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Video/Tutorial My updated Black Adam Combos


gotta stay sharp!
Some characters- yes. Regardless, it is one of his hardest confirms. IMO
For me, I can always get the 22b1-j2-dive kick on DS, GL, Supes. But other characters, like Shazam, Aqua, Catwoman, I sometimes adjust to j1 instead.
I feel you can use J2 on everybody, you'll just have to throw certain characters in Training Mode in order to get the best approach. I know that can be a lot of work, :/, but the 45-46% meterless pay off is worth it.
I have certain characters (the ones mentioned above) I always play against with training partners so that's how I approach this combo. Just throw it into training mode before I meet up with them, lol.

In the corner though- 22b1-j1 and j2 are easy mode. Use B2xtrait-22b1-nj3-Far boot stomp-11-Black Magic-B23U(2 or 1+3 ender). The NJ3 must be hit early, though, for the boot stomp confirm. Practice it. Also, you can start the combo with 11xtrait, 22xtrait, just raw 22b1- whatever. B2xtrait gives the most damage. You get 51% meterless with the B2xtrait starter and U1+3 ender, in the corner.
thanks man. I def have to keep practicing . Offline I can get 22b1 j2 fbs consistently but can't land b2u ender. And online I can't land the j2 but if I do I can end it all. Its weird. But I appreciate it. I enjoy playing BA and I want to be good with him.

Clark L.

F1 ftw.
Great video, can we get notations for these combos, please?
I don't remember all the combos in order...
The main bnb you focus around though is :
B2 trait 22b1 j1 far dk b23 12 which does % 45, if you add the jump in at the beginning, it does % 47

If you have any specific questions, let me know