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My moveset ideas for possible DLC characters

Alignment: Evil Duh

A psychotic serial killer from Haddonfield, Illinois, Michael Myers lurks in the shadows, waiting for his next victim. After his death at the hands of his sister, Laurie Strode, he was resurrected by the malevolent Shang Tsung to act as a vanguard for Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm*. Little does the emperor know, Shang Tsung is plotting to take him out with the help of Michael himself but in reality, both seem to underestimate the power of this homicidal maniac.

Special moves:

Cut Throat: Michael swings his knife with enough force that it knocks his opponent backwards.
The Devil's Eyes: Michael grabs the opponent out of the air, breaks their spines over his knee and tosses them away.
Razor Edge: Michael throws his knife at the opponent.
Ariel Attack: Michael throws a knife overhead.
*Shotgun stab: Pulls a shotgun out of nowhere and uses it to impale the opponent.

Enhanced moves:

Slit Throat: Michael charges his knife into his opponent, stabbing them, and punches them straight off.
The Demon's Eye's: Same as The Devil's Eyes except it does more damage.
Cutting Edge: Michael throws multiple knives at the opponent.
Ariel Assault: Michael throws multiple knives into the air.
Shotgun Blast: After stabbing the opponent, Michael pulls the trigger on the gun to blast off the opponent.


Forward: Michael grabs the opponent by the throat, stabs them, then kicks them off.
Backwards: Michael stabs his opponent then tosses them overhead.

X-Ray move:

The Shape: Michael grabs the opponents neck with enough force that their tracheas break. While the helpless opponent is hold his or her neck, Michael stabs them dead-on, puncturing all vital organs as he scrapes his knife across their bodies and finishes them with a kick to the face so hard that it shatters their skulls.


The Night No One Came Home: Michael rips his opponents head off, cuts their chest open to stick the head in, and kicks the body backwards.
Trick or Treat: Michael slits the opponents body open, grabs some of the spilled guts, and strangles the opponent with enough force until their heads fall off.

Babality if they ever return:
Michael takes notice of a pumpkin and carves his face into it.


Standard: As he appears in the original film and it's sequels.
Alternate: His costume from the Rob Zombie remake.

Battle Intro:
As Michael walks onto the battlefield, he shows a head to his opponent right before dropping it onto his knife, slicing it in half. He then stands ready for the coming battle.

Win Pose:
As the camera zooms in on Michael, he tilts his head right before swinging his knife which causes it to spin sideways and makes the screen turn red as soon as it hits the ground.

Having underestimated the power of Haddonfield's notorious slasher, Shinnok's power and soul were absorbed into Michael Myers, making this serial killer more dangerous than ever before. Quan Chi attempted to restrain Michael only to be mutilated by his new-found power. After becoming the new emperor of Outworld, Michael turned his attention to the extermination of Earthrealm only to be stalled by Earth warriors lead by Laurie Strode who had been training under the watchful eye of Raiden. They engaged in kombat to determine the fate of the realms.

Brutalities, Character Intros, and variations I have no idea please post your own.

*Yeah I know there's a sequel to H20 but who cares, it wasn't that good to begin with
*I know this sounds crazy but Michael actually performs a kill like that in Halloween 4

Costume 1: His rebooted appearance

Costume 2: His appearance from the classic Halloween film (1978)

Michael Myers began killing people when he was ten years old. He killed a bully from his school, his mother's ex-boyfriend, and then both his sister and her boyfriend. He went to prison for 17 years for the murders but escaped on the night before Halloween. Now he is out to kill random people wherever he goes, especially on Halloween. He also had an obsession with Laurie Strode, who is his younger sister called Angel. Laurie tried to escape from him and with the help of Dr. Samuel Loomis, was able to shoot Michael to unconsciousness. when he was shot Unconscious by Samuel Loomis, his body was taken back to his prison but however, Shao Khan and his forces made a little visit and kill everybody in the prison, and all that awakened Michael Myers alive. He followed Shao Khan all the way back to Outworld where he heard about a tournament where you kill people once you defeat them, however that got Michael Myers interested and decided to enter the Mortal Kombat Tournament and kill everyone that gets in his way.

Special Moves:
*Knife Throw/Axe Throw: Michael Myers throws a butcher knife (or a fireman axe,) at his opponent.
*Killer Rush: He rushes towards his opponent with his shoulder.
*Tombstone: He throws a tombstone at his opponent.
*Stab Stab Stab: He lifts his opponent up in a chokehold anne stabs him/her in the stomach three times.
*Steel Bat: Michael Myers whacks his opponent with a baseball bat.

X-Ray Move:
Michael Myers punches his opponent in the face, fracturing the skull, then he does series of slashings with his butcher knife. Then he thrives the knife into the opponent's abdomen breaking it, pulls it out, and kicks the opponent into the face which again fractures the skull even more. He then gets out an untied coat hanger and throws it at the opponent's head and then grabs the opponent, takes the coat hanger out and throws the opponent to the other side, breaking both the skull and the ribcage.

Chest Pain: Michael picks up the opponent in a chokehold position and starts stabbing him/her in the chest multiple times. When Michael drops the opponent, before the opponent hits the ground, Michael slashes the opponent's throat, making a bloody mess resulting with the head falling off from it's body when it hits the ground.
Target Practice: Michael Myers starts throwing knives at the opponent's chest, after multiple knives goes through the opponent's chest, Michael throws a knife at the opponent's face and the opponent drops dead.

Baby Michael Myers gets out his knife and stabs the teddy bear in the chest, then he slices the teddy bear's head off and raises it up, making him giggle.

Battle Intro:
Michael Myers lands on the ground and he turns around, he gets out his knife and goes into fighting stance, only he grunts after going into a stance.

Winning Pose:
Michael Myers throws a knife at the screen which results it breaking the screen, then he gets another one and throws it to the screen again which breaks the other side of the screen and then he gets the last knife and throws it to the center of the screen violently breaking the center of the screen.


Despite Michael Myers winning the Mortal Kombat Tournament and killed Shao Kahn, he was no match for anybody that stands in his way. When Michael Myers was wandering around the Netherrealm, he encountered a sorcerer named Quan Chi and he impressed him. Quan Chi tried to make Michael Myers as his bodyguard, but however, Michael Myers Doesn't want to be at his side and Kills him with his own hands. After killing Quan Chi, Michael Myers becomes the lord of the Netherrealm and from this day on, nobody will stop the new lord Michael Myers.

* His 2nd Fatality (Target Practice) is similar to Reiko's fatality from Mortal Kombat 4.
* Like i did with Spawn, Michael Myers X-Ray Move is similar to Sprite Genius's Injustice Super Move.
Alignment: Evil

Costume 1: Candyman in his black trenchcoat as of the sequels

Costume 2: Candyman with a furred trenchcoat from the first movie

There is an urban legend revolving around a malicious spirit named Candyman. Those who say his name 5 times in a mirror witness and get gutted by him. Candyman was once a human in Earthrealm, during the days of American slavery. Originally named Daniel Robatille, he was a son of a slave who fell in love with a white woman and was caught by the oppressive slave masters. They punished him by severing his right hand and smearing his body with honey so that bees would come to sting him to death. After his death, his soul was dragged to the Netherrealm where he would then be resurrect by the malevolent sorcerer Quan Chi as his apprentice. Now an undead hellspawn with a hook as a replacement for his dismembered right hand, Candyman brings terror in the heart of mortals, especially those who believe in him.

Special Attacks:
*Bee-Sphere: Candyman shoots a ball composed of bees at his opponent.
*Candycrescent: He uses his hook to form a big purple glowing crescent by swinging it up. The crescent slowly charges toward the opponent until it hits him/her.
*Hook Up: This is how he uppercuts his opponent up into the air. He swoops up towards him/her by using his hook.
*Hook-Down: Candyman can parry by standing still whiles bees swarm around him. If the opponent hits, he disappears and reappears in the air swooping down towards his opponent.
*Ghostly Teleport: He teleports behind his opponent.

X-Ray Move:
Candyman jabs his hook into the opponent's chest, breaking the ribcage and piercing the heart. He then uses his hook again to slash his opponent in the face, fracturing the skull. Afterwards, he kicks him/her down to the ground.

*Buzzing Death: Candyman opens his trench coat and and summons bees from his ribcage to fly towards his opponent and cover him/her up. The bee-covered opponent screams in terror as the bees sting him/her everywhere. 5 seconds later, the bees fly off of the tortured opponent, who then becomes a skinless body and falls apart completely, and return to Candyman's ribcage.
*Be My Victim: Candyman jams his hook on top of his opponent's head, followed by an X-Ray animation of the hook piercing the brain, With the hook on his opponent's head, he pulls his hook toward himself, ripping the opponent's head off along with the spine. He shows the severed head on his hook with the spine dangling in the end.

Baby Candyman tries to pick up a bottle of milk with his hook but it doesn't work because the hook stabs the bottle and milk starts pouring out where the bottle was stabbed. He doesn't give a damn and decides to just drink the milk that pouring out of the damaged bottle.

Battle Intro:
A swarm of bees start flying into the battlefield to form a humanoid figure out of each other. Then the bee-covered figure transforms into Candyman. Candyman says, "Fear me."

Winning Pose:
Candyman says "In death, you will become legend." and opens his trench coat to release a swarm of bees all over the place.


Candyman has been serving both Quan Chi and Shinnok or years, but this time, he was about to find out the ugly truth behind his death. Quan Chi has admitted that back when Candyman was a mortal by the name of Daniel Robatille, he helped slave drivers find where he was hiding. Back in the 1800s, when Daniel was revealed to have fallen in love with Caroline, the daughter of a rich landowner, he became a target of plantation owners, Quan Chi appeared in Earthrealm during that time, disguised as a fully-covered wanderer. He came up to the lynch mob just as they finally caught Daniel. Quan Chi while in his disguise, persuaded the angry mob to torture him to death. Quan Chi wanted it to happen so that he can resurrect Daniel Robatille in the Netherrealm in his goal in creating an undead army for Shinnok's forces. Enraged that Quan Chi masterminded his gruesome torture, Candyman gutted the sorcerer to death and tore out all of his entrails and fed his soon-to-die body to a horde of bees. With Quan Chi dead, Candyman came out of his control. He still kills mortals in Earthrealm who summon him via the infamous "Candyman ritual", this time in his own accord.
Alignment Evil

from Hellraiser

Costume 1: What he always looks like throughout the Hellraiser franchise.

Costume 2: His supposed "remake" appearance from Revelations

Pinhead is the leader of a ghoulish race of torturous monsters known as cenobites. He and his kind travels around Earthrealm through Lemarchand's box to slaughter human beings in all kinds of gruesome ways. When hearing of another entity named Shao Kahn taking away souls, Pinhead was displeased with that and he and his cenobite legion wanted him dead for taking away souls of people that they would've tormented themselves. But Pinhead was given an opportunity from the sorceror Shang Tsung to participate in an ancient tournament in Outworld known as Mortal Kombat. By winning the tournament and defeating Shao Kahn, Pinhead and his cenobite army will once again be able to torture more souls.

Special moves:
*Chain Grapple: Much like Scorpions spear move, the grapple drags the opponent it hits and causes him/her to get close to Pinhead; great for combos
*Lemarchand's Box: Yes, he bashes his opponent's head with the puzzle box known as Lemarchand's box.
*Hooks: Yep, he's got some oversized hooks (they almost resemble Kabal's swords) and he uppercuts his opponent with them.
*Chain Trip: He whips his chains at his opponent's legs and trips him/her
*Pin: A projectile move involving Pinhead taking out one of his pins from his head and throws it at his opponent. He telekinetically brings the pin and puts it back on his head afterwards.

X-Ray Move:
Pinhead summons chains from different directions to pierce the opponent's arms and legs, also piercing the bones that support these limbs. Pinhead gets out one of his pins and jams it into his opponent's forehead, piercing the skull. Then he procees to stab his opponent's eyes with his other two pins. After all that, He removes the three pins from his opponent's face and puts them back on his head and the chains release the opponent.

