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Mortal Kombat Movie **Spoilers**



Matches DVD leaks:

He mentioned that someone-someone is someone-someone's descendant and uses his weapon at the end to kill someone-someone and also that Hiroyuki (however it's spelled) Sanada's Scorpion is in only 2-3 scenes in the film and that in the end the good guys go to find someone-someone whose face is not shown but we know he will likely be in sequels (for which Lewis Tan said he was up for 2 more, exactly what DVD said)

I am not saying there are absolutely no errors, there has been no mention of an after credits scene that DVD said (maybe it is real, maybe removed from the final product), so he's not all-knowing. But the leak is 90-95% real.

He gave the plot more than 2 years ago, which is known to have been an older draft that he only got while talking to producers (nobody knew details like Cole being descendant, using the spear of Scorpion to protect his daughter at the end against Goro and Sub-Zero, Kano on the good side, Arcanas, Nitara&Kabal etc). He later issued some more posts about what he learnt had changed: the initial scene was replaced with Scorpion backstory scene when they got the actor Hiroyuki Sanada, but that he would only be in a few scenes, that the Rain scene had been cut (sadly:), that they backtracked on Nitara killing Kung Lao, and we can see in these spoilers why, that there will be 2 sequels if the movie does well and we will see Cage, Kitana in them. he said at the end heroes go to get Cage but his face isn't shown.

Here are the updates he gave:
Crazy reactions by the guys who are mods there. They also banned him before for this:



All hail emperor Liucifer Kang!
Just watched the movie. Well, MK95 is still the best movie imo, but I think MK2021 is decent I guess, still have to process eveything. Liu Kang was kind of cringe, but cute, liked how he was potrayed here than in Legends. Kano steals every scene, he is great, he made the movie for me. The fighting is good, effects are great, but I dont know how I feel about the story yet. Cole Young was...redundant to say the least, but he was okay. Sub Zero was a beast, the movie treated him way better than NRS did in the last decade. Actually a great villain. Scorpion wasn't obnoxiously shoved down our throats like in every media since Tancharoens web series. The movie also has lots of great references from the games and the gore is fantastic. Can't give a proper score yet, but overall, I think its worth a watch. Just remember to lower your expectations tho.


So time to see Aftermath 2.0 again because the movie leak matches that older one- SPOILERS

Not saying it is definite, but worth another look and an analysis of the leaker.

Stated on April 25 2019 on this sub, now deleted, but copied from here: https://testyourmight.com/threads/kombat-pack-2-has-kum.73189/post-2651146

Movie starts with an ancient scene in a Roman Gladiator Arena (Spartacus Starz tv series like), Raiden is there with the Roman Emperor and fighters are fighting to the death in order to obtain a Medallion that will allow them to participate in Mortal Kombat for Earthrealm. Raiden is pretty cruel in this. We see some flashbacks of Scorpion. ###UNTRUE, but DVD later added that as producers got the Japanese famous actor Sanada to play Scorpion and because of budget costs, the scene was removed and replaced with Scorpion's family's tragedy scene(which later makes sense about the main character stated in this leak to be tied to Scorpion)

Cut to modern times, we meet a down on his luck boxer Cole Morino in Philadelphia (in the former script Cole Turner, played by Singaporean-English actor Lewis Tan), he can't make money, he has a little daughter, Emily and his wife who has custody despises him. He owns such a Medallion, handed to him through paternal ancestry. ###TRUE, but medallions have been changed to tattoos

We see him losing fights and living in a very unhealthy apartment. Jax has tracked down his Medallion and comes to his apartment to question Cole about Sonya and Kano and of he has any connection to them. He arrests Cole and takes him with a military convoy of armored vehicles. On the way to the military facility where they want to take Cole, they cross a big bridge and everyone notices it starts to get foggy and chilly, it's like a horror scene, you know what's going to happen. Turns out Shao Kahn assassins have been taking out humans who owned the Medallions in order to prevent them from fighting in the Tournament. Sub-Zero wrecks all the armored vehicles and the SF forces members die. He battles Jax as Cole falls in the water and runs home.###TRUE, though Jax may be more gentle to Cole in dialogue

