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My training journal. Loss by loss and each gud git.

New York Pizza

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Decided to scrap the secondary main thing. I'm going to stick to Beetle and Swampy and if I feel like I need a break and to play a set with someone else, I'll just do that. Swamp is far more viable now as an actual secondary anyway.

So, played against @New York Pizza 's wowo last night for an hour and some minutes. Dunno how many matched exactly.

Lots to think about. Never played against her before. Used Beetle to start and for probably 70% of the set and ended with Swampy. Took one game with each character, lost 20+ with each character

I have to work on my frustration levels. Id try to wake up shield bash and fuck it up, then id wake up bash again, just to get it right, when I could clearly see him standing there, just outside it's ranged, wobbling back and forth, looking to bait the whiff.. but I'd be so tunnel-visioned that I'd just do it anyway because I was pissed it didn't work when it likely would have actual, if not landed, connected and reset the pressure a little.

I was way too impatient all around though, and as usual my confirms were shit. Id have a jump in blocked and just do nothing, I'd land a f23 and botch the follow up, leading to me eating a full combo punish when I was the one that landed the hit initially. I was way too impatient. I was trying to charge forward vs her and that's stupid. She's built to shit on that. Her shield throw is built to shit on the entire space in front of her, and I couldn't find any way to punish it. When I played genuinely careful and cagey, and tried to be smart and make reads offensive and defensive, the games were actually pretty close, but then id get impatient or frustrated and it would fall apart.

Additionally, I know she doesn't really have any lows except that really slow sword swipe one, but I kept crouch blocking and as usual this fucked me when I tried to stand to catch the OH. I don't know the frames on her shoulder but no matter matter what happened I ate shit. I need to look at that move. Whiff? Doesn't matter. I can't even d1. Blocked regular? Doesn't matter. I can't even d1. Mb? Who even knows. I tried to punish, I tried to take my turn, I just got shit on EVERY time. This could have been a connection thing, because it wasn't great - not horrible, but there was some wonkiness def. I should have just jumped the damn thing.

All in all though woWO is a monster. Solid damage, great normals and crazy range. The match was fun, but shield toss is frustration incarnate.

I need to work on followup pressure. I'd score knockdowns and never, ever get anything out of them. I failed to catch the backdash Everytime with anything meaningful. Which feels like a trend in this entire game. Wakeup backdash , at least against someone as shit as me, is free. Even if I read it, I can't chase the thing down. I occasionally time a sweep or a projectile, but I didn't get anything off it. I'd land the projectile and eat any number of options from woWO when I tried to close the gap further, which is curious because I should be very plus there.

I think I've figured out my stand up and not block issue. My thumb is sort of shaking/jittering a little sometimes after a few matches and I think what's happening is I'm getting wakeup backdash.

I have to look at her frames and my timings because I couldn't do *anything* under pressure. Block a d12? Couldn't counter poke. Block a shoulder of any kind? Can't counterpoke. Block absolutely any string, at all, of any kind? Can't counter poke. I was literally 100% on getting opened up by whatever followed. I tried mashing d1, even d2 a couple times. Obviously that's not right, so my timing is trash or something, but even on mash, nothing but a full combo awaited.

I mb.b/f3 too much.

I need to spend my next several sessions working on pure defense. Counter poking, taking my turn, blocking correctly.
I'm at work but I'll respond fully later
This is pretty interesting and cool, I think I'll start something similar privately. Keep it up, man.

On a side note have you considered switching to an arcade stick or hitbox? Understanding that you can compensate now is great, however you may find that the fightstick/hitbox allows you to incorporate wrist/elbow motions instead of relying on finger precision and timing.


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Took WoWo to the lab. Nothing extensive, just trying to understand some of her stuff.

The end result of my lab time, is that vs WoWo, it is never ever your turn, ever ever for any reason. D12 is negative and I should be able to take my turn unless you bash, then you're +2 unless you don't MB. The string that ends in the splatting Oh is +. The oh into the mid long range is +. Bash properly spaced doesn't seem punishable, but it is negative, but requires a read on MB or not. Shield toss ex is still negative.

