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New Details for Player Appreciation Week

This week is Player Appreciation Week in Mortal Kombat 11, as announced late last week. If you have no idea what that means (you shouldn't, unless you work for NRS) then have I got some news for you!


As you can see in the chart above, there's going to be stuff going on all week. Monday is giving everyone a shot at the most requested gear and skins in a rotating boss tower. Tuesday is for Brutalities, coming via those long towers with the multiple stages to get through. Wednesday and Thursday are just community outreach stuff via Discord and Twitch, so if you were looking for stuff to watch/do at those times that will be fun.


So I few skins like 3 .. and some bonuses skins overall very underwhelming but if you got your maskless and skins today then that’s good
All the people clamoring for maskless Sub could have just used the Dimitri Remix head gear option. I believe even if you don't use the dimitri skin it makes Sub maskless with his regular face anyway lol

Not sure if it changes the voice or not as I know that would be a deal breaker lol
Hi @everyone! Player Appreciation Week has kicked off! Below you'll find all the gear and skins (in order of appearance) you can grab in today's rotating tower! A new tower appears every hour!

1: Frost & Noob Saibot Frost: Mask - Metal Festishist (maskless) // Skin - True Sub-Zero Noob Saibot: Mask - Hunan // Skin – Creeping Fear

2: Jacqui & Jax Jacqui: Shield battery - Technoshunt // Skin - Causal Loop Jax: Arms - Kronika’s Chosen // Skin - Kronika’s Recruit

3: Liu Kang & Kung Lao Liu Kang: Bracers - Growling Tiger Strike // Skin - Midnight Blue Kung Lao: Hat - Wu Shu Master // Skin - Flaming Fury

4: Kitana & Jade Kitana: Mask - Poise and Power (maskless) // Skin - Kobalt Jade: Mask - Possessed by the Past (maskless) // Skin - Arcadian

5: Skarlet & Shao Kahn Skarlet: Mask - Ancient Blood Magic (maskless) // Skin - Blood Pixie Shao Kahn: Helmet: Destroyer of worlds // Skin - Kombat Charge

6: Kano & Kabal Kano: Eye Shield - kill.u.tonight // Skin - Made Man Kabal: Mask - Man of the Sand (maskless) // Skin - Working Man

7: Scorpion & Sub-Zero Scorpion: Mask - Visage of Netherrealm Wrath (maskless) // Skin - Screaming Demon Sub Zero: Mask - Vrbada’s Vapors (maskless) // Skin - Tundra
Oh thanks for posting that, so they didn't offer any new Raiden skins then? Thank God cause i was out yesterday then when I got home fell asleep.