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Mortal Kombat 11 - Launch Trailer

Another trailer for MK11 has just come out, this one featuring that one song from the movie everyone likes and a look at some more characters appearing in the story mode. Check it out!

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holly fucking awesome juice... now THAT is a trailer.... didn't someone make a thread a few days ago saying there was no fan service in this game? This trailer is back room, massage, happy ending, with optionak full fan service.
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AHHHHH! I was grinning so hard when that music kicked in; just when I thought I couldn’t be even more excited. Seriously though, what’s taken them this long to use The Immortals theme from the movie? It’s absolutely iconic.

The story looks honestly amazing, and it seems like it’ll actually have some emotional and character weight I can care about again after the massive disappointment that was X. The MK9 story is the bar I hold for this, and 11 seems to have exceeded that tenfold despite missing some of my favorite kombatants.

Oh yeah, Kronika’s weird fucking smirk is everything.E7001E5F-771C-4EAC-BF52-35CEFC7336EF.jpeg