*Chains of Hell: Pinhead summons a bunch of chains with hooks from that one puzzle box and they, along with more chains, start piercing his opponent all over his/her body. The chains then start to rip the opponent's body parts off, leaving nothing but blood and guts all over.
*We'll Tear Your Soul Apart: A three-option fatality; Pinhead changes the fatality stage into Hell (no, not Netherrealm. The Hellraiser Hell) and you get the following options to summon whom.
-Square/X Chatterer: Chatterer shows up at the scene and stabs the opponent's ears with the chained hooks he carries. After each ear hole was pierced by the hooks, Chatterer holds the chains and kicks the opponent into the ground, ripping his/her head off. Chatterer unhooks one ear hole while leaving the other one hooked and holds it up victoriously.
-Triangle/Y Butterball: Butterball gets close to the opponent with a sharp, bloody object and starts stabbing him/her to death.
-Circle/B The Female Cenobite: The female cenobite comes in with her weapons and slices the ooponent's arms off. She then rips the opponent's face off with said weapons, revealing a bloody meaty skinless face.

Baby Pinhead plays "Acupuncturist" with a rag doll. He takes pins out of his head and pins them on the doll that's lying on a table. Then he claps for some reason giggling.

Battle Intro:
Some random guy solves a puzzle box, summoning Pinhead. Pinhead and his Cenobite posse take the man who brought them there off-screen to torture him. Meanwhile Pinhead is in the battle saying to his opponent, "Shall We Begin?"

Winning Pose:
Pinhead positions at the screen and holds the solved puzzle box and it releases a bunch of chains, When one of the chains hit's the camera in the center, the screen goes black.


Pinhead has killed Shinnok and won the tournament, he unintentionally saved Earthrealm from near destruction. Although Raiden thanked him for winning the tournament, he still knew that Pinhead and the rest of his cenobite brethren were evil beings that make a living out of human brutality and torture, and that they need to be kept at bay. Displeased witth Raiden's decision, Pinhead and his cenobite minions took him to their dimension, to be slaughtered, mutilated and ripped to pieces by chains. Now they are free to continue their torment on the souls of Earthrealm without ever worrying about losing anymore victims to another unworldly tyrant like Shinnok.


Gunslinger since pre patch (sh/out to The Farmer)
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Mk X guest fighter Bowser

Alignment Evil

Orgin: super Mario bros
Bio: bowser is the king of the koopa empire he has ruled over for many years every month or so kidnaping princess peach only to be stoped again and again by Mario now bowser has been sent to outworld by his own request by kremeck to make sure he returns strong enough to defeat Mario once and for all
Voice actor: Scott burns (no joke he actually has one)

Commander: bowser isn't alone here he has many of his troops at his disposal. gains: chain chompa, lakitu drop off, koopa throw and kremeck spell

The king: bowser is more powerful than ever so beware gains: shell spin dash, ram, head-butt and dropkick

Brutal: bowser is angry now and want to vent his rage (if bowser is defeated in this variation he roars out in anger and his health bar jumps back up to 30%) gains: charge!, tear up, flames and chomp

Select screen: bowser laughs manically

Entrance 1: Bowser comes through a fire wall like in super smash bros
Entrance 2: Bowser dismisses two goomba's as he gets into a fighting stance

Ending: bowser had finally proven to himself that he was the most powerful but instead of returning to the mushroom kingdom bowser decided to conquer this world there were no heroes that could even stand to him and the bowser empire made its way into earthrealm

Commander moves:
Chain chompa: bowser grabs a chain and releases a chain chomp onto the field to wreck havoc (brutality) the chain chomp eats his opponent
Lakitu drop: lakitu drops spinys onto the field which bowser can throw (brutality) the spiny lodges in his opponent and they fall onto it
Koopa throw: a koopa troopa jumps into bowsers arm and gets thrown (brutality) the opponent is decapitated
Kremeck spell: bowser grabs a kremecks wand and casts a spell (brutality) his opponent becomes a puddle of there own blood and there eyes float up

The king moves:
Shell spin dash: bowser ducks inside his spell and spins towards his opponent (brutality) The opponents legs are taken clean off
Ram: bowser rams head first into his opponent (brutality) he gores his opponent on his horn like a bull
Head-butt: bowser head-butts his opponent (brutality) he smashes his opponents head in to bits
Dropkick: bowser dose a vertical dropkick (brutality) his legs go through there chest

Brutal moves:
Charge!: bowser just runs for his opponent with his shoulder (brutality) he goes through there middle
Tear up: bowser uses his claws (brutality) he turns his opponent into Swiss cheese
Flames: bowser exhales flames (brutality) he melts his opponent
Chomp: bowser bites his opponent (brutality) he eats them whole

Victory pose: the camera blacks out as a rip is heard then it zooms to bowsers castle and you see the opponents head on a pike

X ray: true power. bowser punches his opponent in the gut then slams them head first into the ground and then jumps onto there legs


Backside: bowser throws his opponent into the air goes into his shell and spins then they land on his spikes

inner bombings: bowser grabs his opponent forces there mouth open and launches a fireball into them walks away and they explode

(ideas by I still need more though)

Bowser: "A father and daughter team?"
Ferra/Torr: "Torr not Ferra's father!"
Bowser: "I wish my son was with me for this."

Bowser: "Prince Goro."
Goro: "There's only room for one giant here!"
Bowser: "I am the superior giant!"

(vs. Jason) "Are you Shy Guy or Bandit?"

Bowser: "A princess who can fend for herself?"
Kitana: "Like that isn't something you see anyday?"
Bowser: "Maybe you outta train Peach since she hates being kidnapped alot!"

Bowser: "I've heard you were disowned by your family."
Kung Jin: "I...really don't wish to talk about that."
Bowser: "At least I care about my kids."

Bowser: "Kung Fu Mario?"
Liu Kang: "No. I am Liu Kang"
Bowser: "Then your fireballs won't protect you from me!"

Bowser: "Not letting you come near my Koopalings."
Mileena: "Why? Afraid I might feast on them?"
Bowser: "No, because you might be a bad influence on them!"

Bowser: "You know, I can help bring your people back."
Reptile: "I hope I can trust you on this."
Bowser: "Perhaps you can serve as my apprentice?"

Bowser: "My fire's powerful than yours!"
Scorpion: "You take that back!"
Bowser: "Then bring it!"

Bowser: "There is only room for one evil ruler!"
Shinnok: "You're no more evil than I!"
Bowser: "Then it's time I prove you wrong!"


Cassie: "Oh hey there, Godzilla."
Cassie: "Whatever floats your boat."

Ferra/Torr: "Get lost, Turtle Dragon!"
Bowser: "I am a Koopa, imbecilic child!"
Ferra/Torr: "FERRA NOT CHILD!"

Goro: "I'm the strongest one in existence!"
Bowser: "I am ten times mightier then you, Shokan!"
Goro: "I'll crush you to prove myself!"

(vs. Jason) "How's about I hire you to kill the plumber for me."

Jax: "Ain't afraid of no fuckin' monsters!"
Bowser: "I'll smash your worthless robotic arms, human!"
Jax: "I'll make you think twice about it."

Kitana: "I'm not afraid to fight you!"
Bowser: "I'll find a way to kidnap you, princess of Edenia!"
Kitana: "You won't be able to!"

Kung Jin: "Another monster from Outworld?"
Bowser: "I'm not afraid of some sissy boy!"
King Jin: "Whoa, who are you calling a sissy?!?"

Reptile: "Bowser."
Bowser: "Finally, a lizard who's not like that plumber's happy-go-lucky companion!"
Reptile: "What plumber do you ssspeak of?"

Shinnok: "King Koopa."
Bowser: "Time to reduce you into mashed potatoes!"
Shinnok: "Unless I make you my slave."

Bowser: Cassie

Cassie: Didn't John beat you?

Bowser: Don't remind me...
Cassie: Oh hi.

Bowser: I'll knock you out

Cassie: Uh huh, yeah

D'vorah: Your flame burns us

Bowser: Thanks, freak.

D'vorah: Your life is forfeit.

Bowser: I don't trust you...

D'vorah: You should, Koopa King.

Bowser: I don't think so...

Ermac: Curious...

Bowser: I'll free your souls...

Ermac: Not this day...

Bowser: You still live?

Ermac: Magic binds me still...

Bowser: Okay...
Erron Black: You pay well?

Bowser: Yeah...

Erron Black: I'm in


Costumes Classic, Original, Dry Bowser, Giga Bowser (but normal sized)

Entrance He roars with a small bit of fire shooting from his mouth.

Round Winning Taunt He does an evil laugh.

Round Loss Stand Up He struggles then gets up normally.

Tag Team Exit He goes into his shell and spins offscreen.

Standard Victory Pose He claws at the air.

X-Ray He spins in his shell at the foe cracking their kneecaps then returns to normal and headbutts them breaking their skull.

Fatality 1 Heart Burn He breathes fire on the foe and as they struggle and burn he uses his claws to dig into their chest and rips out their heart and cooks it with fire breath as they fall dead.

Victory Pose He throws the heart into the air and hits it with a thrown hammer/mallet which explodes/splatters.

Fatality 2 Koopa King He punches the foe down to the ground then crushes their arms and legs just by stepping on them then he retracts into his shell and spins on their face grinding it away killing them.

Victory Pose He returns to his normal form and spots the massive blood stain on his stomach.

Babality He turns into Baby Bowser from Yoshi's Island then he immediately begins bossing around some Koopas and Goombas who appear to help him.

Friendship He spits fire onto the floor creating a campfire then he offers the foe an edible mushroom on a stick to roast.

Hara-Kiri Using a Bob-Omb he lights it and swallows it killing him from the inside.

Ending: Bowser's kingdom felt threatened by Shao Kahn's presence and Bowser had succeeded in killing his new enemy.

But instead of a feeling of triumph Bowser felt something else.

A feeling of confusion overcame him as he begun to understand this was what his enemy Mario had gone through hundreds of times though without the adventure ending in murder.

The Mushroom Kingdom had been threatened by Bowser leading to Mario going out of his way to protect it.

He no longer felt any hatred for Mario and his friends only understanding.

Bowser was overcome with the feeling of change.

Now that he understood what it feels like he would like to help Mario no matter what.
MKX guest fighter Stone Cold

Name: Stone Cold
Real Name: Steve Austin (I Wikipedia'd it it is his real name ohhh hell yeah)
Voice Actor: Stone Cold

Variations: (need help with these)
Select screen: Austin opens a beer
Entrance one: Stone cold rides his quad bike on screen
Entrance two: Glass shatters and Austin walks through it

Ending: with Shinnok's defeat on his mind Stone cold returned to WWE where he was given a heroes welcome by half of the locker room with rage against Triple H and the authority he and Dean Ambrose killed the authority and the WWE rebellion will now live forever

(space for moves and variations)

Victory pose: Austin stands over his opponent and says "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass" he then gets out two beers and breaks them over his head

X Ray: DTA Austin starts off by giving his opponent a lou thesz press breaking there skull he then stomps his opponents chests cracking there ribs and the flips the bird at them

Ultimate Stunner: stone cold kicks his opponent in the gut and rams there head into his shoulder he dose it with such power he removes there entire skeleton with blood flowing everywhere
You wanna a beer?: Austin offers his opponent some free beer they accept and Austin drives a beer truck on stage he then gets a beer hose and rams it into there mouth after a few seconds they inflate like a balloon and well they explode in a shower of blood and beer

Pre Battle quotes

Cassie Cage

Stone cold: you old enough to drink?
Cassie: yeah so what
Stone cold: then your old enough to get your ass whipped

Cassie: oh hey there Austin
Stone Cold: you seeking a fight?
Cassie: actually I was seeking a beer


Stone Cold: I must be drunk
D'Vorah: No you are not human
Stone cold: how can you tell?

D'Vorah: you will make a good father for my children
Stone cold: impregnate a bug no thanks
D'vorah: you have no choice


Stone Cold: any wrestlers in there
Ermac: not yet
Stone Cold: you wont being getting my soul

Ermac: the texas rattlesnake
Stonecold: You wanna know why I am called it?
Ermac: it dose not matter

Erron Black
Stone cold: Someone have have a bounty on my head
Erron: yeah and he is straight edge
Stone cold: stupid punk

Erron: go back to Texas
Stone cold: not until im done here
Erron: then I will kill you


Stone cold: yup im going crazy a midget on a
Ferra: you shut up about we
Stone cold: I prefer to fight anyway

Ferra: Beer Man
Stone Cold: sorry kid your not old enough
Ferra: Ferra not kid!


