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Mortal Kombat II+ Revision (Hardware/MAME)

First off, hello. I don't frequent forums often, but I thought I should share what I've been working on for a bit. It's an MK2 hack based on revision 3.1 and my goal was to create a revision for my personal machine and add the content that I felt was missing but at the same time preserve the core game play experience.
  • Playable Secret Characters
This was the motivation, I used Abystus' MAME hack that allowed you to play as Smoke, Jade or Noob Saibot. Instead of replacing a character though, I made them available by holding START while selecting the appropriate character. So 15 characters are available. I've also added alternate palettes for them as well, fixed 'FRIENDSHIP' strings, added them to the audits, given them story endings and will be finishing them by equipping them with their VS. screen images.
  • Endurance Rounds
These work almost exactly as the other Mortal Kombat games. The 2nd character is loaded at the beginning and flips back before the round starts. I've taken it to another level though, when the new character is called upon they will either jump in as usual or if they have a special move that's permitting, they will use that to enter. Raiden may use his superman, Scorpion may teleport...it's random.
  • Combo Display
This started with just a kombo counter but just recently I've added the damage percentage. Not much to be talked about here, I did originally have a nice shimmer effect to the animation of the text but machine platforms ignored it. And yes, that is a new stage, it's called Mountain Top but that's secret for now...
  • VS. Screen Cheat System
A pretty simple cheat system has been added. It abides to the same standards as the classic "Throwing Disabled" cheat. Just hold a combination of buttons at the VS screen and you may activate something! The list so far includes:
  • Super Uppercuts
  • Randper Kombat
  • No Round Time Limit
  • No Health Bars Displayed
  • Reduced Uppercut Recovery
  • Display Hit Boxes
  • Explosive Kombat
  • Blocking Disabled
  • Pong
  • More coming as well...

  • Improved Artificial Intelligence
This was a big addition. This option will give the computer the moves they never had. For instance, instead of the lame punches they commonly throw they will execute better moves in close ranges such as uppercuts, round houses, special moves, headbutts etc...

This option will also give the computer more options when starting a round rather than jump kick, projectile, move forward or their statically assign 1 special move. Scorpion may teleport, Sub-Zero may slide, Raiden may Superman etc...

One other thing this option does is do away with CPU exploits, so say goodbye to that jump-back follow that the CPU is well known for doing. Other exploits are being addressed as well...
  • Customization via Test Menu
This is what makes this revision special. You can customize it and it will save to your CMOS. Like I said before, I want to preserve the core of MK2 so this feature had to happen.
The options are as follows:
  • Random Fight Ladder
  • Cheats
  • Turbo Mode
  • Stage Options
    • Coin Up Stage
    • Game Over Stage
    • Credits Stage
    • Enable Goro's Lair
  • Finishing Options
    • Extended Fatality Time
    • CPU Always Finishes
    • Selective Darkening
    • Health Bar Display
  • Other Options
    • Kombo Display
    • Secret Characters
    • Improved CPU AI
    • Debug Options
      • Immortality
      • Opponent Selection
      • Stage Selection
      • Endurance Test

  • More Game Audits
  • Additions:
    • Number of Times Komplete
    • Flawless Kompletions
    • Fastest Time Komplete
    • Smoke Chosen
    • Jade Chosen
    • Noob Saibot Chosen
    • Fatalities Performed
    • Friendships Performed
    • Babalities Performed
    • Double-Flawless Fatalities
    • Body Explosions
    • Number of Cheats Used
    • Dan Forden Appearances
    • EJB Menu Accessed
    • Kintaro Stompings
    • Highest Kombo Performed
    • Decapitations
    • Pints of Blood Spilled
Other Changes to the game:
  • Added Secret Characters to Attract Mode Fights
  • Increases scrambled kodes at end-game with Cheat clues.
  • Added Noob Saibot to Klue system
  • Addressed Factory bugs
  • Restored previously unused assets
    • Liu Kang's cartwheel fatality sound (Credit: Abystus)
    • Female strain sound (Credit: Abystus)
    • Kintaro's kick (Credit: Abystus)
    • Shang Tsung's Kombat Tomb stage fatality (Credit: Abystus)
    • Shang Tsung's laugh win pose (Credit: "MKII Hacker")
    • Pagodas on stage "Portal"

To learn more information on the project please visit www.mortalkombatplus.com

I love this project and I look forward to it. Many congratulations Paul!

He was with my friend Parallax, we were reviewing this in my program:

I love this project and I look forward to it. Many congratulations Paul!

He was with my friend Parallax, we were reviewing this in my program:

Oh yes, I watched that. Victor told me he was going on the show to talk about MK2+.

That's awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

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i ve been tested on vanilla and all works correctly..
have you try it?
maybe it s my rom!?
No you're correct. This was a factory error addressed in MK2+, unfortunately most people are so used to being that way.

Another related factory fix was the ability to do an aerial projectile after a knock back in an air kombo.

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