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Match-up Discussion MK2 Reptile VS Shang Tsung


Human Gameshark

Rules of this discussion:
  • You may contribute anything that will further the interest and understanding of the matchup. This includes strategies, videos, combos, etc.
  • Feel free to answer the default questions posed in the first reply, though you are not required to do so.
  • Please keep the discussion focused on the two characters in question.


Human Gameshark
Reptile always gets the short end of the stick in this game and this matchup is no different. We may as well be talking about David VS Goliath here.

Reptile's projectiles prove almost useless here because if he tries to get in a spam war with Shang, he'll not only lose but lose badly. A single acid spit gets traded for 3x fireballs. A forceball would be useful to temporaily slow Shang down and allow Reptile to get in closer, but the problem is getting enough time to be able to input the command. Shang's fireballs are merciless in this matchup. Never mind the fact that Shang can morph into any number of the other characters that give Reptile problems. Combine that with Shang's dominant CQC and you'll have most players throwing in the towel before long. As usual, Reptile's saving grace is his invisibility. Going invisible and STAYING invisible is his greatest ally. All things considered, this is EASILY a 9-1 match in favor of Shang.
  • Should Reptile play in close or farther away?
  • How can Reptile disrupt Shang's fireball barrage?
  • What's the best way to keep Reptile from doing anything?


Kitana's Bodyguard
I like this match with Reptile, it's not as bad as it seems on paper. Here's why:

With instant acid spit you can time it so you don't get hit by Shang's fireballs. Reptile's slide will sneak under those fireballs most of the time as well. A good strategy is to run away, go invisible, and then see what Shang does and react to it. It's relatively easy to anti-air roundhouse Shang with all the ninjas as well, which negates one of Shang's big weapons. Use forceball sparingly, and from afar. But DO use them, because they get Shang jumpy. If he morphs into top tier, adjust your strategy likewise. Try to anticipate when he will morph back and try to make him pay.

The fact he can basically be Mileena Jax or Kang the entire match, definitely gives him the edge. But with Shang's sick CQC that destroys ninjas, you don't even need to unless you get in a tight spot. Fireballs are a good weapon if Reptile wants to trade projectiles, but beware the slide. Again, Shang almost has TOO many options in this match, and that can get you into trouble sometimes. Try to keep Reptile visible with an array of fireballs. If he does go invisible, a good safe morph is Lao and then teleport to find Reptile. Most Reptiles won't be able to uppercut you out of that because they'll still be processing that you morphed into Lao. Jab and sweep if you can get in. Shang walks so slow that it might be hard to track Reptile down, but be persistent.

I'd say it's 7-3 for Shang. An elite Reptile will give Shang some problems!