Stone cold: you would make one hell of a wrestler
Goro: I prefer fights to the death
Stone cold: to each there own

Goro: Steve Austin
Stone cold: lets go goro
Goro: as you wish


Stone Cold: getting to old for this?
Jax: you could say that
Stone cold: don't worry i'll retire you

Jax: I could be a wrestler
Stone cold: just get rid of the metal arms
Jax: I cant there a part of me

Jacqui Briggs

Stone cold: you'd make an excellent diva
Jacqui: thanks but I will pass
Stone Cold: cant say I blame you

Jacqui: Briggs 3:16
Stone cold: don't your dare
Jacqui: says I just stole your catchphrase


Stone cold: Eh your overrated jason
Jason: .....

Jason: .....
Stone cold: hockey sucks Jason get a real mask!

Johnny cage

Stone cold: i'm going to cause some damage
Johnny: oh nice that's one of your films
Stone cold: I Hunt to kill

Johnny: You gonna need maximum Conviction
Stone cold: really mr cage naming a film im in
Johnny: I wanted to taunt the players


Stone cold: are you a lost bushwacker?
Kano: there form new zealand
Stone cold: all Australians sound the same to me

Kano: I need a beer
Stone cold: let me guess a fosters?
Kano: nope a Budweiser


stone cold: I don't want to hit a blind man
kenshi: I am afraid you must
stone cold: fine then

kenshi: stone cold Steve austin
stonecold: that's just stone cold to you
Kenshi: like that matters now


stone cold: Stephanie McMahon?
kitana: you mistake me for that woman?
stone cold: you sure have her attitude

(I need help here now please anyone)
Mk X Dlc Yami Yugi

Alignment Good/Neutral Due to the fact that he is or was a pharoah and owned slaves
Name: Yami Yugi

Real Name: Atem (I think that's it anyway)

Universe he's from: Yugioh (well no)

Voice Actor: Shunsuke Kazama

Variations and moves
(ideas open I have no ideas)

Select Screen: Yami readies his duel disk
Entrance 1: Yugi walks out of a mystic box with dark magician by his side
Entrance 2: yugi summons dark magcian

Ending: (narrated by yugi) I have never seen battle quite like this before but my monster cards defended me with all they had and I am grateful using the millennium items together I managed to improve my deck with some of the warriors now if domino city is ever threatened again I will be ready

X Ray: Dark magic Assault, Yugi plays dark magician and dark magician girl and mystic box first dark magician girl hits the opponent around the head with her staff then pushes them into the box which gets stabbed by swords and there still in it then dark magician uses dark magic attack on them causeing a shockwave through there body

Exodia: yugi draws 5 cards and plays them and there are exodia the forbidden one who promptly obliterates after a slow zoom on there look of shock
The Egyptian gods: yugi summons the 3 Egyptian god cards the winged dragon of ra, slyyther the sky dragon and obelisk the tormentor (please correct me if I am wrong) which lay waste to the opponent slyyther squeeze them as ra burns them and obelisk just restrains them

Yami yugi quotes

Cassie cage
Yugi: you look like mai
Cassie: im no harpie lady
Yugi: well played

Cassie: hey yugi
Yugi: miss cage
Cassie: enough with formalities lets duel


Yugi: did wevill summon you?
D'Vorah: who is weevill
Yugi: a bug duelist

D'Vorah: Yami yugi
Yugi: insect queen
D'vorah: you will pay for that


Yugi: your not from this world
Ermac: nither are you pharaoh
Yugi: at last some respect

Ermac: prince atem
Yugi: it's just yami
Ermac: I know my liege

Erron black

Yugi: a shadow rider?
Erron: how do you ride a shadow?
Yugi: good point

Erron: the pharaoh
Yugi: you sound like marik
Erron: I heard off that battle


Yugi: what sort of monster
Ferra: we not monster
Yugi: that's a matter of opinion

Ferra: Sand man!
yugi: talking about Egypt
Ferra: you shut mouth!


Yugi; a battle of princes
Goro: Egypt vs shao khan
Yugi: then lets go

goro: yugi
Yugi: gate guardian
Goro: im the guardian of no gate


Yugi: bandit keith?
Jax: Whos that?
Yugi: a patriot

Jax: think I've seen a ghost
Yugi: just a spirit
Jax: what ever you say

Jacqui briggs

Yugi: miss briggs
Jacqui: yugi moto
Yugi: im yami

Jacqui: you have dark magician
Yugi: yes why do ask that?
Jacqui: because I love that card!


Yugi: masked choppa?
Jason: .....
Yugi: I will dystroy you

Jason: ....
Yugi: Strong and silent
Jason: .....

Johnny Cage

Yugi: John Cluade Magnum?
Johnny: Actually Johnny Cage
Yugi: then i'll make it nightmare

Johnny: the king of games!
Yugi: a title you intend to take?
Johnny: nope not really


Yugi: vallen?
Kano: you what now?
Yugi; so your not him

Kano: where should I cut you?
Yugi: your sick and twisted
Kano: what ya gonna do send me to the shadow realm?


Yugi: no mellenium necklace
Kenshi: I have physic powers
Yugi: a magic swordsman

Kenshi: Yami yugi
Yugi: what is it kenshi?
Kenshi: I wish to duel you


Yugi: mana is that you?
Kitanna: no.... I am a princess
Yugi: I see never mind

Kitanna: so its yugi moto
Yugi: yes princess of edenia
Kitanna: lets us do battle

Kotal Khan

Yugi: your not a fair ruler
Kotal: and why do you care
Yugi: because I to am a ruler

Kotal: Pharoah attem
Yugi: Your knowledge impresses me sun god
Kotal: now we will duel

Kung jin
Yugi: your skills impress me
Jin: thanks yugi
Yugi: lets see them in action

Jin: woah yugi moto
Yugi: you know of my host body?
Jin: yep and your yami

Liu kang

Yugi: the first champion
Kang: the king of games
Yugi: lets duel kang!

Kang: yami yugi
Yugi: that's right!
Kang: prepare to face my dragon form


Yugi: and I thought bones was ugly
Melina: is that a crack?
Yugi: I suppose so

Melina: seen tea lately?
Yugi: yeah so....
Melina: ill do her for afters


Yugi: an alien card?
Perdator: (clicks)
Yugi: right.....

Predator: (growls)
Yugi: better use my strongest cards
Predator: (clicks)

Quan chi

Yugi: didn't I send you to the shadow realm?
Quan: no you did not
Yugi: well I will now

Quan: no shadow games?
Yugi: im not like that
Quan: you don't need to lie


Yugi: the immortal of thunder
Raiden: something like that card
Yugi: bring it on Raiden!

Raiden: only two men beat you fairly
Yugi: Raphael and yugi
Raiden: yes I shall add my name to that list


Yugi: Gigagago?
Reptile: you think me a card?
Yugi: you just resemble it

Reptile: your puzzle wont save you from me
Yugi: I have my monsters
Reptile: I will destroy them as well


Yugi: a fire wrath
Scorpion: the pharaoh
Yugi: and now we duel

Scorpion: dark magic has no effect on me
Yugi: lets test that
Scorpion: its your funeral

Sonya blade

Yugi: general blade
Sonya: i'll play your game
Yugi: perhaps not you best choice of words

Sonya: it dosent have to be like this
Yugi: I agree be we have no choice
Sonya: then lets do this quick


Yugi: ahh a frozen ninja
Sub-zero: you feel the chill
Yugi: crump gave a bigger one

Sub-zero: yugi moto
Yugi: and what is it that you want
Sub zero: a duel right now


Yugi: strike ninja?
Tak: you compared me to a card cool
Yugi: and now you've lost some respect

Tak: woah dark magician
Yugi: aye and you face it
Tak: dream come true


Yugi: Join me Tanya
Tanya: do I get a millennium item?
Yugi: no

Tanya: yugi moto
Yugi: aren't your a supposed traitor
Tanya: yep at least you said supposed


Yugi: you can make fissures
Tremor: yes as can you
Yugi: with a card yes

Tremor: ahhh yugi moto
Yugi: tremor what is it
Yugi: I will bury you in earth

mirror match

Yugi 1: little yugi is that you
yugi 2: no I am you
yugi 1: ok this is just wierd

Yugi 1: like that time in the seal
yugi 2: don't bring that up
yugi 1: had to because I will win again
Full name: Joseph Peter Lowes (yes that is my real name)
Name: Joe
Race: Werewolf
Voice actor: Bryan Cranston/ Me

Cursed: Sacrifice life for power (this variation has the most power but has the least health) gains: dark claw, dark magic, shadow warp and soul rend
Moonborn: The moon is within his blood now so watch out gains: Howl, Lunge, ravage and wild fury
Hunter: A true hunter awakens and his opponent is his next victim gains: Bite, spread gift and intestine rip

Select screen: Joe mealy glares at his opponent

Entrance one: Joe throws a body turning into a werewolf aside as he sees his opponent
Entrance two: The camera pans to Joe's sharp claws then his maw

Ending: Joe knew kitanna biting her turned her into something more than a werewolf joe found his queen for his werewolf army Joe and kitanna would both turn the other combatants into werewolf warriors who were loyal to them and soon all realms would bow to them

Cursed moves: Dark claw: using dark energy from the curse joe slashes the opponent across there chest (brutality) Joe rips his opponents heart out. Dark magic: joe throws a magic bolt at his opponent at his opponent (brutality) Joe's opponent melts. Shadow warp: Joe leaps into shadows and then grabs his opponent (brutaility) Joe drags them into the shadow realm (yes I am a fan of yugioh) Soul rend: joe grabs his opponent and damages there soul by glaring into there eyes (brutality) Joe extracts there souls and places it in a jar which he puts in his pocket

Hunter moves: Howl: Joe releases a wolf howl that can lift his opponent (brutality) Joes opponents head explodes. Lunge: joe pounces for his opponent with his claws (brutality) joe gos straight through his opponent and comes out the other side covered in blood. Ravage: joe pins his opponent down and start pummelling them (brutality) joe rips his opponents leg off and if you know quan chi you know what happens next.
Wild fury: Joe claws his opponent a lot (brutality) joe rips off the arms and legs of his opponent

Hunter moves: Bite: joe bites his opponent (duh) (brutality) he rips out there throat. spread gift: Joe grabs his opponents and bites there arm (brutality) his opponent turns into a werewolf version of them self. intestine rip: joe claws his opponents stomach (brutality) guess what happens genius

Victory pose: joe stands over his down opponent and howls to a full moon

X ray: curse of the wolf: joe start by dropkicking his opponent in the head downing them and breaking there skull then a kick to the face fallowed by a bite to the shoulder

bleed it out: joe grabs his opponent and cuts a face into there body then he leaves them to bleed to death
Deadly embrace: joe bearhugs his opponent his claws dig into there back and he rips out his opponents ribcage

Pre battle quotes


Joe: Little miss cage
Cassie: Big bad wolf
Joe: I'm no fairy tale

Cassie: Joe lets talk as humans
Joe: I lost that form long ago
Cassie: guess I have to put you down


Joe: Lady d'vorah
D'vorah: the hive Is ready joe
Joe: then try me

D'vorah: Joseph lowes
Joe: your going to pay for that remark
D'vorah: I doubt that sincerely


Joe: error macros
Ermac: You know my origins
Joe: yes you were a glitch

Ermac: lowes
Joe: Ermac what is it
Ermac: I need a strong soul like yours

Erron black
Joe: cowboy vs werewolf
Black: I have silver bullets
Joe: I wont let you use them

Black: the werewolf king
Joe: you will become a subject of mine
Black: not if I can help it


Joe: a rider and brute
Ferra: we unstoppable team
Joe: well prepare to be stopped

Ferra: wolfman!
Joe: mini bits
Ferra: crush him torr


Joe: Prince Goro
Goro: the werewolf king
Joe: prepare for a royal battle

Goro: Joe!
Joe: goro
Goro: lets us do battle


Joe: Major Jaxon briggs
Jax: retired now boy
Joe: lets get you a new job then

Jax: I'm to old for this werewolf
Joe: whats the matter old man afraid
Jax: not now

Jacqui Briggs

Joe: you would make a fine wolf
Jacqui: charmed but no
Joe: wasn't asking your opinion

Jacqui: whos side are you on Joe?
Joe: nobodys I work for myself
Jacqui: then your an enemy

Joe: Crystal lake killer
Jason: ....
Joe: silent but deadly

Jason: .....
Joe: I'll stare you down Jason
Jason: .....

