Motaro - Retrospective and Today?

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    A few Motaro photos of the actual prop used in the old school Mortal Kombat games were posted recently on the official Mortal Kombat Facebook page. Now, you either have 1 of 2 reactions when seeing this thing... 1 being "cool" and the 2nd being "I want it!". For those that went with #2, you should know that there is a good chance of Syco Collectibles creating this figure in a statue form(yes, really!), but for now, enjoy the pictures!
    motaro2.jpg motaro3.jpg motaro4.jpg

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  2. Tim Static

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    Actually, reaction #3: Worst sub boss ever, in any game. I woulda posted this already, but fuck Motaro. :coffee:
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  3. PND_Mustard

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    what the hell is all that yellow crap on him

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    tears and rips from wear.
  5. STB Bodam

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    I'd hate to tell you...
    But I think it's what's left of Kratos' lone MK appearance.
  6. 1man3letters

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    prop just damage from age

    be cool if syco did make the boss chars but i want my raka statue 1st!!!
  7. YRemY

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    Reaction #4: UsedForGlue
  8. bipolar_shango

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    Reaction #9: Hail Caesar! Hail Caesar! Hail Caesar! Best boss ever! If i had to choose between Umk3 Sonya statue and Motaro well...sorry Sonya:( Motaro wins flawless victory!!:D

    EDIT: Just noticed the Mohawk in pic1! OMG Motaro is truly godlike! <3 <3 <3 #MyPrecious
  9. BDMao88

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    Shao Khan splooge
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  10. My favoutire boss in MK. Choke punch ftw
  11. I think the most amazing thing about this statue is the fact that it has survived and resurfaced now. You'd think stuff like this would have been lost over the years but obviously someone was dedicated enough to keep it and keep it in good condition aswell.
  12. Espio

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    Motaro is my favorite sub boss and the most memorable of Mortal Kombat, there were tons of Onis, Fire Elementals and Shokans, but there is only one Centaur general, who breaks all rules and you truly cannot fight they way you fight everyone else.
  13. Via_Negativa

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    Yeah, actually always thought Motaro was really crap, honestly. I preferred MK2 kintaro, was so intimidating and hard as fuck to beat at that. Motaro was a walk over and just annoying. Upper cut through the ceiling > choke punch

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