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Mr Aquaman Presents : Kombat Cup

Mr Aquaman has re-launched (under the radar of this site) Kombat Kup... yes that's right the best Online League in the FGC, from MKx to IJ2 with War of the Gods is BACK!!!

The event has already happened... but here is the link to watch it!

Intro - 10:00
First match - 28:30
Matches for Top 8 begin - 3:50:00

Keep an eye out for more events, Mr Aquaman lays out the details in the video.

Aquaman and Destorya Rip the Mics apart in this epic and hyper than hype Week #1!! Tune in every week for more and oh.. This got front page on twitch, beating all the top streams and some of the most popular games on the planet.
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Does anyone know if there is a Story about Echo leaving KombatKast? Did something happen behind the scene between Aquaman and him?