Johnny cage

Joe: im going to kill you
Cage: your going in the movies i make
Joe: silence fool

Cage: im making a horror movie and i need a wolfman
Joe: very funny cage
Cage: your so serious


Joe: Bring it kano
Kano: sure thing lowes
Joe: this wont take long

Kano: i need a new loin cloth
Joe: you monster
Kano: heh your going to be it


Joe: sentsu is a powerful weapon
Kenshi: it takes a powerful person to wield it
Joe: i am one such person

Kenshi: the wolf spirit is strong
Joe: it is and you will face it
Kenshi: hold nothing back joe


Joe: i don't want to hurt you
Kitanna: well you have to
Joe: im sorry my love

Kitanna: we meat again joe
Joe: yes kitanna in a fight
Kitanna: maybe we were just never ment to be

Kotal khan

Joe: the false emperor
Kotal: you will suffer dearly for that
Joe: i doubt it

Kotal: join me werewolf
Joe: never i have my own people to look after
Kotal: then there next to be killed

Kung jin

Joe: a magic bow staff
Jin: yes im glad someone see it like that
Joe: i shall have it as a trophy

Jin: never saw a werewolf before
Joe: perhaps you would like to be one
Jin: no thanks joe

Liu kang

Joe: the first champion
Kang: The werewolf king
Joe: time for a battle of titans

Kang: joe lowes
Joe: Liu kang
Kang: lets go all ready


Joe: i will kill you clone
Mileena: No you wont
Joe: kitanna will be safe

Mileena: werewolf fangs are so powerful
Joe: do i detect jealousy
Mileena: a lttle bit

Joe: the Predator
Preadator: (clicks)
Joe: bring it alien

Predator: (growls)
Joe: haven't seen a werewolf before?
Predator: (clicks)

Quan chi

Joe: you will be my servant
Quan: unless you become mine first
Joe: i wont

Quan: so the werewolf
Joe: this is for nightwolf
Quan: bring it wolf


Joe: the thunder god
Raiden: the king of wolfs
Joe: you will soon become one

Raiden: joe why are you here
Joe: i need a new army
Raiden: i wont join it


Joe: a zateran
Reptile: a werewolf
Joe: lets do battle reptile

Reptile: wolf king
Joe: the last zateran
Reptile: not for much longer


Joe: hazo hasashi
Scorpion: Joe lowes
Joe: lets go scorpion

Scorpion: i know the pain your in
Joe: your protecting your pepole
Scorpion: yes as are you


Joe: general sonya
Sonya: the so called king
Joe: harsh my soon to be subject

Sonya: joe come back to me in human form
Joe: i do not have a human form
Sonya: then i'll have to kill you


Joe: i have a thick fur
Sub-zero: wont protect you from chiromancy
Joe: We will see

Sub-zero: ill freeze you werewolf
Joe: you can try
Sub-zero: I'll do more than try


Joe: Takeda
Takeda: My lord?
Joe: at last some respect from a human

Takeda: You fighting vampires?
Joe: don't not associate me with that!
Takeda: sorry couldn't help it


Joe: want to be a werewolf
Tanya: no i only serve melina
Joe: im afraid you don't have a choice

Tanya: king joe of the werewolfs
Joe: Tanya the traitor
Tanya: judgemental are we?


Joe: Earth shapeing
Tremor: that is right
Joe: lets see if i can beat you

Tremor: joe
Joe: tremor
Tremor: lets fight

Mirror match
Joe 1: well this is odd
Joe 2: your telling me
Joe 1: Lets get on with this

Joe 1: hey good lookin
Joe 2: your flattering yourself
Joe 1: that's the plan

Alignment good anti hero
Mk x guest fighter Sly Cooper

Alignment Good/Neutral due to the fact that he's a thief

Name: Sly Cooper
Real Name: Sly Cooper
Universe he's from: Sly cooper
Voice actor: Ian James Corlett
Sly wears his pirate disguise from Dead man tells no tales(and specks in an over emphasised pirate voice) gains cannon blast, hook and pirate's wrath the variation replaces sly's cane with a hook giving him much less reach but more power
Master theif
Sly has his signature get up from the sly series gains flashbang, wack em, Bentleys bomb and the murry
Master ninja
Sly takes inspiration from rioichi cooper and wears a ninja version of his get up gains shuriken, samurai blade and spire crash
Select screen: Sly is leaning on his cane but jumps up when he is selected
Entrance 1: like jacqui brigs sly parachutes onto the battle field the difference is his disappears after use
Entrance 2: Sly Readies' his cane by spinning it in his hand
Pirate entrance 1: A pirate ship appears out of no where sly jumps off it and it disappears
Pirate entrance 2: Sly is flying a pirate flag and drops it when he see his opponent readying his hook
Ending "narrated by sly" Well I don't know how I got here but I do know one thing everyone is liking that I killed that shinnok still a few want me to join there forces. haha like I would do that this thing I took from shinnok has a lot of power so I will destroy it don't know if I can get home to Bentley and murry but this sort of power should be kept from anyone but me.

Pirate moves:
Cannon blast: sly gets a cannon from a pirate ship out from goodness knows where to blast his opponent. Brutality the opponent gets a giant hole right through there middle
Hook: Sly slashes with his hook not much else to say Brutality he rips out his opponents intestines
Pirates wrath: Sly shouts Get them guru as a huge tentacle crushes his opponent Brutality the tentacle grabs the opponent and crusher from sly 3 comes up from the stage to eat his opponent

Master thief moves:
Flashbang: sly drops a flash bang then hits his opponent brutality the flash bang melts his opponents eyes
Wack em: sly wack his opponent with his cane several times brutality the last one separates his opponents lower body at the groin
Bentleys bomb: sly throws a bomb at his opponent which promptly blows up brutality the opponent is obliterated as sly says I think I over did that
The murry: Sly trips his opponent for them to be thunder flopped by murry brutality the opponent explodes in a mound of blood only leavening there head and legs

Master ninja moves:
shuriken: sly throws a shuriken at his opponent brutality it gets lodged in there brain
samurai blade: Sly uses a samurai sword to slash the opponent brutality he slices the opponent in half with the blade
spire crash: Sly leaps high and lands on his opponents head brutality he crashes through the head and down his opponents body
Victory pose: sly leaves his calling card on his downed opponent and leaves
X ray Escape artist: Sly drops a smoke bomb goes round his opponent to lodge his cane in there back breaking there spine then tosses them over his head breaking theres
Van ram: Sly jumps off stage for a moment to get his gangs van to ram his opponent covering the bumper in blood
With a little help: Carmalita shows up to zap sly but gets his opponent instead then sly rips out the heart of the shocked opponent looks up to carmalita and says thanks for the help as she disappears
Sly quotes

Cassie cage
Sly: so you ready
Cassie: ready to catch a thief
Sly: Why do I never met anyone nice

Cassie: Ringtail
Sly: hey only carmlita gets to call me that
Cassie: not like that matters now


Sly: I though the Haiti swamp was bad
D'vorah: What do you mean thief
Sly: never mind

D'vorah: the hive will feast on you
Sly: I'm gonna pretend I dident hear that
D'vorah: then pretend to fight

Sly: I've battle supernatural before
Ermac: I can sense that
Sly: Yep time to do some ghost hunting

Ermac: sly cooper
Sly: That's me ghost
Ermac: you will pay for you insolence

Erron black
Sly: You remind me of bison
Black: im no lumberjack
Sly: im supprised you knew who I was talking about

Black: I liked tennese kid
Sly: thanks that's my ancestor
Black: Lets see if your as good as him

Sly: now I've seen everything
Ferra: hey raccoon boy
Sly: ok time for some fun

Ferra: Raccoon!
Sly: The names sly little girl
Ferra: Ferra not little girl

Sly: four arms cool
goro: shall we test them
Sly: sure why not

Goro: Sly Cooper!
Sly: a proud prince
Goro: a shall give you a good fight

Sly: damn murry could box with you
Jax: might take you up on that offer
Sly: i'll test you first

Jax: never could beat clockwork
Sly: not my problem
Jax: you know it is now

Jacqui brigs
Sly: heh you ready
Jacqui: always am sly
Sly: then lets go

Jacqui: I always liked your heists
Sly: thanks kid
Jacqui: I want to see if as good as you

Sly: Cane vs machete
Jason: ......
Sly: Cane will win

Jason: .....
Sly: time to save a lake
Jason: .....

Johnny cage
Sly: as arogent as dimtri
Johnny: at least I don't scuba dive
Sly: Touché

Johnny: You ready cooper
Sly: ready for another fight
Johnny: no your movie

Sly: the mask of dark earth
Kano: nope just some tech
Sly: what ever it is it cant be good

Kano: Raccoon
Sly: it's like being back in the outback
Kano: only thing theres no dingos

Sly: as blind as a bat
Kenshi: but more skilled
Sly: we'll see

Kenshi: you have an Asian ancestor
Sly: yeah rioichi
Kenshi: Lets see if you take after him

Sly: pretty little princess
Kitanna: I have no interest in thieves
Sly: i'll change that

Kitanna: what do you want
Sly: wow your rude
Kitanna: It's the only way to talk to a thief

Kotal Khan
Sly: another brutal dictator
Kotal: you met another one
Sly: yeah in china

Kotal: A thief
Sly: I more than that
Kotal: We will see

Kung jin
Sly: jin?
Kung jin: yeah what
Sly: just seeing if your using a clockwork part in that bow

Kung jin: didn't you have a archer costume
Sly: yeah but that was in medieval times
Kung jin: I know all about that

Kung lao
Sly: mind if Bentley has a look at your hat
Kung lao: over my dead body
Sly: ok then

kung Lao: sly cooper
sly: you want to test yourself?
kung Lao: I want to se if your like rioichi

Liu kang
Sly: General tsao?
Kang: no I am no chicken
Sly: you can still control a dragon

Kang: a thief
Sly: not just a thief
Kang: I will end you

Sly: crocodile jaw
mileena: and as deadly
Sly: that's what mz ruby said

Mileena: you look tasty
Sly: you wont get a taste
mileena: ohhh i will

Sly: ohh damn
Predator: (clicks)
Sly: if only you had an English translator

Predator: (Growls)
Sly: wonder if could steal your tech
Predator: (Clicks)

Quan chi
Sly: your magic reminds me of mz ruby
Quan: except I shall kill you
Sly: I don't think so

Quan: The legendary sly cooper
Sly: Legendary is right
Quan: I shall annihilate you

Sly: a god of thunder
Raiden: Sly cooper
Sly: lets go!

