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Tech - Smoke New piece of vortex tech

Long time lurker first time poster.

Not sure this is common knowledge or not. I like to use the vortex to close out matches of if I've used Ex tele in a combo, if I do jump 2 to get enough frames for a 50/50 people usually react if I go for a grab and tech it. I've starting mixing in jump 1 which means you can throw far earlier as there's also less hit stun.

if you a standard Bnb like 111-bomb-njp-4- b12 - trident but then do a cross over jump 1 you get just enough plus frames to grab as soon as you fall giving your opponent no time to react.
Sorry I may not have been clear the frames for jump 1 and jump 2 are different. Jump 2 gives alot more plus frames and that's what REO points out in the video. Jump 2 guarantees B1 and B3. The point of my post is if you use jump 2 you have to wait before you grab and people recognise this then press buttons making your grab whiff and then you get punished. Jump 1 has less plus frames so you don't have to wait before grabbing thus giving them no time to react.

The point being if you want to go 50/50 you end in jump 2 if you want to grab go jump 1.