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Match-up Discussion Need mu help:lex vs BA


Beaten, by this mere man
People have told me that this mu is 5-5 or 6-4 lex and I could believe it because lexs trait does get far against adam, especially on knockdown. I was just wondering if anyone has any good anti-adam setups or tips because among lexs 5-5 mus this to me is one of his hardest.


Come On Die Young
Sorry for getting to this so late. There's nothing super character specific against Adam that Lex does setup-wise outside the factor that he has single-hitting and immobile wakeups. The best thing I can say is to be aware that his mobility against Lex's zoning comes from divekicks, and good placement of mines in trait zoning (for example, putting a close mine right in front of you) can let you be effective with it. It's not so much Lex has character-specific dirt on him so much that Black Adam doesn't have anything significant against Lex's game that makes it an even matchup. It's probably one of the most even matchups I can think of, and the better player usually wins for it.