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Match-up Discussion MK2 Raiden VS Reptile


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  • You may contribute anything that will further the interest and understanding of the matchup. This includes strategies, videos, combos, etc.
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Reptile just can't catch a break here....

Raiden doesn't outright dominate many characters in this game, but Reptile is on the short list of training dummies for the thunder god. The teleport is a major factor in Raiden's arsenal here; especially when Reptile goes invisible. Counter all projectiles with a teleport and then work on the jab pressure game. Sometimes Reptile may try buffering a forceball in anticipation of a teleport. If that happens, you can either immediately sweep to cancel it out or go straight into a superman once the teleport finishes. Unless done as a crossover, avoid jumping in for the JK + superman combo as Reptile can still aaRH Raiden pretty easily. If Reptile goes invisible, teleport to find him and then superman to catch him off guard and score a big hit. Finally, counter all failed slides with a shocker combo starter.

Reptile has a very hard time tracking down Raiden because he can't punish the superman very well and Reptile's zoning game is a non-factor given Raiden's teleport. Best thing for Reptile to do is WALK toward Raiden. Raiden will probably throw a bolt or two to get some free (chip) damage or to get Reptile jumping. If Raiden gets spam happy, slide underneath the bolts. Don't spam the slide or you will find yourself with half a lifebar for your troubles. If you can anticipate a teleport, counter with an uppercut as they will be very useful here. Slides also work well to counter teleporters as most Raiden players will look to sweep if not apply jab pressure. You can try buffering a forceball while looking for a teleport, but it's a very risky proposition because of how slow it comes out. If the forceball connects, though, follow it up with ducking LP then uppercut. Of course, aaRH all jump-ins.

Raiden wins this one by a margin of AT LEAST 8-2.


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One of the most hated matches in MK2.... I kind of enjoy it though.
The way Reptile can eek out victories is by buffering the acid spit. When Raiden teleports, the spit comes out super fast and almost always hit him.
It doesn't do much damage, but it takes away the teleport spam at least.
If you play a superman spammer, crouch block and jump kick immediately as Raiden bounces off of you.

8-2 for Raiden is probably being generous to Reptile, but a very good Reptile will make a match out of this.


This match-up can be irritating for the Reptile, but he can pull a few tricks on Raiden. Sometimes you can use your invisibility to bait Raiden his superman fly, and if you time a low toe kick he'll fly right over you possibly sneaking in a uppercut. The main difficulty with Raiden IMO is that tricky teleport.

7-3 for Raiden