Mortal Kombat 11 on Steam offers details on Premium Edition/Kombat Pack

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Gamer68, Dec 21, 2018.

By Gamer68 on Dec 21, 2018 at 4:00 PM
  1. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    Mortal Kombat 11's Steam store page has been updated once again, this time with the Shao Kahn render that was leaked a while back by GameStop Italy and updated details on the Premium Edition of the game -- or more specifically, what exactly the Kombat Pack includes. Take a look at the new description for the Premium Edition here:


    This is the first time that we've seen anything mention skins and 1 week early access for DLC characters. While we expected gear to be in the game, this is the first time we've see it officially mentioned as well. Also, unlike the GameStop Italy page, this mentions nothing about Battle Passes.

    This is interesting, are skins and gear separate somehow? Or do they work like Injustice 2's "Premier Skins"? We will have to wait and see, but hopefully we get more information about all of this on January 17th at the Reveal Event!

    Take a look at Mortal Kombat 11 on Steam here:
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Gamer68, Dec 21, 2018.

    1. Gamer68
      Honestly, I was surprised to hear that, but my guess is that NRS decided to do less characters for the Kombat Pack because:
      1. They are planning on doing Kombat Pack 2 if the first one sells enough, and they will bring another 6 characters.
      2. Custom Variations could end up being tournament legal/competitive, which means characters end up having more depth/development time because they have a lot of different moves that can be mixed in a lot of different combinations, so balancing takes longer.
      3. Custom Variations system, gear system, and skins all together are probably taking a long time to develop, and now they have to kinda balance how much of what type of content they do now.
      4. Multiple or all of above.
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    2. xXRagingFlameXx
      Hopefully, they're just holding off on announcing a Kombat Pack 2 or there won't be one. It'd suck to pay $100 expecting all of the DLC, like in Injustice 2, and then have to pay however much for a 'surprise Kombat Pack'.

      The reason I spring for Premium is so that I can get all of the content in a single payment and not have to worry about too much later on. I'd hate to be strung on cash and they announce a Kombat Pack 2 and I can't get it ASAP. But, I feel like that's something they could (and should) speak on at the event or hopefully even sooner now that the info is out. Would like some clarification on that.
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    3. PlusFrames
      I never played Injustice 2, but were special moves tied to gear at all, or were they only for aesthetics?
    4. King Cash
      King Cash
      Kombat pack 2 will probably (definitely) be a second charge, announced at a later date.

      Just like most games “seasons”, justify it being less characters then ij2 by saying here’s a week early access, skins and gear.
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    5. Aramonde
      In INJ2 every character had a base moveset and you could put on gear that would enhance your base specials or replace them with other ones. The gear moves were turned off in tournament and ranked so the system was pointless for competitive people.

      Reading these new details makes me worried they're gonna do the same system again.
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    6. ILuvFightGames
      I actually was going to ask something similar to this post. So mk11 will have gear moves like inj2?
    7. YoungTeezy 305
      YoungTeezy 305
      With variations it's almost as if your getting 3 characters (assuming MK11 has 3 variations). We might see several DLC characters like Triborg with three distinct variations.
    8. JDM
      40 dollars for that? Uh, I probably am gonna pass lol

      Actually the selling point for me is the week early characters... Damn. I might have to get it even though I promised myself I wouldn't without seeing the characters beforehand after how much I disliked Inj 2's DLC and didn't get fujin or rain for MKX :<
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    9. Aramonde
      There's a very good chance it might unless gear is just aesthetic and all moves are unlocked at the beginning or unloced through the krypt.
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    10. MKF30
      I just hope they still have options to easily unlock at least one alternate costume via arcade mode, and buying all of stuff if we want OR via unlocking the krypt. I like having different ways of getting costumes, cosmetic colors etc but I really hope we have a 100% FREE color pallette to play around with. This was something they didn't do in Injustice 2, I can understand why since DC aren't their characters per-se but MK characters are in regards to creation.

      In other words, in I2 I couldn't have a white Superman outfit with blood red heat vision eyes and say orange S with black trim around it. I hope they consider allowing a free color option to change the armor, costume colors etc how we want as many pieces as possible. Like MK Armageddon's KAK or WWE KAK. If you guys know what I mean. Essentially, what I want personally is a system that allows us the freedom to as unique, detailed as possible just short of a PC mod in terms of colors and outfits the game will offer. So if someone wants a hot pink Scorpion, glowing green eyes, let them or an orange Sub-Zero with glowing white eyes, let them. Why not?
    11. DownfouralitY
      I don't see this happening as premier skins for this game, but I am confused as to what they'll be. Will it be for skins that wouldn't look good with the gear options, or reserved for classic skins? Intriguing
    12. Sablicious
      My money would be on the "skins" being completely separate from the base, customisable characters, and will serve as either fan service or nostalgia pandering -- e.g., Kenshi as "Neo" (The Matrix) or MK1 'old' Shang Tsung.
    13. Jhonnykiller45
      Having less characters is a bummer, but with this MK11 Kombat Pack the amount of content does seem to line up with the other games. MKX KP1 had 4 characters and 15 skins; Injustice 2 Ultimate had 9 characters, 4 skins and 2 shaders; and now MK11 KP 6 characters, 7 gear sets and 7 skins.
    14. Horace P. McTitties
      Horace P. McTitties
      I think if there will be only one kombat pack, that means the base roster will be much bigger, to keep their promise where they mentioned that in every following game they expand the number of the playable characters
    15. Elder God
      Elder God
      Yoy guys talk about premier skin in MK 11? Holy God forgot this, keep this bad thing only in Injustice universe.
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    16. Crimea
      smells like Injustice 2
    17. Derwood1979
      I don't want to play against Ronald McDonald or any other crazy looking character, just... No!
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    18. MKF30
      Huh? Who said anything about Ronald McDonald. I said allow us to modify the characters how we want color wise, armor etc. Pretty sure Scorpion wouldn't look like Ronald Mcdonald even if he's red or purple. Though you may get your nightmare if Pennywise makes it in. :D
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    19. Jhonnykiller45
      Hmm. With this Kombat Pack having 6 characters it makes me wonder what's the guest-to-MK kharacter ratio's going to be like. I'm sure many would like it at 0 but I'm going to guess there are gonna be at least 2 guests in it, with all bets being on 3.
    20. Derwood1979
      You mention any color we want, create a fighter. Hence, I give you:
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    21. MKF30
      If we got KAK MK Armageddon style again, I can see that but pretty sure Scorpion won't look like Ronald McDonald lol. KAK isn't the same as modifying colors of the ninjas..
    22. ImperatrixSindel
      I am absolutely expecting 3 guests 3 MK characters, and then possibly a KP2 later in the game's life that has the same split.
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    23. vapid
      Imagine if it was just six guests...
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    24. Swindle
      Many of the MK characters haven’t been playable in a game in 12 years, so they’re practically guests at this point.
    25. Delorean82
      7 skins and 7 sets of gear?
      Wouldn't be surprised if it was for all of the 7 original MK1 characters. :(
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