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Tech New AquaMAN Maybe


Drops combos
After the F2 1+3 ender, yes.

its only possible after the F2 1+3 ender.
Thanks dude. My training partner and I are grinding it out where he bashes the meter burn shoulder on wakeup. It makes it a lot harder but I'm still getting him once in a while. Seems like something that's going to take a little time before it's consistent. Good luck at Final Round by the way!


Meter Hoarder
*Sees a light under door, turns doorknob and cautiously pushes door open. Hears voices whispering* ..."Aquaman can still use From the Deep to body what should be invincible wake-up attacks, essentially using a special move as an OTG."
*Cringes. Closes eyes in disgust. Pulls the pins on twenty hand grenades and lights a cigar. Runs into room, screaming..."SON OF A BITCH MUST PAY!!!"
aquaman gets close to 50% in the corner into already good oki
why would i risk doing this gimmick .
what if he just blocks, you know there are to many variables with these setups.