Raiden: you were brought here for a reason
Sly: to save this world
Raiden: No to be stopped

Sly: Dimitri?
Reptile: I am no dancer
Sly: then lets throw down

Reptile: a raccoon
Sly: a lizard
Reptile: you will pay for that remark

Sly: hanzo hashi
Scorpion: sly cooper
Sly: a duel of clans

Scorpion: the cooper family legacy
Sly: the ninja prodigy
Scorpion: I am no longer a child

Sly: do you know who I am?
Sonya: I played your games
Sly: wont prepare you for this

Sonya: Ringtail
Sly: just like camralita
Sonya: Only much worse

Sub zero
Sly: reminds me when I was in the stone age
Sub zero: no furs to protect you now though
Sly: I still have my cane

Sub zero: are you ready to feel the chill?
Sly: always am
Sub zero: good

Sly: you a fanboy?
Takeda: admititly yes
Sly: then i'll give you the full experience

Takeda: wow sly cooper
Sly: you ready tak
Takeda: yes I am

Sly: Neyla
Tanya: I'm not that big of a traitor
Sly: I don't care

Tanya: I'll make sure this is quick
Sly: You wont get away with this
Tanya: ohh I will

Sly: is that the dream time magic?
Tremor: I do not know what you are talking about
Sly: then ill have to beat you

Tremor: you have many allies
Sly: I'm alone now
tremor: Last mistake

Mirror match

Sly 1: this is wierd
Sly 2: one of us is fake
Sly 1: Then the fake will die

Sly 1: So why don't we do crime together?
Sly 2: because that would be wierd
Sly 1: ohh well I tried

Note from me hey if you want to make a request for me to do one I will but you must fill in the famous intro
Hey i'm grump
Name: Joe
Race: Lycanthrope (Werewolf)
Allegiance: Good (Anti Hero)

Bio: Joe was born under the glare of a full moon in a wolf pack and was raised by them. Trained in combat and the Lycan power Joe was soon hunting with the wolfs. Joe joined the mortal kombat tournament because Quan-Chi and Shang Tsung killed his wolf family. Joe often seeks solitude with Nightwolf who he trusts because although the latter didn't know they were brothers. Joe often rushes to the aid of Kitanna because he loves her and wants her to be his queen for Joe is the Arch-Lycanthrope and wants to free Outworld from Shao-Khan
Intro: I pounce onto the stage and roar out "the hunt begins"
Outro: I laugh as I bite my opponent Turning them into a werewolf form of themself
Fighting Style: Joe Focuses on brutal strikes but can also fight well at range His Deadly Claws make his close combat attacks Extra strong his X-ray Involves Him pouncing towards hid opponent Clawing them in the head, then lunging both claws into their chest and finishes with a slash to the legs

Fatalities: First one is called hunters fury: Joe Claws his opponent in their chest then slashes upwards slicing them in half. Second Fatality is Arm for an Arm for a leg for a leg: Joe Rips His Opponents Limbs Off and then Grabs There head lifting them up

Ending: Defeating Shao-Khan Gave Joe new powers he would soon have Quan-chi under his control as a werewolf he would kill Shang Tsung soon enough after all Joe was his master and it was now his duty to serve him and with his new queen Kitanna they would soon have every thing living in outworld become a werewolf and Joe's Reign Would be a peaceful and Untroubled one

Hi if you want you own Mk 9 OC just send me a note please giving a brief explanation of what your character is like what you want for fatalities, x-ray and ending. I'm using a mk 9 base because I have no idea on variations so please give me your ideas and I'll be back with your character
Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal games

Alignment evil


Needles Kane, more known as "Sweet Tooth", spreads destruction and desolation, in both his infamous ice cream truck and on foot. Winning the equally infamous "Twisted Metal contest of car combat held by Calypso, Sweet Tooth had wished for a change of pace. To be sent to a place where violence is everywhere, with victims who could put up a good struggle and be able to inflict so much of it. He got his wish, being sent with his ice cream truck... To Outworld.

Normal Costume-

His "Twisted Metal (2012)" appearance, only more detailed.


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Sweet Tooth punches the opponent in the face and sticks a remote bomb on their stomach, which explodes, sending them back.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Sweet Tooth punches the opponent in the face and sticks a remote bomb on their back, moving them behind him as it explodes, sending them face first.


Old Man's Curse: Adds Burning Pain ability, Sweet Tooth looks normal.
Tasty Treat: Adds unique attacks utilizing Chainsaw, Sweet Tooth has a chainsaw in a holster on his waist which he uses during combos.
Deathmatch: Adds Freeze Burst, Homing Missile and Napalm Drop, Sweet Tooth has a small remote on his waist belt that he uses when he does the moves.

Special Moves-

Machete Swing: Sweet Tooth swings around his machete in a circle, knocking the opponent back to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Machete Twister", Sweet Tooth moves towards the opponent as he spins, doing more damage..)
Machete Grab: Sweet Tooth reaches out to the opponent, stabbing them in the chest before kicking them away. (Enhanced Version is called "Machete Throw", after Sweet Tooth stabs the opponent, he throws them off of the blade into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Machete Uppercut: Sweet Tooth jumps up, swinging his Machete upwards, knocking the opponent into the air. (Enhanced Version is called "Machete Liftoff", it's faster and does more damage.)
Sawed-Off Shotgun Blast- Sweet Tooth fires a round from his sawn-off shotgun at the opponent, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Sawed-Off Shotgun Blasts", fires both rounds, juggling the opponent in the air a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Mine- Sweet Tooth throws a land mine out in front of him, which explodes upon the opponent touching it or if left untouched long enough. There are close, medium and far variants of the move (Enhanced Version is called "Charged Mine", does more damage.)
Burning Pain (Only can be done in "Old Man's Curse" variation): The flames on Sweet Tooth's head burn up more, making him scream, losing a bit of health, but gains a damage increase for a short while. (Enhanced Version is called "Burning Pain and Gain", Sweet Tooth doesn't lose as much health.)
Freeze Burst (Only can be done in "Deathmatch" variation): Sweet Tooth presses a button on his remote, making his ice cream truck fire a ice blast towards the opponent, freezing them in place. (Enhanced Version is called "Frozen Burst", it lasts longer and does a small bit of damage.)
Homing Missile (Only can be done in "Deathmatch" variation): Sweet Tooth presses a button on his remote, making his ice cream truck fire a homing missile which locks onto the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Homing Death", fires two instead of one homing missiles.)
Napalm Drop (Only can be done in "Deathmatch" variation): Sweet Tooth presses a button on his remote, making his ice cream truck send out a gas container which drops down onto the battlefield. Can be dropped earlier with some splash damage. (Enhanced Version is called "Napalm Strike", the explosion is bigger and does more damage.)

X-Ray Move-

Shut Up and Bleed!: Sweet Tooth takes out a remote and presses a button which sends out, from his Ice Cream Truck, a Power Missile. If it hits the opponent, it sends them to the ground in pain before Sweet Tooth drives over them in his ice cream truck, running over their back, breaking their spine and back before they try crawling away before Sweet Tooth appears, slamming down his machete into their left shoulder, cutting and breaking the shoulder blade in two before throwing them down to the ground..


Choose Your Flavor: Sweet Tooth slices the opponent's stomach with his machete, entrails falling out as Sweet Tooth holds them by the head with his free hand before starting to chop away at their neck with the machete. After two attempts, Sweet Tooth finally gets the head off, taking out a big ice cream cone as the headless corpse falls over and puts the head on the cone and shows the bloody treat to the camera.
Look Both Ways: Sweet Tooth takes out a sawnoff shotgun and shoots the opponent in the kneecap, dropping them to the ground as he walks away, only for the ice cream truck's laughter to be heard as said vehicle speeds by, hitting the opponent who flips over it onto the ground, broken up in pain, only for Sweet Tooth to back up, running the opponent's head and legs over, crushing it as Sweet Tooth pops out the side window.

Voice Actor-

J.S. Gilbert

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Sweet Tooth takes out a remote control and starts playing around with it, turns out he's controlling a little RC car version of his ice cream truck and gives a baby version of his laugh at this.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Sweet Tooth turns into a giant caterpillar with his head, grinning and laughing as he grabs the opponent, maiming and mauling the opponent to pieces before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Sweet Tooth goes into his ice cream truck, only to bring out to the opponent a big sundae, which they accept and begin to eat.


Metro Square: One of the levels from TM2012, both fighters fight on a bridge overlooking the square and smaller areas (Such as the toy store, book store, etc) as a TM contest goes on in the background, with cameos from various vehicles from the game driving by and blowing up shit, including a Mobile Nuclear Missile Launcher and the massive Dolls statue. There is some parts of the ledge and the walls of the buildings connecting the bridge you can jump off for leverage and even when a Talon helicopter by, you can use it's turrent gun to fire at the opponent. The stage fatality is grabbing the opponent and dropping them off the ledge of the bridge and onto the nuclear missile launcher that happens tp pass by,seemingly sparing the opponent before the nuke they landed on is activated, resulting in it getting fired, with them on it, right at the Doll's Statue, blowing it up and killing the opponent.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Sweet Tooth gets out of his ice cream truck, machete in hand, then moves his machete around his hands.

Sweet Tooth: Look at you.
Scorpion: You don't scare me clown.
Sweet Tooth: Then come here and prove it.

Sweet Tooth: What you gonna do frosty?.
Sub-Zero: Feel your cold death.
Sweet Tooth: Ladies first...

Sweet Tooth: Hello blondie...
Cassie Cage: Look who escaped from the loony bin.
Sweet Tooth: Yes i have!

Sweet Tooth: Look at the Itsy Bitsy Spider...
D'Vorah: Gonna resort to name calling?
Sweet Tooth: And more you bug bitch!

Sweet Tooth: Haven't killed a kid in a while.
Ferra/Torr: I a lady!
Sweet Tooth: Don't matter, you're dead.

Sweet Tooth: Nice knife, mines bigger.
Kotal Khan: It will carve out your heart!
Sweet Tooth: Sorry, got no heart!

If he appears second: Sweet Tooth drives into the arena, getting out of his ice cream truck, ready to fight.

Scorpion: State your business...
Sweet Tooth: Don't think i'm gonna.
Scorpion: Then DIE!

Sub-Zero: Another demon from the Netherrealm?
Sweet Tooth: Not even close.
Sub-Zero: Then i will send you there myself!

Cassie Cage: Circus come to town?
Sweet Tooth: Yes, the circus of pain!
Cassie Cage: Yeah, your pain!

D'Vorah: You not from around here!
Sweet Tooth: Nice observation ladybug.
D'Vorah: You will parish for that remark!

Ferra/Torr: Torr gonna kill you without weapon!
Sweet Tooth: Let's just see about that.
Ferra/Torr: Get him Torr!

Kotal Khan: Die by this blade..
Sweet Tooth: Fine, you die by mine first.
Kotal Khan: Let us see...

Win pose-

Sweet Tooth laughs as he takes the opponent by the shoulder and throws them in the back of his ice cream truck, entering it too as he notices the camera, raising his machete saying "Now, for some alone time.", closing it as it's assumed he still kills the opponent.


(To be added later, sorry.)

- There is alot of different TM references to count, just try to look for 'em.
- Sweet Tooth and the "Metro Square" stage from "TM2012"are Playstation 4 exclusives along with the level being the only system exclusive with a state fatality.
- The "Old Man's Curse" variant gives Sweet Tooth a damage boost at the cost of losing a bit of health, the "Tasty Treat" variant gives Sweet Tooth some new moves and combos which he does using a chainsaw and the "Deathmatch" variant makes Sweet Tooth more projectile focused.
Kano: Ok clown, bring it

Sweet Tooth: Reference that clown again

Kano: Why So Serious


Sweet Tooth: I'll do what the girl won't

Kano: What are you going on about?

Sweet Tooth: Focus

Raiden: It's been a while Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth: 09 If i recall.

Raiden: I agree


Raiden: That head will be the least of your worries

Sweet Tooth: You talking about my blade?

Raiden: Yep
Violence Jack from the Anime/Manga Violence Jack

Alignment Neutral/Evil IDK


After the Kanto region of Japan was ravaged by both an volcanic eruption and a earthquake, chaos reigned as both gangs, warlords and psychopaths took over, spreading destruction and abuse all over the land, most notibly by the Slum King. But there is one monster of a man, a Gorilla sized titan with the teeth of a Wolf who wanders the land, protecting those just trying to survive just one more day. His name is Jack, Violence Jack, and now, he's come to Outworld.

Normal Costume-

A more detailed version of his normal look from the manga/anime.


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jack grabs the opponent by the leg and swings them around in a circle, throwing them away.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jack puts the opponent in a suplex grab, slamming them behind him.


Harem Bomber: Adds Jackknife Dash, Downward Jackknife Slash and Healing Roar, Jack's eyes glow yellow.
Evil Town: Adds Jackknife Rip, One Handed Choke and gives a increase in Jackknife damage, Jack's Jackknife and hands are stained in blood.
Hell's Wind: Adds Underground Burst, Jackknife Throw and Air Diving Grab, Jack's eyes glow red and he's partially on fire.

