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MLG Anaheim 2014 Registration Tracker and Planning/Rooming/Help Thread - 72 Entrants So Far


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Lol 1 yr my friends and me did both spots. It was a disgusting trip back to Brooklyn lol. Never will I attempt to do that again.

Edit: @CrimsonShadow isn't @DarthArma going? Don't see him on your list. If he is I apologize just wanted to point that out.
Hey Ed, I've been running around and I still haven't had time to go through and pull the new names. I'll probably do it tonight.


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Is anyone arriving at LAX around 12 to 2 pm? I'm getting in at 1 pm. Would be a lot cheaper to be able to split transportation.
If you take a cab from LAX to Anaheim you're going to get financially raped. I highly suggest scheduling a shuttle (I used Karmel). That's what I did in 2012.

This year I'm flying into SNA tho.


So who is streaming injustice at MLG? Also are we gonna get brackets released early for MLG? That would be awesome.