Mortal Kombat Now "LIVE" at Season's Beatings: Ascension

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    This weekend the great event from God-Like Entertainment takes place in Cleveland, Ohio, Season's Beatings: Ascension! Mortal Kombat is set to take place on Saturday starting at 4PM Central Time. Although, at this time we do not have a stream link, we do have pools 1 & 2 handy thanks to 16 Bit via twitter. The entrants for Mortal Kombat 9, the "oldest" of the new games has 26 entrants who registered online and that doesn't count who will sign up at the door... like Perfect Legend along others including Slips and the army that is GGA!


    Mortal Kombat Pool 1:
    • [NEXUS] Semi Evil Ryu
    • BA w1nter warz
    • DMG CD Jr
    • Chaosphere
    • CoCo|RiBBz22
    • CoCo|Chris Friday
    • FrothyOmen
    • GGA|Dizzy
    • GGA|soonk
    • GGA|Jeremiah
    • SquirtMcGirt
    • Streeetsweep
    Mortal Kombat P00l 2:
    • C.O.R.N. Wulfgang Mello
    • CoCo|m2dave
    • CoCo|Master D
    • Compbros
    • FC NYChrisG
    • GGA|16 Bit
    • GGA|Han
    • GGA|Moe30W
    • GGA|Wafflez
    • MaceWind 88
    • Paramisery
    • TMP|SVK InfraDead
    • Jody Tha Great
    To register at door: Perfect Legend & Slips confirmed so far* - more to come!
    Pools source: SBA Docs

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  2. Who beat cdjr?????
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    Dizzy is godlike.
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  5. My laptop is broken and for some reason i can't stream through my ps3. Maaaaaaaaaan...
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    where is the bracket? I just got back from a tourney myself
  7. Get bodied PL

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