Special Moves-

Jackknife Slash- Jack reaches towards the opponent and slashes the opponent with his jackknife. (Enhanced Version is called "Jackknife Slashes", after slashing the first slash, Jack slashes upward, knocking the opponent in the air for a free hit or combo.)
Violent Combo- Jack comes at the opponent, punching the opponent in the face before elbowing them there too. (Enhanced Version is called "Even More Violent Combo", after the elbow to the face, Jack swings his fists upwards hammer style onto the opponent, knocking them into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Violent Hammerstrike- Jack slams his fists down hammer style, knocking the opponent to the ground hard. (Enhanced version is called "Violent Hammer Throw", after Jack hits the opponent, Jack grabs the opponent and throws them over behind him.)
Jackknife Dash (Only can be done in "Harem Bomber" variation): Jack dashes past the opponent, slashing them in the stomach. (Enhanced Version is called "Back and Forth Jackknife Slash", after the first slash, Jack dashes back, slashing their back in the process.)
Downward Jackknife Slash (Only can be done in "Harem Bomber" variation): Jack slashes down onto the opponent, knocking them to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Downward Jackknife Slash and Throw", after the slash, Jack stabs the opponent in the chest, throwing them up in the air for a free hit or combo.)
Healing Roar (Only can be done in "Harem Bomber" variation): Jack raises one hand up, roaring in the sky as lightning strikes him, gaining back a small bit of health. (Enhanced version is called "Healing Scream", gains two times the health back.)
Jackknife Rip (Only can be done in "Evil Town" variation): Jack comes towards the opponent, stabbing his jackknife in their head, ripping it out and kicking them away. (Enhanced Version is called "Jackknife Stagger", after ripping out the jackknife, the opponent staggers around, open for a free hit or combo.)
One Handed Choke (Only can be done in "Evil Town" variation): Jack grabs the opponent by the neck with one hand, choking them before throwing them down. (Enhanced Version is called "Shaking One Handed Choke", Jack shakes the opponent with his hand before throwing them.)
Underground Burst (Only can be done in "Hell's Wind" variation): Jack burrows himself into the ground, appearing behind the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Underground Burst and Throw", after Jack bursts out, Jack grabs the opponent and throws them into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Air Diving Grab (Only can be done in "Hell's Wind" variation): While in the air, Jack comes down at the opponent, grabbing their head and throws them hard on the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Air Diving Grab And Throw", instead of throwing the opponent on the ground, Jack throws them into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Jackknife Throw (Only can be done in "Hell's Wind" variation):- Jack throws his Jackknife at the opponent, knocking the opponent to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Spinning Jackknife Chuck", the Jackknife spins towards the opponent, does more damage.)

X-Ray Move-

Welcome to Violence: Violence Jack dashes past the opponent, slicing their neck, making them hold their wound before Jack suddenly throws his Jackknife through the back of their head, bursting out between their eyes as they fall to the ground facefirst, the jackknife being driven up upon impact before Jack rips it out, then stomps down onto their head, cracking the skull up along with breaking various teeth and their nose.


Where The Fuck Is Jack?!: Violence Jack burrows into the ground, the opponent looking around as the ground shakes before Jack bursts out of it to the shock of the opponent before he drives his jackknife into the top of their head, then rips it out, leaving them to stagger in place before Jack slices the opponents head off with his jackknife, rolling on the ground towards the camera as Jack gives a roar to the sky.
Oooh, Nasty: Violence Jack kicks the opponent to the ground and puts his knife away to their surprise as they try crawling back as he kneels down in front of them to grab them by the legs and lift them up, begining to pull on their legs, making the opponent scream in pain before they get partally ripped in two as entrails and blood burst out, Jack throwing their corpse on the ground at the camera, looking down at the corpse

Voice Actor-

Bob Sessions (As Ben Watts)

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Violence Jack takes out his jackknife, but can seem to hold onto it due to it being bigger than him, he gives a angry roar/cry and sits down, not happy at this.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Violence Jack turns into a glowing golden eagle before flying past the opponent, clawing at their head each time, ripping it to pieces before he turns back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Violence Jack puts away his knife before giving the opponent a copy of the VIolence Jack manga to read as Jack roars into the sky in victory.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Jack bursts out of the ground, eyes focused on the opponent, then takes out his jackknife, ready to fight.

Violence Jack: Out of my way demon
Scorpion: To hell with you!
Violence Jack: No, TO HELL WITH YOU!

Violence Jack: Another ninja...
Sub-Zero: State who you are!
Violence Jack: They call me Jack, Violence Jack!

Violence Jack: Kanto could use people like you.
Cassie Cage: That so?
Violence Jack: Right for what's right.

Violence Jack: You're just a cockroach.
D'Vorah: What you gonna do about it?
Violence Jack: Crush you with my foot!

Violence Jack: Remind me of Saurus and Blue.
Ferra/Torr: What happened to them?
Violence Jack: Met the end of my jackknife!

Violence Jack: Another god to kill.
Kotal Khan: What makes you think so?
Violence Jack: I fought the Devil!

If he appears second: A lightning bolt comes down to which Jack appears in place, taking out his jackknife, ready to fight.

Scorpion: I will end you.
Violence Jack: Not the first to say that.
Scorpion: And the last thing you'll hear!

Sub-Zero: You're not from around here.
VIolence Jack: Is that a problem?
Sub-Zero: Only if you make it one.

Cassie Cage: Know what they say about big guys.
VIolence Jack: Do tell.
Cassie Cage: Not gonna like it.

D'Vorah: Entangled in my web i see...
Violence Jack: Gonna rip you leg by leg.
D'Vorah: Just see about that.

Ferra/Torr: Torr go and hurt you!
Violence Jack: That so?
Ferra/Torr: Get him Torr!

Kotal Khan: This dagger will taste your blood!
Violence Jack: Your blood will stain this Jackknife!
Kotal Khan: Let us see...

Win pose-

Violence Jack gives a roar into the sky, raising his hand up with a lightning bolt coming down on him, vanishing from the arena before being next seen walking down the ruins of Kanto.


(To be added later, sorry.)

-The reason Bob Sessions (Who played Pettine AKA "The Moon Headed Guy" in "Clive Barker's Nightbreed", really, that was him) is credited as "Ben Watts" is cause that's the anime voiceover alias he used back during the 80, including when he voiced Jack in the English Dubs of the three Violence Jack OVA's.
- Both Jack's Fatalities and X-Ray are based off of the various ways he killed some of the main bad guys from the three OVA's, along with the names of the variations being named after the three OVA's.
-The "Harem Bomber" variant makes Jack more combo based along with giving him a small healing ability, the "Evil Town" variant makes Jack more grapple based along with giving him a damage boost with Jackknife based attacks and the "Hell's Wind" variant makes Jack more zoning based.
Vs Quan Chi

VJ: C'mon

Quan Chi: Very well

VJ: Fair warning

Quan Chi: Weakling

VJ: Take that back sorcerer

Quanchi: Never

Kano: G'day mate

Violence Jack: Who are you?

Kano: The name's Kano


Kano: Who are you?

Violence Jack: They call me Jack, Violence Jack.

Kano: WhateverRaiden: Let's see if thunder is what it takes to stop you.

Violence Jack: I fought Satan himself, what chance do you have?

Raiden: Plenty

Violence Jack: I think you should meet my jackknife

Raiden: Before you do that, you should state your business here.

Violence Jack: To protect those willing to survive
Fulgore from the Killer Instinct games

Alignment Evil

A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, Fulgore was entered into the Killer Instinct tournament as a final test of its combat capabilities. There has been multiple versions of the Fulgore model, the most recent being the Mk. III. Sent out, it had one single directive: ELIMINATE ENEMIES TO ULTRATECH. But before he could be sent out to what he was programmed to do, his reactor core malfunctioned, seeming to send him to a new world named "Outworld".

Normal Costume-

His "Killer Instinct (2013)" appearance


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Fulgore impales the opponent's stomach with one of his Plasma Claws before kicking them away.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Fulgore impales the opponent's stomach with one of his Plasma Claws before throwing them over his head behind him.


Supreme: Adds Gravity Strike and Axis Spin, Fulgore's plasma claws glow brighter than normal.
Ultra: Adds Downward Eye Laser, Upward Eye Laser and Reflector, Fulgore's eyes glow brighter than normal.
No Mercy: Adds Reactor Core ability, Fulgore has a red glow all around him, most noticeably his chest.

Special Moves-

Blade Dash: Fulgore moves foward quickly, hitting the opponent with his plasma claw. (Enhanced Version is called "Cyber Dash", it's faster and does more damage.)
Eye Laser: Fulgore emits an short ranged laser blast from his eyes. Can also be done in the air. (Enhanced Version is called "Rapid Eye Laser", fires out two laser blasts instead of one.)
Energy Bolt: Fulgore shoots out a blue plasma wave projectile from his plasma claws. (Enhanced Version is called "Energy Storm", fires out a bigger projectile that does more damage.)
Plasma Slice: Fulgore flies up in the air delivering a uppercut using his plasma claw, knocking the opponent into the air. (Enhanced Version is called "Cyber Slice", it knocks the opponent higher in the air and does more damage, open for a free hit or combo.)
Plasmaport: Fulgore's disappears in a wave of black and blue, before suddenly teleporting behind the oppoent. (Enhanced Version is called "CyberPort", after appearing behind the opponent, Fulgore blasts the opponent with a Eye Laser down to the ground.)
Gravity Strike (Only can be done in "Supreme" variation): Fulgore strikes down one of his plasma claws onto the opponent, knocking them down to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Cyber Strike", after the first strike, Fulgore slashes upwards the opponent, open for a free hit or combo.)
Axis Slash (Only can be done in "Supreme" variation): Fulgore spins around, swinging his plasma claws around, cutting the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Spinning Axis Slash", Fulgore spins towards the opponent, doing more damage.)
Downward Eye Laser (Only can be done in "Ultra" variation): Fulgore emits an short ranged laser blast from his eyes down at the opponent's feet. (Enhanced Version is called "Rapid Eye Laser", fires out two laser blasts instead of one.)
Upward Eye Laser (Only can be done in "Ultra" variation): Fulgore emits an short ranged laser blast from his eyes upwards at the airbourne opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Rapid Eye Laser", fires out two laser blasts instead of one.)
Reflector (Only can be done in "Ultra" variation): Fulgore emits a reflective blue energy shield that surrounds his entire body letting him repel one projectile away from him for a short while. (Enhanced Version is called "Electro-Flect", it repels the projectile back at the opponent, able to hurt them.)
Reactor Core (Only can be done in "No Mercy" variation): Fulgore presses a button on his wrist, activating his reactor core for a short while, giving him increase the damage of all his special attacks, at the cost of taking more damage. (Enhanced Version is called "Nuclear Reactor Core", it gives the same damage increase, but he only takes the normal amount of damage.)

X-Ray Move-

The Instinct: Fulgore fires out three Eye Laser blasts at the opponent's feet, if it connects, Fulgore suddenly starts punching and kicking the opponent before doing a hard Blade Dash and impaling and puncturing their lungs while breaking their ribs before ripping it out and doing a harsh Plasma Slice, stabbing the plasma claw through their jaw and out the top of their head as both fall back down.


More Than Meets The Eye: Fulgore's head transforms into what seems to be a turret like gun before it starts firing away at the opponent, riddling them full of bullets, but they're still alive, so transforming his head back to normal, Fulgore presses some buttons on his wrist, making a target light appear over the opponent, locking in before the opponent is obliterated by a laser beam into a bloody mess as Fulgore raises his arms in victory.
Devastation Beam: Fulgore presses a button on his wrist before bracing himself and spreads out it's arms as it's chest compartment opens up, showing it's reactor core which glows bright red as it gets charged up to the opponent's confusion before Fulgore fires a huge red laser blast, frying and burning the opponent away till all that's left is their burnt stumps of lower legs which fall over as Fulgore closes the chest compartment.

Voice Actor-

Jean-Edouard Miclot

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Fulgore seems to hiccup alot and keeps going before suddenly shooting out a mini-Devasation Beam, like he threw up a bit, laughing.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Fulgore turns into a robotic version of what looks like Riptor before opening his mouth wide enough to bite the opponent's upper body off before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Fulgore presses a button on his wrist before transforming himself into the "Killer Instinct" arcade machine to which the opponent begins to play as "The Instinct" plays in the background.


