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Match-up Discussion MK2 Johnny Cage VS Kitana


Human Gameshark

Rules of this discussion:
  • You may contribute anything that will further the interest and understanding of the matchup. This includes strategies, videos, combos, etc.
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Human Gameshark
This is a very fun matchup and closer than most people think.

CQC warfare will come into play here quite a bit. Kitana edges out a slight lead in this department by virtue of her fan lift which could come out at any moment leading to 50% damage. The key for Kitana is to stay in close and not give Cage a chance to land a shadow kick. Do not jump in against him as Cage can AA Kitana with an arsenal of weapons. If you duck a shadow kick, whip out an analog fan lift for massive damage. Kitana also holds a slight edge in the sweeping game with a longer reach. The key for Kitana in general will be the IAF. If and when it connects, it gives her the slightest of edges necessary to pull out this grueling contest.

For Cage, he needs to get in close and stay there. Obviously, don't jump in unless you want to concede half your lifebar or the match for that matter. If Kitana goes for a sweep and misses, immediately counter with a shadow kick to knock her flat on her ass. If Cage blocks a fan lift, move in for an axe kick launcher followed up with a shadow kick or 2XaaHP + shadow kick if in corner (45%.) Ballbreaker is useless, obviously, which sucks because Cage needs all the CQC help he can get here. For anti-air, shadow uppercuts work well here. Since Kitana can cancel jump-ins with an air fan, a shadow uppercut will still hit her whereas a standard uppercut can whiff and leave Cage vulnerable to the fan damage.

Kitana holds an ever so slight edge. That, plus the threat of the IAF gives her the advantage of 6-4, maybe 7-3.


Kitana's Bodyguard
My favorite guy vs my favorite gal.... :D

I haven't lost a Kitana vs Cage match with her in over a year, and I bet MIKECALDWELL would say the same thing for his Kitana.
With IAFs, it is one of the easiest matches for Kitana. Trading off air fans for green balls = Kitana comes out ahead.
Cage can't do anything vs a ducking Kitana other than bait her with his green balls :confused:!
His strength of course is up close, but vs the girls that is a risky proposition because of their long/fast sweeps.
Jab pressure is rough because neither of them connect well with the other up close.
Buffering the fan raise from crouch is a great play in this match, as Cage can't do anything to pressure her and keep her honest.

I win this match about 95% with Cage, but NOT by getting in close (and obviously not by playing elite Kitanas often LOL).
I let Kitana come to me.
AaHK her jump-ins, aaHP/shadow kick her square waves from afar, mix up high/low green balls.
Then if I get a healthy lead, I will start to take it to her up close. He really has his work cut out for him here though.
If you can get in safely, crossovers work well to pressure Kitana. Mix in a shadow kick amidst the crossovers and it usually connects with her as she tries to jump away, etc.

Johnny eats it big time vs both ladies. This one is a bit more manageable than vs Mileena though. At the highest level, this will be a close contest, but Kitana's sweeps and huge fan raise combos will be the swaying votes.

8-2 for Kitana.
This matchup is pretty bad for Cage. Kitana can take away Cage's zoning abilities with IAFs, her sweeps are better, and her damage output is ridiculous, so Cage is left pretty limited. Kitana can even low toe under his jks, which takes away one of his options to get inside. Johnny is fucked.