I know there are ways around this stuff, but after looking at her tools and such and frame data, and I serious nwheb I say this.. how is she not top tier?

I know why you play her @New York Pizza , I got s very Karin-y vibe. Lots of mobility, safety and range, and you can convert any hit into SOMETHING.
I really HATE facing WoWo because she's so defensive and thats basically my style, so its hard to open her up with anything. She controls mid range like crazy. The only way to beat her is to have her come to you for the most part. Still trying to find my ways around that heffa too.


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I'm going to try and focus properly. I got caught up in trying to win and that's stupid, since I'm not going to beat someone who's got HUGE experience over me and hundreds upon hundreds of match and so on.

I need to have a goal before each set, something that I focus on and work towards during the set. I need to work on my defense and my approach/counter approach (Beetle makes a lot of characters come to him). Get used to blocking strings and trying to take my fucking turn, and get used to moving up and trying to work my way into the proper ranges, so I can try to figure out how you ever get to press a button without it ending in you being full combo punished. I know you CAN cause I watch my opponent do it.
Throws.Throws are the answer.When your opponent expects a counter-poke, throw them.When they start trying to tech the throw, neutral jump or f3.


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Small Entry. Played a very non-serious set with @AkioOf100 , It was just kind of messing around (I need to git gud and train, but I do want to enjoy myself) with Hellboy for both of us. I hadn't played him yet and Akio didn't have much experience on him either - I mean, he's new, so no one really does.

I am actually really happy with how it went. I actually took a handful of games, though def lost more than I won. I took one game in every 3 or so.. Now, these weren't serious. Akio wasn't buckling down and trying to take home Evo gold against my ass or anything, so I'm not reading anything special in to having done far better than I usually do. One game in three maybe shitty for some people, but I dont get one game in 30, so I'll fucking take what I can get. A lot of the set was just experimenting and scrambles and such.. But I felt comfortable. I was trying to make intelligent decisions and reads and working on reacting to what was going on, rather than trying to MAKE something happen, which is another bad habit of mine. I get an idea in my head and then try to force it.

I dont know Hellboy combos at all.. I mean, I *do* know them, in training mode.. but translating that to a real match isnt something I can do without dozens of hours of practice, so I was struggling to do any damage, but I was landing a lot of hits, keeping up a reasonable defense and taking my turn when it was actually time to do so. I am usually good in a scramble type situation and we had a lot of those happen since neither of us was really sure how some interactions would play out, lol.

Shrug. My over-all self confidence needs this sort of thing occasionally - but it really enforces what I need to work on.. Which is just defense/counter poking/taking my turn, and trying to HAVE a damn neutral. I feel like I can never hit a button in most matches, and thats because of my shit spacing, bad timing and general fuckups. A lot of which arent just my hands. Sometimes I just flat make mistakes. I dont commit for some reason. Sounds weird, but I dont. I have a bad tendency to not finish strings, and to not end them at all. I dont know why I do it. F23 as Beetle is a prime example here. I have a BAD habit of doing F23, then I hesitate to try to hitconfirm.. but if its blocked for some weird ass reason I wont bash.. Which is suicide.

What I need absolute most of all are games. More than any one specific thing, I just need to be ingame, playing matches. Secondly, I need to practice defense in general, and I need to work on purely fundamental shit, like finishing strings, intelligent spacing, reacting to the moment and making proper reads.

Not much else to say here, it wasnt a serious set and neither of us was playing a character we know much about - I was just extremely happy to be able to kind of keep up. It reminds me that I CAN. Like I am not possessed of some fundamental flaw that makes me a garbage fire at these games that can never be improved on. when overall knowledge and such is evened out, and I am comfortable, my reflexes and moment to moment decision making can keep up with better players.

Also, Hellboy is a lot of fun. Like way more than I anticipated. If his command grab were real he would be absolutely bonkers.
We had some really awesome games and your skill really showed, even if you didn't actually know much about the character (15 minute lab lord! xD). And that really says something. I'm proud of you, maybe pick up Hellboy as another character? :)