Industrial Warehouse: The warehouse belonging to Ultratech, this is Fulgore's level from the first Killer Instinct. In fact, it IS the original version of the level in all of it's 16/32 bit glory, even has the original stage theme "Full-Bore" playing in the background as you fight. (Though sometimes, "The Instinct" may play instead) Since this would be a close port of the original level, there is no interactive objects or stage fatalities in the stage.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Fulgore walks up, plasma blades spinning a bit, then gets ready to fight.

Fulgore: Heat signatures similar to Cinder.
Scorpion: What is your response?

Fulgore: Tempatures similar to Glacius.
Sub-Zero: Away with you soulless machine!
Fulgore: Threat given, eliminate!

Fulgore: Lower weapons or else.
Cassie Cage: What if i don't?
Fulgore: Death.

Fulgore: Subject unknown.
D'Vorah: What you going to do next?
Fulgore: FIGHT ON.

Fulgore: Away from possible threat young child!
Ferra/Torr: I'm little lady!

Fulgore: Energy similar to Gargos...
Kotal Khan: You will fall to me!
Fulgore: Request denied.

If he appears second: Fulgore Plasmaports onto the arena, plasma claws out.

Scorpion: Reveal yourself...
Fulgore: Fulgore Mk. III
Scorpion: I will make you obsolete!

Sub-Zero: Another Lin Kuei abomination?
Fulgore: No, UltraTech.
Sub-Zero: Doesn't matter...

Cassie Cage: Look like a robot from one of dad's movies.
Fulgore: Lower your weapons...
Cassie Cage: Only more annoying.

D'Vorah: State your business knight.
Fulgore: Look for answers.
D'Vorah: You'll only find death...

Ferra/Torr: Big metal man not scary!
Fulgore: Targets; two.
Ferra/Torr: Torr will dent you up!

Kotal Khan: Not flesh nor blood...
Fulgore: Made by UltraTech Cybernetics.
Kotal Khan: Does not matter!

Win pose-

Fulgore waves and swings his plasma claws around as some electricity courses through his armor and opens his chest compartment, showing his glowing exposed reactor.


(To be added later, sorry.)

- Fulgore, while having some stuff from his "KI2013" appearance, is more like his "KI" and "KI2/Gold" version with his movelist and personality.
- Fulgore and the "Industrial Warehouse" stage from the original "KI" are Xbox One exclusives (Don't worry, PS4 will get a exclusive fighter and level) while a robotic version of Riptor, along with the arcade machine of the first "KI" make cameo appearances along with having two themes from the game.
- The "Supreme" variant makes Fulgore more melee based, the "Ultra" variant makes Fulgore more projectile based while giving him a move to protect himself from one projectile and the "No Mercy" variant gives Fulgore a damage boost with all special moves for a short while, but can loose more health if hit.

Fulgore: Subject, Kano found

Kano: oh so now they've sent a robot

Fulgore: Fight On


Kano: The Black Dragon could use you

Fulgore: Ultratech created me

Kano: Never mind then

His lines for Quan Chi would be interesting...
Raiden: You know what they say about thunder and metal

Fulgore: Do tell

Raiden: Don't bother


Fulgore: Engaging Purge Protocall

Raiden: Not good

Fulgore: Fight on
New ideas for Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies

Alignment: Evil Duh!


A serial killer from Earthrealm, Jason Voorhees seemingly drowned as a small child, causing his mother to snap and kill anyone who worked at the camp where it happened till she herself was killed in 1980, a still alive Jason witnessing everything. Now he kills anyone who ventures into his home of Crystal Lake, racking up a known body count of over 150, one which is still rising and never gonna stop. But it seems someone has summoned him to Outworld.

Normal Costume-

His "Friday The 13th (2009)" appearance.


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jason lifts up and chokes the opponent by the throat before throwing them back to the ground.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jason lifts up and chokes the opponent by the throat before throwing them behind him.


Crystal Lake Killer: Adds unique attacks utilizing Axe, Jason has a axe in a sling on the side of his waist.
Hunter: Adds Dead Eye Arrow, Upward Dead Eye Arrow Downward Dead Eye Arrow, Jason carries around a bow and arrow sheath on his back.
New Blood: Adds Garden Claw, Hunting Knife and Sickle Cut, Jason wears a utility belt with said weapons on it.

Special Moves-

Unlucky Stab: Jason stabs his machete downwards onto the opponent's chest before ripping it out, forcing the opponent back. (Enhanced Version is called "Unlucky Slide", after stabbing the opponent, Jason lifts them up and saws them back and forth a bit before throwing them down.)
13th Hack: Jason lunges at the opponent, grabbing them and hacks down his machete downwards, knocking them down. (Enhanced Version is called "Unlucky Hack and Slash", after the first hit, Jason slashes his machete upwards, knocking the opponent into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Unlucky Nut Cracker: Jason drops down and slashes the opponent in their groin, stunning the opponent in place. (Enhanced Version is called "Unlucky Nut Shot", Jason instead whacks the opponent's groin before taking out and firing a speargun there, sending the opponent in the air for a free hit or combo.)
Speargun: Jason fires a speargun at the opponent, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Speargunned", it can be charged and at full charge be unblockable while doing more damage.)
Backbreaker: Jason grabs the opponent and breaks their back against his knee before throwing them away. (Enhanced Version is called "Crystal Lake Backbreaker", Jason slams the opponent down on his knee again.)
Dead Eye Arrow: Jason fires a arrow from his bow at the opponent's stomach. (Enhanced Version is called "Dead Eye Arrow Stun", it does more damage while it hits the opponent in the neck, stunning them for a short while, open for a free hit or combo.)
Upward Dead Eye Arrow: Jason fires a arrow from his bow upwards at the opponent's head. (Enhanced Version is called "Upward Dead Eye Arrow Stun", it does more damage while it hits the opponent through the head, stunning them for a short while, open for a free hit or combo.)
Downward Dead Eye Arrow: Jason fires a arrow from his bow downwards at the opponent's feet. (Enhanced Version is called "Downward Dead Eye Arrow Stun", it does more damage while it sticks the opponent's foot to the ground, stunning them for a short while, open for a free hit or combo.)
Garden Claw: Jason swings down a garden claw onto the opponent, knocking them down. (Enhanced Version is called "Garden Clawed", after the first strike, Jason grabs the opponent and claws away at them with the garden claw before throwing them in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Hunting Knife: Jason comes forward, jabbing a hunting knife into the opponent's stomach, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Hunting Knife Stab", when it connects, Jason grabs the opponent and stabs them also in the ear before pushing them back to the ground.)
Sickle Cut: Jason slashes the opponent neck with his sickle, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Sickle Slit", after the first hit, Jason slits their neck two more times.)

X-Ray Move-

The Man Behind The Mask: Jason charges at the opponent, grabbing them before stabbing them in the eye with a party horn that honks upon impact as the opponent tries to punch back, only for Jason to grab them by the arm and break it with the bone popping out as they fall to their knees, only for Jason to grab them by the sides of the head from behind and crush in their skulls, forcing the party horn to pop out from their eye socket, dropping the opponent to the ground.


You're Doomed: Jason grabs the opponent by the arm and slices it off with a swing of his machete, causing the opponent to reach out to the bloody stump as Jason takes out the axe and throws it against their back, dropping them to their knees before striking them in the face with his machete, knocking the opponent down with enough force to force the axe blade out their chest as he rips out his machete, looking down at the opponent.
Dead Fuck: Jason takes out a metal tent spike and throws it at the opponent's foot, sticking them to the ground, making them try to rip it out, only for Jason to grab them by the top and bottom of their heads, starting to crush their head down, first causing a bit of blood to drip before causing blood to burst from their eye sockets, nose, mouth and ears till the head is crushed down to the size of a walnut, Jason throwing the opponent down.

Voice Actor-

Derek Mears (Only in grunts and groans)

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Jason, with a oversized hockey mask on, sees a girl doll before taking out a baby sized machete and starts chopping it up, giving a giggle.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Jason turns into a huge bear, wearing his hockey mask and slashes at the opponent's neck and stomach with his claws, mauling them before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Jason reaches to get something, only to show he's giving a T-Shirt that says "Camp Crystal Lake" to the opponent, who accepts it.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Jason walks onto the arena, eyes on the opponent, before taking out his machete out, ready to fight.

Jason Voorhees: ...
Scorpion: Another demon from the Neterrealm...
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Sub-Zero: Make a move...
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Cassie Cage: Great, psycho wearing a mask.
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
D'Vorah: Away with you beast!
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Ferra/Torr: Torr make you talk!
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Kotal Khan: Your heart beats loud...
Jason Voorhees: ...

If he appears second: Jason is seen ripping his machete out of a Tarkatan's corpse, ready to fight.

Scorpion: Speak now or die...
Jason Voorhees: ...
Scorpion: Alright then...

Sub-Zero: State your business...
Jason Voorhees: ...
Sub-Zero: Fine, then i'll make you talk.

Cassie Cage: Alright, drop the machete!
Jason Voorhees: ...
Cassie Cage: Don't say i didn't warn ya'!

D'Vorah: Such a odd mask...
Jason Voorhees: ...
D'Vorah: I will keep it as a trophy!

Ferra/Torr: Funny mask on big guy
Jason Voorhees: ...
Ferra/Torr: You give it now!

Kotal Khan: Your blade won't save you...
Jason Voorhees: ...
Kotal Khan: I will take your heart!

Win pose-

Jason seemingly looks at the opponent before grabbing the camera "By the neck" and slices at the screen, before it drops and rolls down on the ground, as if it got decapitated, staring upwards at Jason.


(To be added later, sorry.)

- Jason's moves and finishers pretty much reference a lot of the films, so much, can't list 'em all. Plus, even know he doesn't talk, Derek Mears, who played him in the 2009 remake, still does his grunts and groans of pain.
- How Jason got to Outworld isn't original, but hey, work with what you got.
- The "Crystal Lake Killer" variant gives Jason moves and combos where he uses a axe along with his machete, the "Hunter" variant makes Jason more zoning based and the "New Blood" variant makes Jason more melee/grapple based.

Kano: G'day

Jason: ...

Kano: Not the talking type eh?

Or Jason

Kano: Sorry bout your mum

Jason: ...

Kano: I touched a nerve didn't I
Raiden: C'mon Jason

Jason: ...

Raiden: Fight


Jason: ...

Raiden: Come at me bro

Jason: ...
Jason Voorhees

From: Friday The 13th Series


A undead serial killer from Earthrealm, Jason Voorhees kills anyone who ventures into his home of Crystal Lake since 1980, racking up a body count of over 150, one which is still rising and never gonna stop. When a pillar of flames engulfed him before sending him into the Netherrealm. He was confronted by spirit of his psychotic mother, Pamela Voorhees. She told him that in order to get back to their realm, he'd have to fight in a tournament and win for a emperor, Shao Khan. Always doing what his mother says, Jason accepted and now is fighting for Outworld. What he doesn't know was that it was really Quan-Chi in the form of his mother, tricking him as part of his and Shinnok's plan.

Normal Costume:

His "Friday The 13th (2009 remake)" appearance.

Alternative Costume:

His "Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood" appearance.


Forward Throw: Jason grabs takes out barbed wire and wraps it around the opponent's neck, garotting them on the ground before throwing them in front of him.
Backwards Throw: Jason starts garotting the opponent with the barbed wire, then throws them over his back.

Special Moves:

Spiked: Jason quickly takes out a metal tent spike of his belt and throws it at the opponent's foot, sticking them to the ground, leaving them open for a combo for a couple seconds. (Enhanced version is called "Spike Strucken", Jason throws two stakes at both the opponent's feet.)
Chokehold: Jason grabs the opponent by the neck and holds them up high before throwing them down. (Enhanced version is called "Stranglehold", Jason grabs the opponent by the next and shakes the opponent around before throwing the opponent hard on the ground, face first.)
Rush And Stab: Jason rushes at the opponent, stabbing them with a hunting knife before kicking the opponent away. (Enhanced version is called "Rushing And Stabbing", Jason rushes and stabs the opponent multiple times with the knife before headbutting the opponent down.)
Machete Uppercut: Jason swings his machete, uppercutting the opponent, leaving them open for a air juggle. (Enhanced version is called "Machete Rampage", after the first upswing, Jason slams the butt of the Machete handle down on the opponent.

