead to something/anything positive.would ex us be any use after this to stuff wakeup attacks? nice thread anyway,its good to see people still messing in the lab and sharing their ideas.
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  13. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    instead of a njp have any of u tried f2 into skull traps it has some strange properties , sometimes it whiffs , other times it adds scaled damage and other times it works perfect an u can interrupt wake up attempts etc. heres a combo example :: f434 mid gr. skull , far gr. skull , ex gr. skull , in front upskull , f2 upskull mid gr. skull
  14. Rabid Justice

    Rabid Justice Your Soul Is Mine

    if you’re going for that kind of a set up only use the mid gs at the end of the combo. It will pop up then.

    Just use f4,3,4,db4, df4, exdf4, db2, f4,du4. If they do not block, the du4 will hit for a juggle. If they block you are at +2 in there face. If you time it right you can block wake ups.

    Rolls will escape it. But you can end the combo with df2 and it will track the roll. Just at a much bigger risk.
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  15. astronout

    astronout see you at the top.

    was skeptical about this at first but the new update is very impressive!
    however, is shang vulnerable to raiden's ex superman or kabal's ex dash?
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  16. JAP

    JAP Combo maker

    Nothing ..... only shake smoke
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