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New Street Fighter 6 Details And Footage Revealed on June 2 — Release in 2023

As of 30 minutes ago today, Capcom put out new details and (early) footage of Street Fighter 6. This includes a fairly lengthy trailer for the game (including a new game mode):

.. and showcasing a new art style, etc. And in addition to that, some new info about new steps the series is taking, including the addition of in-game commentary:

Capcom also shared that the game will be released some time in 2023.

I'm sure there will be plenty to discuss as new things come in. The SF6 era is beginning :cool:
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I didn’t notice any difference between Luke’s Level 3 Super and his Critical Art. All the other Characters have very noticeable differences. What did I miss?
SF6 looks incredible. Looks like the devs took a lot of lessons from SFV.

My only concern is the Drive Impact mechanic. Gonna be an infinite source of tilt, looks like. Possibly too RPS centric.