X-Ray Move:

Bonecrusher: Jason throws his machete at the opponent's chest, impaling them and forcing them to kneel down, then Jason walks over and grabs their head, pressing their head down enough to crush their skull, he then rips the machete out of their chest, damaging vital organs and breaking bones before taking the opponent by the waist and doing a brutal backbreaker, breaking their spine before throwing them down.


Overkill: Taking his trademark machete in hand, Jason rips the opponent's arm off with his free hand, making them reach out for it before Jason swings his machete into their groan, making them kneel in pain before stabbing them 2 times in the stomach, then slices their head off with one swing of his machete, blood going all over the place.
You Didn't Saw That Coming?!: Jason takes out a huge tree-trimming saw out of nowhere, then he knocks the opponent down to the ground with a clothesline, then reving up the saw, Jason starts to slice up the opponent's stomach, causing blood and guts to fly all over the place, then he starts slicing up the opponent's face, enough to mutilate the opponent's killing them.

Voice Actor:

Kane Hodder (Only does grunts and groans)


Abandoned Camp Crystal Lake Beachfront (Friday The 13th): The beachfront of Camp Crystal Lake, on the beach, near the pier. You can see the forest and the broken down cabins in the background, also a sigh saying "Camp Crystal Lake", only the 'Crystal Lake' is crossed out with spray paint, making it say "Camp Blood". The Stage Fatality is that the fighter grabs the opponent by the neck and drags them out to lake and dunks their head in, drowning them, keeping their head down by punching them down till they stop struggling, then they kick the back of opponent's skull, kicking them in the water, killing them as their body floats in the water.


Jason plays with his machete before hitting himself in the face with the handle, yet he doesn't cry due to the mask protecting him, he tilts his head and keeps playing with it, not hurting himself.

Battle Intro:

A scream is heard before a slicing motion and blood splatter is heard before a head is thrown onto the stage, then Jason's boot steps on it, smashing it into bits, showing Jason is ready to battle.

Win pose:

Jason is about to put his machete away as the camera zooms in, which he notices the camera and swings his machete at the screen, causing the camera to spin sideways to the side on the ground, looking up at Jason, as if he took someone's head off.


Realizing he was betrayed by Quan-Chi, Jason Voorhees killed Shao Khan in retaliation before starting to hunt down the Sorcerer. After some time, killing those who got in his way, Jason managed to find and slay Quan-Chi. It was then he realized killing him resulted in him being trapped in this new universe with no way out. Then the Elder Gods, along with the Thunder God Raiden appeared in front of him, yet posing no threat. Interested with his abilities and fighting skill along with his history, they gave him the offer to become their champion, one to serve their bidding and keep evil at bay. Jason was weary of this offer, but when he saw in his mind his mother saying for him to accept it, to get rid of those who do evil, he simply nodded his head. His first mission, to dispose of the former Shaolin Monk turned power hungry Protector of Earthrealm, Liu Kang...
Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series

Alignment Good


Ash Williams is the chosen one, the one to defeat the demonic forces of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, roughly translated, "Book Of The Dead". After saving the day once again, Ash, through a wrongly chanted spell, was transported into our universe and forced to fight for the fate of the realms in Mortal Kombat. Seeing himself stuck in the universe, he seeks those who would understand the book, so he could get back home. That and check out the beautiful women of the universe, who put up more than a fight than he expected.

Normal Costume:

His "Evil Dead 2/Army Of Darkness comic" appearance.

Alternative Costume:

His "Army Of Darkness Movie" appearance (Without the metal hand, with the chainsaw for his hand)


Forward Throw: Ash takes his chainsaw and impales the opponent through their stomach, lifting them in the air before firing his boomstick into their stomach, making them fall off of it.
Backwards Throw: Ash twirls the opponent backwards and impales them through their back, lifting them in the air and throwing them behind him.

Special Moves:

Boomstick Blast: Taking out his Boomstick "A Sawed off Double Barreled Shotgun", Ash aims and fires at the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Boomstick Blastin'", Ash fires two Boomstick blasts at the opponent, sending them back.)
Necro Bolt: Ash takes out the Necronomicon and says a chant which makes lightning strike down onto the opponent, sending them in the air. (Enhanced Version is called "Necro Lightning Blast", Ash summons another lightning bolt after the first which sends them on the ground.)
Chainsaw Tornado: Ash swings his chainsaw around 360 degrees full circle, hitting the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Chainsaw Hurricane", after the circle swing, Ash impales the opponent with it before kicking them off onto the ground.)
Necro Tele-Slam: Ash takes out the Necronomicon and says a chant which picks up the opponent via telekinesis from the book and slams them against the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Necro Tele-Bash", instead of slamming the opponent on the ground, Ash flips the opponent upside down and slams them around back and forth.)

X-Ray Move:

Bad Ash Beatdown: Taking the Necronomicon in hand, Ash says a chant, though says the words wrong, which actually works for him as a portal appears behind the opponent and Deadtie hands hold the opponent in place to which Ash takes his Boomstick and slams the butt of the gun into the face, causing heavy fracture damage. Then he slashes the chainsaw upward, ripping their ribs and stomach open and damaging the jaw.


Swallow This: Ash revs up his chainsaw, slicing their left arm off, then their right leg, making them fall to the ground. Walking up to the opponent, Ash presses his foot down on their neck and sticks his boomstick in their mouth and says "Swallow this.", then blows their head to pieces before blowing the smoke out of the barrels saying "Groovy".
Portal Sucks: Ash takes out the Necronomicon smirking and says a chant to which a portal appears behind the opponent and the evil of the Necronomicon in physical form (Also known to fans as 'Rotten Apple Head') and it takes the opponent by the arms and legs as Ash runs away and drags the opponent in the portal before a huge geyser of blood bursts out of it before it vanishes and Ash comes back, nodding and saying "Ah, well, that did it... Did i say the words right this time?"

Voice Actor:

Bruce Campbell (Duh.)


Baby Ash has the Necronomicon in hand and tries to read it, but he mumbles up the words and a baby Deadite appears and Ash shoots the Deadite with a baby sized Boomstick and says "Suck my Boomstick!" like a baby.

Battle Intro:

Revving up his Chainsaw, Ash smirks and twirls his Boomstick around before putting it back, getting ready to fight saying "Come get some."

Win pose:

Grinning, Ash nods as what seems to be one of Shao Khan's slave girls appears and holds onto his legs to which he smirks at the camera and says "Hail to the king baby."


Ending up fighting and defeating Shinnok, Ash Williams was hailed once again as the savior, this time, the savior of the realms. Though he was offered the title of Emperor of Outworld, he only seeked to go back home. The Sorcerer Quan-Chi offered his services to Ash, which Ash accepted as he knew from battle he was a powerful sorcerer, despise many saying not to trust him. After summoning a portal to Ash's home, Quan-Chi demanded in return for the Necronomicon. Ash gave it to him without question and returned to his universe. Quan-Chi, is now in possession of the most powerful source of magic he's seen , oh so he thought. Turns out Ash kept the real Necronomicon gave him a fake, armed with a bomb in it with a note inside saying "Fuck you pasty!- Love, Ash.". Then the explosion from the bomb killed Quan-Chi.
I have two ideas for Ash's fatalities:

Brutality: "Who's laughing now?" Ash pins his opponent down and revs up his chainsaw. Then shouts "who's laughing now?" and cuts their body to pieces, starting with their right hand.

Animality: Turns into a crocodile and rips his opponent to shreds.
Turns out Ash kept the real Necronomicon gave him a fake, armed with a bomb in it with a note inside saying "Fuck you pasty!- Love, Ash.". Then the explosion from the bomb killed Quan-Chi.
lol, more of that Ash Williams charm.

From: Predator


The Yautja, also known by their earth name, Predators, are a proud, honorable and deadly hunting race from the furthest reaches of the universe. They live for the thrill of the hunt, they also see it as a sport. The Yautja Reaper was sent by his clan along with others to go on the hunt in Earthrealm when their ship crashed, Reaper was the only survivor. Disposing of his species existence while giving his clansman a proper burial, he then watched the Mortal Kombat Tournament, the idea of engaging these fighters in battle, possibly taking their spine and skulls as trophies. It was enough for him to join it.

Normal Costume:

The appearance of the Predator from "Predator 2", only his mask his colored red, has a scar marking on it around the left eye socket and looks to have the pieces of a alien skull attached on it.

Alternative Costume:

Appearance of the Predator from "Predator 2", the area around the left eye is scarred up and a cybernetic eye and wears more armor on his upper body.


Forward Throw: The Predator takes his combi-stick and impales the enemy before swinging the opponent up into the air and down onto the ground in front of him.
Backwards Throw: The Predator takes his combi-stick and impales the enemy before throwing the opponent up into the air over him and down onto the ground in front of him.

Special Moves:

Smartdisk: The Predator takes out his smartdisk and throws it at the opponent in a straight throw, an upward throw called Smartdisk Up, and a throw at the shin called Smartdisk Down. (Enhanced Version is called "Smartdisk Rebound", it returns to strike the opponent a second time. The enhanced upward throw is called "Smartdisk Up Rebound", and the enhanced lower level throw is called "Reboomerang Down Rebound".)
Netgun: The Predator fires a netgun that ensnares the opponent while hurting them. (Enhanced Version is called Netgun Impale", does more damage and a small retractable pole impales the opponent.)
Whipped: The Predator takes out a custom made whip, made partly of a Xenomorph tale and whips the opponent hard. (Enhanced Version is called "Whipped Choke", when the whip hits the opponent, it wraps around the opponent's neck, pulling them at him as they skid on the ground.)
Plasmacaster: The Predator fires a plasma blast from a plasmacaster on his shoulder at the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Plasmablaster", Predator fires two shots at the same time instead of one.)
Wristblade Slashes: the Predator takes out his wristblade and slashes the opponent two times back and forth. (Enhanced Version is called "Wristblade Stab", after the slashes, he stabs the opponent.)
Cloak: The Predator turns invisible thanks to his cloaking device. (The enhanced version is called "Vanish", and it turns him completely invisible, and also gives him a slight attack boost.)

X-Ray Move:

Charging Ambush: The Predator charges at the opponent, turning invisible in the process and stabs the opponent with his wristblade, impaling them, stabbing and punchering their lungs before throwing them down and stepping on their spine, breaking it before throwing the opponent away.


Thrill Of The Hunt: The Predator turns on his cloaking devices, turning invisible, leaving the opponent to wonder where Predator is before suddenly firing his Plasmacaster at the opponent's back through his chest, making them fall face first on the ground, then he grabs within their wound and tugs hard before ripping their bloody spinal cord and skull out before raising it high, roaring in the sky.
Cut Above The Rest: The Predator takes out his smartdisk, gets it charged up then throws it straight at the opponent's torso and goes right through them, it doesn't seem like noting happened and the opponent checks for any damage and seems like they're safe, but then the they split in half at the waist, guts coming out and falls to the ground as the Predator catches the smartdisk.

Voice Actor:

Peter Cullen


The Predator plays around with the Combi-Stick and pokes it at the ground to which he extends it bringing him in the air and lets go, hurting his butt, making him cry Predator.

Battle Intro:

The Predator, cloaked jumps down onto the battlefield, then uncloaks himself and roars, ready to battle.

Win pose:

The Predator roars in victory, then notices the camera and aims his Plasmacaster at the screen, it's famous red targeting beam on the screen and fires it, blowing it up, breaking the screen.


Once the Predator Reaper had defeated and killed Shao Khan, he took his head and spinal cord as his trophy, he thought of it to be highly, much more than all the other trophies he collected during the tournament. Before anyone asked why he was there, Reaper managed to disappeared from the battlefield. Giving a signal for one of the Yautja ships to pick him up in the Living Forest, it soon appeared and picked him up, vanishing without a trace. But it wouldn't be the last time.
If he gets beaten in a round he teleports back for the next one with a sign "re-spawn"

Fatality - DP goes up to them, one arm on their shoulder, starts talking about how he hooked up with Sonya or whatever and the opponant cant handle it so grabs DP's kitana and rams it through their own chest, then they realise its not killing them quick enough so they grab his pistol and blow their brains out.