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Nitara Combo Challenge 6

Can anybody help with this I have no idea how to connect the jump kick into the down l2 into kick. I'm pressing all the right buttons but it's not connecting. If anyone could help me or point me to a decent video thay helps and not just shows someone doing it.

It's my last challenge and I have done them all. Lei Mei's number 7 was easier than this and that's saying something.
for the very first one you need to do jump kick then do a delayed downl2 into kick,for the other you do fast timing.

so that would be jump kick,wait downl2 instant kick for the first one.
So im still stuck I can connect the first but can't do the second jump kick. Do I actually need to do a jump as I noticed when I do the down l2 kick it swooshes then I go up on my own. But sometimes it doesn't.
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So this is the last challenge I have to do out of all characters. Nitara trial 6 and I give up. It's literally impossible, it's not skill it's total luck. I hate it I hate it. I don't know why I am bothering no trophy for doing them all and just 250 gold.
I FINALLY DID IT. So its just getting the right rhythm, I did the first jump kick then a few frame delay then the down l2 then kick, it should given enough time to jump and do the third jp kick then the l2 down kick.

I also used the analog stick not the d pad I find that with some of the characters challenges I swapping sides and using the analog not the d pad.