His daughter Emily helps him with some online hacking to find clues about Sonya Blade and the Medallion. Solving these clues, he finds coordinates to a place in Scotland. He travels there and finds Sonya Blade and Kano, who are hiding and preparing for the Tournament. Kano is not evil in this one, Sonya is not with the Special Forces (at least not anymore, they could change that in the script), she's gone a bit lunatic since finding out about the Tournament and Outworld and is a conspiracy theorist. They are found and attacked by Reptile, who injures Kano's eye, but they manage to kill him. ###VERY TRUE

Sonya herself doesn't own a Medallion, but they take Cole with them because he has one and they get on a plane which will take them to specific coordinates above China, from where they need to parachute drop. On the plane, Cole is reluctant to do this, but Sonya convinces him. They jump and there's a mid-air battle with another assassin from Outworld, Rain, but he's like this incorporeal being. ###MOSTLY UNTRUE, but same leaker later said Rain had been cut, cargo plane pilot still cast

They finally make it down and travel through some sort of desert until they find Raiden, who takes them through doors which lead to different location all over the globe, similar to how the doors in Matrix Revolutions worked.

They get chased by Sub-Zero, but when one door closes, Sub-Zero loses their track. Eventually, they arrive at the shaolin-like training Temple in which they are to prepare for the Tournament. There's a big clock there showing only a few beats are left until the Tournament (but seconds are like days on a cosmic scale, so they still have some time). They are taken through another door to see Outworld at the Marketplace, where they get in a bar fight with tarkatans (one says ""I served with General Baraka, how dare you...?") and other races and are saved by Liu Kang and Kung Lao, who are also defenders of Earthrealm. They are kind of brothers because they were both orphaned and raised by the Order of Light and Kung Lao is mute (not sure of by choice or naturally), but this type really suits him. ###HALF TRUE, because Liu Kang and Kung Lao save the others before reaching the Temple and the tarkatan bar and sliding doors scenes have been cut.

In the following days, there's some competition between them in training and they have to find out their inner hidden power, everyone's chi, what they can do. Liu Kang can throw fireballs, Kung Lao has his hat thing, Kano can shoot a laser beam out of his eye when angry, but Cole Turner can't find his and he's unsure what he's even doing there. He's like the weakest fighter there (bar Sonya, who can't even participate cause she doesn't have a Medallion). ###EXTREMELY ACCURATE

When the clock strikes the hour, they are transported to a Outworld location and we get this cool scene where everyone runs away and it's like a desert wind that blows, emptying the streets. In slow motion, we get horror cameos from Outworld's champions coming from different parts: Sub-Zero, Reiko, Nitara, Kabal (yeah, he's evil in this one, working for Outworld) and Mileena. ###TRUE, but location may have changed

It's an all out Battle Royale. They fight the Earthrealm champions Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kano and Cole. Mileena refuses to fights Sonya because she doesn't have a Medallion, so she doesn't even matter. ###TRUE, Sonya needs to kill "someone" in order to fight

The Outworld characters are really hard to beat. Nitara fights both Kung Lao and Liu Kang in a Tower, kills Kung Lao before Liu Kang manages to end her. Sub-Zero and Mileena mortally injure Kano. Sonya holds him as he dies and he passes to her the Medallion so that she can now fight for Earthrealm. ###HALF TRUE, but it's Shang Tsung who finishes Kung Lao, switched from Nitara. And it's not a medallion, but the tattoo that allows Sonya to fight Mileena. There is actually a Nitara vs. Kung Lao planned fight, which the leaker knew about. Kano also betrays the team, making his death more in line with the game plot.

By the end, they get transported to this Earthrealm location which is a peaceful neighborhood with houses and normal American population where the last fighters standing are Liu Kang, Cole, Sonya vs Sub-Zero, Goro, Shang Tsung from the Outworld warriors (but Shang doesn't really fight in the Tournament). Goro wrecks everyone and he is unstoppable until a beaten Cole knows that Outworld winning will destroy the world and everyone, including his daughter will die, so he finds his inner secret power and his eyes turn white and he does a "Get over here!" throwing a spear through Goro's head, like in the Scorpion animated movie. Sub-Zero also gets killed. ###TRUE

The last 3 fighters with Medallions are Liu Kang, Cole and Sonya. Apparently, the Earthrealm delegation has won, but Shang Tsung informs them that Cole's ancestry is from Outworld, as his father, Hanzo Hasashi, is from Outworld and had left him in Earthrealm when he was a child, for his own protection (flashback of Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion) ###HALF TRUE, he is a descendant of Hanzo Hasashi, but not of Outworld, not directly left by Scorpion, who had been trapped in the Netherrealm, but changed to saved by Raiden

