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MK11 Pakistan Matches MKRayden Vs. Error Macro - PVGF Esports Pakistan


Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning
I’m not the best Raiden player but here are some things I see
For your Raijin matches
  1. Hit-confirms - Arguably one of the most important thing about Raijin Raiden is to hit/block confirm into DB4 launcher/DF2, especially off B12, which has a very very large window to special cancel. You’ve been just doing the low DB4 launcher after B12, which is -23 on block (ie death) and barely doing DF2. DF2 is not only safe, but also resets neutral With Raiden only at -5, it also does 2% chip by itself so it’s very good.
  2. Meter usage in combos - You’re not using optimals, which is totally fine, but you’re also doing a lot of AMP summon lightning DB2 to end combos, which is also fine, but you’re giving up the 51 hit advantage frames you can use to: do a DB4 projectile on their wake-up, or F2 to close distance, and you’re also starving yourself of meter for not a lot of extra damage. Since the opponent doesn’t always breakaway, it’s also worth trying to end combos in fly to push them to the corner so you can establish more offence
For your TW matches
Similar problems with Raijin with the hit confirms, but more importantly you’re trying to initial your offence with teleport, which is fine in itself, but you’re doing it from mid range or close range where you could just as easily just did a B12. If you were trying to catch your opponent doing a button and trying to whiff punish from behind that'd be ok but if you're doing it this often people will catch on and just bait and punish. Mix in more far teleports, or even just do stance switch so you can confuse the opponent with a similar animation.


Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning
I am not Raiden , i play with Cetrion
Oh crap I’m sorry. Do you need tips on how to play against Raiden then? The things I said above still apply too.

When you’re up against TW, try to react to his teleport with a poke or something, since most players try to immediately do something after then teleport. You can reversal punish his lightning strike with geyser too for a full combo, so if he does that move it’s a free punish. When in a combo, try to see when he like to use electric fly and breakaway right beforehand, you can punish the fly again with geyser too Into full combo.

Hope this helps!