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Mortal Kombat (2021) Movie Discussion Thread

Art Lean

In the latest episode of the Realm Kast podcast they discuss how the Cole Young character was a mandate by the studio and the filmmakers had no choice in the matter of having him in there. Hopefully if this has been a financial success they'll be awarded more freedom in a sequel and can push the classic characters better.

All things considered, Cole wasn't unlikeable so they did well all things considered, even if he ultimately wasn't needed.

Reptile was surprisingly kinda cool in the movie (for what little time he had). Not feeling any of those concepts tho, for jax or reptile.

And of course, I'll take human Reptile over lizard man thing all day everyday. MK media and even NRS have kinda lost touch with what made Reptile so cool back in the day. If they can make Baraka awesome in MK11 I expect (human) Reptile to be a grand slam in MK12. They owe him lol


Rante Inferno
I'm surprised Cole didn't beat shang tsung sheesh lol. Beat goro mileena and jumped Sub-zero. But mk is not about a 2 on 1 fight that I also didn't like.. but yea Cole somehow seemed more powerful than scorpion lol.

Edit: of course he wouldn't beat shang he would've got his soul sucked lol.