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Mortal Kombat X Last Hurrah Online Tournament

Hey y'all. So trying something new with all the new stuff new TYM is all about lately. Going to try out an online tournament with some prizes available. Going to be playing Mortal Kombat X and will be the last weekend before Mortal Kombat 11 releases.

Basically, it's going to be a standard, MKX online tournament: played on PS4, sets ran 3/5, will try and get a stream going (courtesy of my friend @Jolt) to show off some matches. This is a first for the people involved (mainly me right now) so this is geared to be more casual and fun: not going to be any Pro Series points up for grab or some kind of invitational league at the end of a long series of matches. If this goes well, we'll do more. If not, then at least three people can walk away with something.

And what are they walking away with? So first prize is going to be a copy of the Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition (game+season pass). Second prize is Mortal Kombat 11 (vanilla edition). Third is going to be the Mortal Kombat 11 Season Pass (no game, but you get the DLC for when you get the game). Since Sony is no longer selling digital codes for games, the plan right now is to send people PSN (or XBL or Steam or Nintendo) cash for the appropriate amounts. We can talk physical copies for winners, but I don't want to do any kind of hard confirmation in case those fancy steel-books for the Premium edition sell out.

Anywhos, this should be the link to register here. If there's any issues, just shoot me a message and we'll try and sort them out. Dates are April 20-21 (if we need the extra day) so you have two weeks to prepare.


MKx is region locked isn't it? I'm in Europe, can I still enter? :)
Honestly, I'm not sure about the region locking. I'd have to defer to someone else sorry :(. I don't think we'd have a problem with you going ahead and entering, at worst I guess you just wouldn't be able to play