Shang Tsung levitates Sub-Zero's dead body through a portal (presumably to revive him as Noob Saibot) and goes back to Outworld saying the Tournament is not over yet. ###TRUE, the levitating of Sub-Zero's dead body is actually stated

In the epilogue, Raiden sends them to find more Earthrealm champions and Cole, Sonya and Emily go in a car to the movie set of Johnny Cage. ###TRUE, but spoilers only mention Cole going alone, though it could just be a milder description

I can't see how it will be possible to revive Reptile, Kung Lao, Nitara, Reiko, Kabal, Mileena, Goro for a sequel. I could see them maybe reviving Sub-Zero as Noob Saibot and maybe even Kano, choosing to betray Earthrealm in a sequel with life offered to him by Shao Kahn, thus putting him at odds with Sonya later. But more revivals would just make it redundant. So, I'd be sorry for those characters, as they are dear to me, but at least they get some screen time. Sequel will have Kitana, Johnny Cage, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi, Kenshi, Red Dragons from what I hear and it will be sort of like The Raid if it gets done.-UNKNOWN, personal opinion and things that can't be verified from the leaker

Cole Morino is his own character, I'm not sure what to say, he kind of takes away stuff from Takeda from the games, who is like a son-figure for Scorpion. ###TRUE

They changed Sonya and Kano's relationship, they probably thought there was no time to develop that or that it has already been done too much. #TRUE

And when asked:

Soooo, no Kitana?


She appears in the sequel. They have another 2 movies planned and approved, they want this one to do well to turn it into a franchise. The scripts have already been written, but I won't share the info. some stuff I wrote in the above. ###TRUE

More things added here: /r/Mortalkombatleaks/comments/jmoz6m/more_dvd_guy_stuff_about_the_movie/

This was a pretty decent leak for 2 years ago. The_Nerditorium also leaked some of that stuff, but in a very different manner, more secretive and not so straight-forward, and much of the info was different from the abkve. Therefore, we can conclude that the parts about the Gladiator scene at the beginning or about Nitara killing Kung Lao in an earlier draft came from some other source.

Whoever the source, the Aftermath 2.0 leak seems more and more plausible because it is from the same source that already leaked KP2, the Aftermath playthrough story, bits and pieces about Rain's and Mileena's gear and fatalities.
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I just saw the movie in the cinema. I'm in Europe. It's an enjoyable watch for MK fans, I'd give it 7.5/10 mostly because it was well produced, the acting was good and action was great. The complaints are mostly tied to how some charcaters were used and lack of some explanations.

Here are some impressions of various characters (WARNING - SPOILERS):

Cole Young - I didn't mind him, thought he was alright. Although he is the main protagonist, it was not done in an aggressive way. Other heroes got plenty of screen time too, so it doesn't feel like he's way more important than others.

Hanzo/Scorpion - well done, not feeling the mask, but his action scenes were great and the character was nicely presented. Maybe I missed it, but it was never explained why he ended up in hell when Bi Han killed him, as in the movie you don't see Hanzo do anything bad, so a viewer who's not familiar with MK would be wondering why he came from hell later on in the movie as Scorpion.

Sonya - very well done and I like how she became one of the chosen ones and why her special skills are energy rings - she killed Kano who became a ''chosen one'' himself by killing an unknown fighter with a birthmark in the past. As Kano's special skill was his laser beam from the eye, Sonya's special skill became her energy (laser) rings. Just not sure why they decided to make her knives-master lol. She really uses them a lot in the movie.

Jax - alright, pretty much what you'd expect from him.

Kano - he's the comedian and it was done in a good way I feel, he's true to his videogame-self as in he's backstabbing, so he was done alright.

Liu Kang - lovely portayal by Ludi Lin, really enjoyed his acting, the costumes are alright too, I especially like the black/red one which he wears early on, looks really good. The scene we saw in the trailers, where he's walking with the sun behind him is actually his introduction, pretty cool. He isn't the main protagonist in this film but I feel like they're setting him up for bigger things in sequels.

Kung Lao - this one is a heartbreaker. His design was badass, his moves were amazing (teleportation and hat craziness) and then he gets killed in such a cheap way by Shang Tsung (he just pulled him over with no fight and sucked his soul, lame), it's really frustrating! C'mon, like noone could have helped him, the worst thing in the movie for me. Other than that, loved every bit of him and I think his fans will at least enjoy how well the character was done in terms of moves and skills, but his death is so disappointing. My fave character in the film, really. I suppose they're going to use his death to inspire/motive Liu in the sequel to defeat Shang.

