New Samurai Shodown revealed!

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    It's bloody for sure just saying it's not MK's level of gore . Namely referring to the last few MK games especially, MK 4 fatalities etc. However, not so much the 2D classics(though for the time was gory by 90's standards) This game looks cool but I doubt SS will be that hardcore but for a japanese game I agree it's definitely more hardcore than SF. Don't get me wrong, not saying decapitations, slicing people in half isn't gory but it's like I feel like that's PG at this point in MK games lol and MK team raised the bar heavily in the past few MK's especially and they just go all out insane like say Ermac's intestine fatality is kind of not just gory but disgusting, the sounds, the way you die, and how you die...actually funny lol if you watch reaction videos on YT you'll see what I mean lol. Or that Noob MK 9 one still makes me cringe a little.

    I'm curious to see another big name fighter in 2019 portray blood and gore, especially while we wait for MK 11.:D I have some of the older games downloaded on my xbox, wii etc I'll definitely check this out
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    Blood in Samurai Shodown is mostly limited to just that, massive sprays of blood (similar to what you'd see in the stylized chambara films that inspired it). Yes, we do see decapitations and people getting cut in half, but they were always stylized and the game never focused on the actual gory details - no organs, entrails, etc.
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    This is how KOF should've looked.
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    That doesn't prevent them from making him DLC. It would be non-canon, but still making him playable.
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    Just because a character is DLC doesn't make them non-canon.

    Besides, SNK has been loathe to bring anyone from SS64 back into any SS game, even the non-canon dream match ones (V Special, Tenka). Despite already having 2D sprites for them (and, in addition to that, budget for new characters). So I find it unlikely for them to bring them back now.
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    No, but what I'm saying is they don't HAVE to be canon to be DLC.
    They can just put them in as DLC and say they won't be canon.
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    Please... :rolleyes:
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    Would definitely want Kazuki and Sogetsu in it too.
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    Huge fan of Kazuki and Sogetsu

    They also have a sister named Hazuki, which ocasionally dresses herself as Kunoichi, but she is a very powerful shaman which has sealed Enja into Kazuki's sword and Suija into Sogetsu's sword, in the game she is often used as a source to draw power from, amakuza did that in SS4, and Kazuki went rogue to save her, while Sogetsu was given the mission to go after Kazuki and kill him for going rogue.

    In SSSen, Hazuki is hurt by a powerful being, yet while hurt she asks Kazuki to save someone who as been taken, Sogetsu by then has become the lider of the Azama Clan.
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    Important to notice, now when you're cut, part of the blood stain will remain in the character's body.
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    According to Shoryuken, the leaker who leaked Samsho on ps4 has now revealed that Shiki (samsho 64 WR1) and Rimururu (Samsho3) are now confirmed characters that are being worked on. We all know Shiki is extremely popular along side Asura.

    He also says that more characters not shown in the announcement trailer (Talking about Charlotte's heroe's frame which we see in her stage in SS1 and SS2) are in the game, so high Chance, Gen-An, Kazuki, Sogetsu and many more are coming, really hope so.

    Kazuki and Soge in this game are insta buy for deluxe edition.
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    Shiki seems to be that tad bit more popular, most likely because she is "waifu material".
    Would definitely be awesome to see her return, though I'm not going to believe any leaks that doesn't have any sort of legit confirmation behind it. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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    I hope Gaira makes it in
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    question is this gonna be a full game or only on mobile? i dont remember them mentioning what systems it was gonna be on? oh any im not a "new" fan of samsho im a fighting game man that has tried all kinds lol.
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    since we talking about gory bloody fighting games how bout they remake bushido blade. im here for it
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    Its going to be released on PS4 next year a full game btw.
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    OMG! SHIKI?! :eek:

    Instant main!

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