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Match-up Discussion MK2 Sub Zero MIRROR


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Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)
-i'm using Jason's Mil mirror format...

The old Sub-Zero mirror match, I have a vast knowledge of this matchup, as there are many who love to try and beat me at my own game! ( and some that succeed often ***CALDWELL***)

This is a really fun matchup as every single move counts. You cant just go in guns a blazing or you will get shut down very quickly!

Test out these tips in your everyday gameplay, and watch your skills with SUB mirrors improve:


- Play mind games! Play a few more mind games! And then sprinkle a little more mind game into your mind games!!!!!!!

- Never give your opponent what they want, be a stubborn bastard, If they want you to slide so they can uppercut, walk forward and make them jump away and freeze them, and if they are dumb enough to jump at you... see my next point...

- RoundHouse!!!!!!!!! Sub has a better roundhouse than Chuck Norris! SUB ZERO taught Scorpion and Reptile how to roundhouse! He is the best and it should be used often!


- Never let your opponent force you to play their game, if they want to fight close up, run, if they want to fight far away, walk up and freeze the ground.

-Don't let Sub cross over jump and chip your damage away!

-Don't get stupid with the slide, it's a free uppercut for your opponent, and everyone expects it.

SUB ZERO STATS (according to Sub0's-Icy-Balls):

Tier Rank: whatever!
Best Special: RoundHouse! Just kidding... ground freeze! (and the anticipation of a ground freeze)
Worst Special: None, they are all special!
Best Normal: RoundHouse
Worst Normal: CQC
Awesome SUB Players To Youtube: @MIKECALDWELL, and ME!


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Nice writeup. I made a little correction above where you mentioned Scorpion since this is supposed to be a mirror match thread ;)


Kitana's Bodyguard
Great write-up, Icy-Balls! I was LMAO reading it :D
Sub-Zero is a bit of a snoozer for me as a character, but Subby mirrors are kinda fun.
It's 1 of the rare matches in MK2 where he has a fair shot at winning against his opponent.

Here's my list of SUB ZERO STATS:

Tier Rank: 11th
Best Special: Ground Freeze
Worst Special: Ice Blast
Best Normal: RoundHouse
Worst Normal: Jump Kick (easiest to anti-air)
Awesome Subby Players To Youtube: real_talk718, btbb99, MIKECALDWELL