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Mortal Kombat 11 - Launch Trailer

Another trailer for MK11 has just come out, this one featuring that one song from the movie everyone likes and a look at some more characters appearing in the story mode. Check it out!

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I haven't read any story spoilers at all, so I wouldn't know! I just saw Liu Kang with both lightning and fire powers while his eyes was glowing, and this was the first thing that came to mind. Either they merged or Liu Kang becomes the next Thunder God or something like that.
I’ve got my eye on you buster
I LOVE how this has become a situation of either "Boon is lying" or "Boon is lying." That's Ed, alright.
I think he said we won't be fighting anyone who's not playable. So technically the entire cast can be in the game but just in cut scenes and not in the story mode fights...?
anyone else come back and watch this trailer now and then.... man I just love this trailer. Kronica's voice actress is godlike and the music .... I mean they should just remix this song for every release...