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MKX Xbox Best Kano 2021 random clips

So I can't really help myself to play any other game anymore I guess I'm a Necromancer with this game. I have to change my name a bunch because people decline matches. My Bojitsu Kung Jin is also a ProblemX. Here's a video of my random clips with Kano and other characters I made.
I threw it together in about 10mins.

There are teabags because people message me, if no message no teabag.

And a treat for any of you Shinnok players don't trifle with me. It's not a read I made the book.

Probably not, there’s like no people on here that still play MKX, much less on Xbox lol. My tag is Boi Snibbor if you wanna run a ft10.
My tag is Sub Watcher.
I'll add you I think we played in MK11 you played Johnny Pre Patch.
I have to update my Xbox though I'm in the middle of the woods