Shang Tsung - not much to say here as he's more talks than action, but the actor did the role alright. Same goes for Raiden, though I was little off-put at times by the actor's English which has a very strong accent.

Sub-Zero - lotsa pretty badass scenes, he's definitely the villain no.1 in the movie. Wish they would have explained though why he's on the bad side. He's definitely the scariest character in the film.

Goro and Reiko both came off as brutes with not much brain, but at least Goro looked really good whereas I'm pretty disappointed with everything about Reiko. The actor doesn't really look much like Reiko from the games and I don't remember if he had more than two lines in total. Basically, he was reduced to a brute who was there to mindlessly swing with his hammer just to get killed by one of the heroes (Jax). Given how intriguing the character was in MKA's Konquest and in the comics, this was a big let down.

Mileena - she was alright in terms of action but I feel like they wasted Mileena by having her be just another one of the villians that's there to be killed by the good guys. There's no backstory on her, why her mouth is deformed, no mention of Kitana (oh yeah, Kitana's fan randomly being in Raiden's temple is a total WTF, makes no sense, it's basically an Easter-Egg although very easily spotted in more than one scene). Honestly, had they used Jade for this exact role in the movie, it would have made more sense given the actor's ethnicity and if there is going to be a sequel than Jade's death could have been used to fuel Kitana's doubts about Outworld and fighting for Shao Kahn or something. I feel like Mileena fans are going to be disappointed. I would be, feels like a complex character wasted as a villain that was there just to be killed. She teleported hella lot though.

Nitara - lol. Honestly, what was the point of her. She had like 10 seconds in the film and got killed by Kung Lao super quick. The way Shang Tsung introduced her, you'd expect more. At least the fatality KL did on her was good. But yeah, Nitara fans, I feel sorry for you as she got killed super quickly. No backstory, no lines, nothing, she's just there because Shang Tsung called her and then she gets killed super fast lol.

And finally Kabal... I think Kabal fans will be very pleased. He looks AMAZING. His special moves (speed and hookswords) were done really well and unlike some other villians he actually has a decent amount of lines and his personality comes through. Really pleased with what they have done with Kabal.

Overall, a very satisfying watch especially because the acting was good, action was good, character designs were mostly good (Kung Lao and Kabal looked AMAZING actually). The heroes were done really well, I just hate the cheap death of Kung Lao. Hanzo/Cole are the main focus on the heroes side and it was done quite well actually (a remark here is that it is not explained why Hanzo ended up in hell once Bi Han killed him). The villians, well, if you're not familiar with MK you're not going to learn basically anything about them. Sub-Zero is the main villian in terms of on-screen time, but even he lacks a proper backstory/explanation. Basically, they're all fighting for Outworld because they're just evil and that's that?

I might have missed a few seconds as I was with a friend to whom I kept explaining some things so I was a little distracted, but I will go and see it again.

Loved Kung Lao and Kabal, they were my faves in terms of and how their special moves/skills and costumes were done. Unfortunately both died lol. T_T


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Just watched the movie. Well, MK95 is still the best movie imo, but I think MK2021 is decent I guess, still have to process eveything. Liu Kang was kind of cringe, but cute, liked how he was potrayed here than in Legends. Kano steals every scene, he is great, he made the movie for me. The fighting is good, effects are great, but I dont know how I feel about the story yet. Cole Young was...redundant to say the least, but he was okay. Sub Zero was a beast, the movie treated him way better than NRS did in the last decade. Actually a great villain. Scorpion wasn't obnoxiously shoved down our throats like in every media since Tancharoens web series. The movie also has lots of great references from the games and the gore is fantastic. Can't give a proper score yet, but overall, I think its worth a watch. Just remember to lower your expectations tho.
In a way it feels like Cole's there to have a way to bring Scorpion later on to join the action. But I didn't mind Cole as he wasn't excessively dominating over other heroes in terms of screen-time.

Sub-Zero was the scariest and had plenty of badass scenes. The most pleasant surprise for me on the villian side was Kabal though, he looked so good! Also, Kung Lao, I love you! Best use of his hat in live-action media by far! And his moves just in general <3<3<3