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Mortal Kombat 11 Servers To Be Down for Maintenance from June 25, 2019 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST

As the title suggests, a notification was broadcast from the MK11 Notifications tab that MK11 Servers will be down Tuesday, June 25, 2019 from 8:30 to 12:30 CST. Only Story Mode, Klassic Towers, and Practice Mode will be available during this time.

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Here's the thing, though: I was playing earlier after the maintenance, played a few Kombat League games fine and signed off.

Just tried signing back in and can't get online features. Tried another game and got on fine, so pretty sure it's an NRS/MK thing as opposed to a PSN thing.
Yeah, it's still not working for me so I submitted a bug report to WB Games support.
forgot about this when I tried to play. So yeah Mine isn't up either but then I forgot it was down to begin with lol
It might be me but anyone noticing a difference in points? I was getting +50 a win -25 a loss in GM vs GM matches. Prior to this maintenance, I was getting +60 -20. Might be me because of the number of games I played changed the values?

Personally, I thought the previous point system was too rewarding where it would take 1 win to cover 3 losses in the same rank. But then again, I'm not sure if it's just me or an all around change in values. I'm almost certain it was +60 -20 in GM the past few days.
It changes based on the level of your opponent. If they have more points than you, you get points for a win. If they are a higher tier than you, you get a lot more points for a win (and lose less). If they are a lower tier, you gain a small number of points, but can lose a lot more.

And if they are pretty close to you... it’s about +50 -25.
Apparently, my Black ass decided to hop on KL and the match played perfectly fine. Thank God we were both wired but heres the gag...

I picked Shang, he counter picked Geras. I beat his ass, and right before the last throw animation, he rage quit. EXCEPT THIS TIME it accepted it as a QUITALITY! I didnt have that happen to me before when ppl rage quit on me Saturday during my stream. And the best part is, i STILL got the WIN and my points! BOOM BITCH! I think that may be a change this patch gave us. If so, then THANK YOU NRS for making this change! Best believed i recorded too ;)
Anyone else notice yesterday or day before that the game system seems glitchy? Following happened to me:

I played the krypt a bit, it froze one me a few times not with the buzzing sound but with the open chest it loads, loads then says "can't connect to servers" hit A and brings me back to main menu. Also froze on me during trading with Kollector, on Cassie Cage future millennial skin. Finally it unlocked it on the 4th try.

Also, when I logged out and relogged back in. Gave me a weird message saying "player saved settings damaged" saying yes can possibly damage etc so I went to no to continue, when I got back to the main menu my level was at 1, all my backgrounds unlocks were gone but my outfits, gear were still unlocked as were my towers I've done, achievements.

So after about 5 minutes, all my backgrounds and proper level came back to normal, outfits, gears still there but on my profile page with what you've done said nothing with online matches done lol and story 0% even though achievements and unlocks of Frost were still there so....WTF? lol system seems glitchy AF after this latest update.

Anyone else encounter similar stuff happen to them? I logged out, waited a few minutes then went back in before everything seemed back to normal. I went back to the krypt and didn't lag or freeze, load during chest openings anymore. I did not experience this weird stuff on my switch however, just a little bit of slowdown which most have mentioned though the latest patch has improved it.