New footage, 12 minutes of Swamp thing by IGN

Discussion in 'Swamp Thing' started by TrulyAmiracle, Feb 24, 2017.

By TrulyAmiracle on Feb 24, 2017 at 1:02 PM
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    IGN just posted a new gameplay video with Swamp Thing footage and he is looking AWESOME. He easily has the most creative move-list so far. He also has the most hilarious roll animation.

    He's up against Superman, Atrocitus and Canary so no other new character gets any showing.

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Discussion in 'Swamp Thing' started by TrulyAmiracle, Feb 24, 2017.

    1. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
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    2. Lokheit
      I like how he uses a bark shield on his blocking animation, the amount of detail the NRS add to their characters keeps getting better.

      Also his branch attacks break armor lol (2:23).
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    3. Rathalos
      D1 xx Green Thumb doesn't seem to work on hit.
      And you can duck vine grab.
    4. SnowboardRX
      Seriously so cool. Before this video, I was like, eh, he's ok but nothing too special. After watching this, now I can't wait to test him out. He looks so cool. Also, his trait doesn't look as OP as originally thought. Goes away on hit (ex. 7:03 mark).
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    5. Swindle
      So does Abigail :(
    6. TheGangstaFace
      Black Canary lost the ability to extend combos with the special where she jumps off you and continues the combo with a jump kick. Now that mb special resets you and she can choose to cross you up or not
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    7. TKB
      Thanks for posting, hype for more info on him.
    8. CrazyFingers
      I'm watching this when I get home. Expect me to break it down in another post.
    9. Scott The Scot
      Scott The Scot
      Seeing Atrocitus and Swamp thing with the huge ranged mids makes me worried. Hope this game doesn't learn too much from MKX.
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    10. CrazyFingers
      I think the design of "big slow dudes get giant buttons" is how that should be handled.
    11. Mikemetroid
      swag ass ji3
      swag ass d3
      swag ass tree punch that breaks armor
      swag ass mid strings with no hurt box

    12. Mr. Freeze
      Mr. Freeze
      Agreed! Slower characters should have better buttons.
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    13. Mr. Freeze
      Mr. Freeze
      Looks like you can get:

      D1 Green Thumb on Block,
      D2 Green Thumb on Hit and Block

      I wonder if there are any strings that you can do on block that lead in to Green Thumb ex: Solomon Grundy 112 Chain Grab on block in INJ1
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    14. TheJaquio
      seems pretty easy to dodge vine grab via ducking or even forward dashing (which may net a punish on Swamp Thing). That damage on the mb version tho.....maybe a good combo ender?
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    15. Error
      Isn't it an unblockable command grab? If so that's expected/consistent with last two games.
    16. The Ultimate
      The Ultimate
      I like that his vine grab seems to do around 20 percent damage. That's good; two of those and the opponent is almost half dead.

      His damage seems good, and his range does too. I'm still not quite convinced to main him yet, but I'm warming up to him.
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    17. TrulyAmiracle
      Random notes as I watched this (hella times):
      -His dashes are pretty decent, was expecting terrible mobility so that's good.
      -d1 to green thumb (close command grab) doesn't tick on hit.
      -log kick goes just under midscreen range.
      -His clone from the back attack is slow af and only shows up where the opponent initially was, if they move at all the clone will be too far and whiff.
      -Vines are duckable... MB vines can make the opponent stay or switch sides at the end.
      -he has a rolling club attack special.MB variation pops up
      -His trees from the shoulders special looks broken as an anti-air, can hit either side and convert into d1 if it lands high enough...
      -The straight branches special can break armor.
      -Super is really slow and not practical to combo into during juggles, works in grounded combos though.
      -D3 has insane range but it's pretty slow
      -Half the time I can't tell where the moves are supposed to hit (low/mid/overhead), his strings look omega confusing which will play a part early in the game.
      -Trait goes away on hit.
      -green thumb can be made to switch sides but knocks down instead of leaving them standing.
      -green thumb can do a different animation if trait is active? ST gets lifted with a vine and it knocks down. It's not MB and he's shown doing the regular green thumb with trait active as well so i'm not sure here.
      -j2 is a club attack that has mad range.
      -j3 is a tree kick, nasty for cross ups.
      -j1 is a knee attack, also for cross ups.
      -both f3 and b3 use a log. Slow but both have insane range.
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    18. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      He can combo off that full body anti-air thing he does where the branches stick out of him. That's sick. Hope that move isn't tied to a piece of gear. So many awesome wasted moves already based on gear.
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    19. 1man3letters
      there's that godlike aa with the tree coming out of the shoulders again, its wasnt in tyler's breakdown vid so i assumed that meant for sure was a gear move, stop teasing me nrs :( :(

      sad to see the garden goes away on hit but the cooldown seems low enough on it
      shame we didnt see the mb green thumb to see how much its currently set to hear for
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    20. CrazyFingers
      So I watched it and first impressions.

      Vine command grabs seem as tho they will be delegated to whiff punishing from a distance and anti airing from a distance (and some space control obviously derives from them of course) he's got some BIG boy buttons. His vine command grabs hit like a fucking truck. He got 21% meterlessly from one like hot damn his two bar damage might get gross.
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    21. CrazyFingers
      That one string where he uses his wood club at the end to launch you up in the air seems to be special cancelable so might be a good meterless punish to do that string into the vine command grab/green thumb. He looks soooooo goooooood.
    22. Trauma_and_Pain
      So his trait only covers like 2 "tiles" on the ground? My impression was all the ground he walked on would become sacred. Also looks like being hit during it depletes his trait meter. So I'm a little worried about that, but not commenting on it's strength until game is out.
    23. CrazyFingers
      It might be not as good as SOME people thought it would be. But he doesn't seem like a character built completely around his trait. His other tools look great. Space control, good damage (not even optimal shit, you can tell.)
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    24. trufenix
      They heard all the armchair game designers here who said it was broken after watching a trailer and nerfed it.
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