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Tech - Assassin Nice buff for Assassin in 4 oct patch


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Can someone explain this change?
It's regular rising blades now cancellable. Also the float has new EX version. Not sure if it's armoured.

Also not sure if rising blades is only cancellable into this new EX float or other specials but it looks like it makes Kitana's most punishable special to be made safe on block with meter.


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https://twitter.com/Osu16Bit Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.
that shit is awesome:

hey guys how do i copy and paist Links of Gifs on Twitter, like the Floatlike a butterflky comment on 16bits twitter, how do i Copy the Address of the gif and past it on Google Chrome?
Hope it's a universal buff. And hope there is moooooooooooooooar to come.

Ps. Royal Storm facebuff with her mask is happening or not?