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Need help with an Ermac combo.

It's the combo where you telekinetic slam then run up and do the B,A / Y,A combo. I need to know when to time that can anyone help?
try it late and then slowly start doing it faster and then you can get around where the timeing is. Then just practice the hell out of it.


This is called an "otg" combo, depending on whether a hit is performed "on" or "off" dicates it's meaning. In this case you perform the knee lift combo - HK LP, as soon as your opponent slams onto the ground. That's the best way to time it. To enable some better juggling properties afterward, you can put a slight pause between the HK and LP, this way, the uppercut hits them when they are slightly higher, causing them to go higher.
-_-'' Matt Matt matt... Matt, I was teaching you combos the other day! you could of asked about the OTGs, just do it a little late, and you'll get the timing, but never run in, unless your good at it, for the first time, do it close, and walk in then do the Pop-Up.